The final circle count is in!

Hurray! The day has arrived! Our first contest on the new blog has come to an end, and we had a lovely landslide of guesses. Thank you to all who participated.

The final count was 3138 circles.

Because a handful of you guessed amazingly close to that number, we’re going to award a prize to more than just the first place winner. Here they are, the star guessers:

Fourth place goes to Gina, who guessed 3112 circles (posted on October 3 at 11:54 pm).

Third place goes to Wendy Coffman, who guessed 3125 circles (posted on October 2 at 4:35 pm).

Second place goes to Mary Ann Kelly, who guessed 3147 circles (posted on October 2 at 9:31 pm).

And—drumroll, please—tied for first place, we have Amy Kaminski (posted on October 8 at 5:50 am) and Amber Willingham (posted on October 2 at 5:27 pm), who both guessed 3131 circles—only seven circles off! Wow!

Congratulations to all our winners! We can’t wait to send you a free 1″ circle punch. Please email with your shipping address so you can get punching as soon as possible. Thanks again for playing!


Didn’t win this one? Don’t worry—there are many more contests to come! Starting this week, you’ll have another shot at winning some wonderful free goodies from us when we launch the spookiest crafting contest you’ll ever encounter.

Until then!

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