From Jeanette: On This Halloween Night

Tonight is the night all of October has been leading up to! And for many of you, tonight’s plans probably include trick-or-treating. I have many fond memories from taking my children trick-or-treating when they were young. I remember cold Halloween nights, bundled up in my coat, holding tiny hands as we walked from house to house, knocking on doors and collecting candy. I can still see the warm smiles of the jack-o-lanterns glowing on the doorsteps and the soft light spilling from the windows, illuminating the faces of the little ghosts, princesses, and superheroes that walked by.

Seeing children dressed up in costumes is one of my favorite parts of Halloween. It’s so fun to watch them transform into the characters they’ve always dreamed of becoming. When my daughter Aubrey was a little girl, she absolutely adored dressing up as Snow White—and not just on Halloween! There was a time when it seemed she was Snow White more than she was Aubrey. Every day she put on her little yellow and blue dress with the puffy sleeves and became a princess. It was so wonderful to see how very much she enjoyed her own imagination.

Now that my children are grown, I find the same joy in seeing my grandchildren in Halloween costumes. The smiles seem to never leave their faces! Here are a couple cute photos of them, all dressed up for Halloween.

Aren’t they the cutest? These little faces melt my heart. I’m hoping their Halloween night is a special one.

Wherever you are in the world, whether you celebrate Halloween or are simply happy it’s Friday, I hope you have something special planned for tonight. I’d love to hear what you’re up to! Tell me in the comments, if you want to share.

Happy Halloween!


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23 thoughts on “From Jeanette: On This Halloween Night

  1. Dallas is 12 & she’s going to Nana’s house in mid-evil costume to help her hand out candies. Chase is 10 and he’s a hunter with a beard while Sydney is 8 & she’s a mad scientist. Scott & I will be handing out treats from our house & hosting the after party where adults come for fellowship & the kids come in to warm up, snack on their treats & watch a movie. Wish I could attach a photo here for you. Happy Halloween!

  2. Love seeing these photos, Jeanette! My parents have been coming to visit us the last 2 weeks of October for the last 9 years. They LOVE trick-or-treating with Stan & My kids. Every year they actually dress up…it’s always a surprise as to what they will dress as. We are all anxiously anticipating what they will be tonight!

  3. My oldest is off Trick or Treating with a friend, at age 10 she is already grown up. This year she is a Vampiress. Nicholaus at 5 is Frankenstein and Abbigail is Cinderella, a princess to the core. My husband takes the kids out and makes sure that his grandmother gets to see them dressed up. I stay at home handing out treats, and getting spooked my all the ghouls and goblins. Happy Halloween Jeanette!

  4. Jeanette, I love to see the little ones dressed up as well. My grandchildren do their trick or treating in their own neighbourhoods, one of which is just too far away to visit, so we rely on photos to see their costumes. Even our 23 year old granddaughter dresses up still! This year, she is going to be the Mad Hatter and I can’t wait to see her outfit! At home, I will be hopefully handing out candy to all the princes and princesses, ghosts and goblins that come to our door. The numbers have dwindled in recent years and last year there were none at all. Keeping my fingers crossed that we have some this year!

  5. Hi I’m in Australia and I personally don’t celebrate Halloween, instead I got the opportunity to share my weight loss journey at a ladies meeting at my church. It was a fabulous evening where many were encouraged challenged and blessed! 🙂

  6. I did my first gathering since convention, it went well. Just wanted to say how wonderful it wa to see you at convention in Brisbane. But most importantly to let you know that I am praying for you for healing and retoration.

  7. Halloween in Australia has been slow to take off but in our neighborhood more and more of our neighbors are getting involved each year. I love seeing the kids dressed up and it’s so much fun scaring them. My daughter lives around the corner and she made a huge spider inside she front door with a nest of eggs that they are asked to touch. Which are really peeled lycées and when the do that the spider makes an awful noise. Scares the heck out of them… Our grandkids Mia and Jake got dressed up as a Ninja Turtle and a Zombie.

