From Our Heart to Yours

Creating: it’s what we do! Everywhere we go, we make something: a friend, a mood, a feeling, an impression, or maybe even a mess. What we make is up to us, and our happiness is directly affected. We can decide whom we are by how we act—indeed, what we MAKE with our surroundings. And, in turn, we help shape others along the way. What a gift! So what are you creating in your life . . . and what part of you is calling the shots: your head or your heart?

When your head has all the power, life becomes swamped in rules. Things you do “work,” but what meaning do they have? But enter your heart and—voila!—what a change. Suddenly the things you touch turn to gold. Instead of fulfilling an assignment, you’ve fulfilled a deep need within yourself and within someone else. Within your heart you can find for yourself the lasting happiness that your head alone can’t give you.

But even the strongest of hearts needs caring for. Hearts require a nutritious diet of positivity and hope, and a whole lot of daily exercise.

Yes, that’s right. Exercise.

It can be a daunting thought, but everyone knows it’s easier to tackle fitness with friends—and when it comes to that, you’ve got ‘em! We meet here to battle the boredom of doing it like we’ve always done it before. We come to strengthen confidence in our own ideas and sidestep the pitfall of comparison. We gather to get out of our heads and into our hearts. We lift, we inspire, we motivate, we talk, we encourage, and we have fun—lots of it.

Although we gather here because each of us shares a passion for papercrafting, our capabilities extend far beyond paper and glue. Our true center lies not in our hobbies, but rather in our hearts. Join us in our quest to strengthen our ability to make EVERYTHING from our hearts! Come, teach, and inspire us with your own heartfelt comments and creations. We are so happy to have you here.

Now, let’s get started! What better way to do it than by winning a contest? For a chance at securing your own free Close To My Heart 1″ circle punch, make a comment with your guess at how many paper circles are in this jar (click on the title of the post in order to enable comments). The person who makes the closest guess by Monday, October 20 will win the prize. One entry per person, please.


Jar Dimensions
Height: 5 ¼”
Top Diameter: 4 ½”
Bottom Diameter: 5 ¾”
*Hint* There are 10 circles in the stack (and yes, they’re included in the final count).

Happy guessing!

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  1. I have been trying for a year to get a catalog and a consultant I can work with. No one every calls me back. I have been stamping for years and my lady friends and I like to just host catalog parties every 3 months or so but we have been limited with other competitors. We would love to see your products.

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