  8. Halloween is my favorite holiday! i love to see what the most favorite boy and girl costumes will be. Voting on Elsa and Captain America! So cute!.. you have an Elsa of your very own!

  9. My children are all grown and we had the grandkids for a Halloween/birthday party last weekend. I am spending the this cold rainy weekend at a cabin in middle Tennessee with my four BFF’s at our annual scrapbook getaway. This is our 10th year. Such a fun time!

  10. In our small estate in the South West of Western Australia the kids have really embraced Halloween. I have to admit that I was not one who celebrated but now my 7 (going on 8) year old loves it. He is mad on Minecraft so I got together some boxes together and painted them black and voila – 1 Ederman. We had our Halloween last night and it was a great night. I dress up too and when the little kids come to my door I try not to scare them too much but when the older ones arrive, they certainly do not expect a Vampiress (minus the fangs though) to open the door. I scared a few last night..I do love how our community gets into the Halloween spirit and is tolerant of all the kids trick or treating. In Australia it really is not a very big deal and some people just do not like what it represents, however to me it is just a fun night of dress up and sweet treats….no tricking as yet. P.S. Thank you Jeanette for making the journey to Australia for Convention.

  11. In typical “Frozen” fashion, we received our first snow today, and not just a little but a lot…almost 2″, in fact. My little “Elsa” giggled right down to her toes when I teased her this morning about casting a “snow spell”. For the first time in 8 years, I’m home to pass out treats while my little Elsa and Vampire are out trick or treating with Daddy. P.S. For those of you counting, there were 2 Elsa’s in my son’s class and 3 Elsa’s in my daughter’s class. I saw a couple of Olaf’s and Anna’s, too. I love Halloween.

  12. I’ve always enjoyed Halloween and one of my fondest memories is of going as a gypsy and my mom making me huge dangly earrings from canning jar sealer rings covered in tin foil 🙂

    My older son is working tonight and my younger is 16 and torn about going out with his friends or staying home to help me hand out candy. I still love dressing up and decorating and our house had become a fun stop on many families routes. This challenges me every year to add to the decor and step up the costume. SOOOO MUCH FUN!

    It’s pouring rain here (as is normal in BC) So i hope it will stop long enough for the Littles to enjoy this magical night.

    Happy Halloween Jeanette & family

  13. We have been guardians for our 9 year old granddaughter for the past two months after being empty nesters for 8 years, however my sister in law came to my rescue to take her trick or treating with her girls and gave granddad and I a night off. What a treat!

  14. I’m passing out candy to the few trick or treaters that we have. I used to have a daycare at my home and some of my former kids who are still little come by, as well as the older ones who have kids of their own come by. It’s always fun to see how they have grown and now are having families of their own! Halloween just isn’t what it used to be in our neighborhood, but I’ll keep my light on! Enjoy your Halloween Jeanette and family!

  15. My hubby and I are getting to try Halloween for the first time at our house this year. We always spend it with my nephew & niece, but they are outgrowing the door to door part. I am sooo glad that I went with them every time and treasured every minute! It’s crazy wet, cold weather here, so we didn’t have many kids (maybe 30-40) but sooo much fun! They are so cute and it is fun to do with the neighbors too. We had pizza and a couple of pieces of candy and now we are going to play a card game. Just a fun night “in the D!” Happy Halloween!!

  16. We live on a farm in the middle of nowhereville, so we get no trick or treaters. Our 8 children are mostly grown (the youngest is 14) but I helped my son’s girlfriend paint ghost faces on her chocolate covered bananas for the Halloween party they’re throwing tonight on someone else’s farm. That’s how our kids get together around here 🙂

  17. Tonight in Michigan we had snow flurries while we took our 10 year old daughter out trick or treating. My small town does Halloween up right, they pass out candy downtown and have caramel apples. So many fun memories! Oh, and I captured us, all bundled up, with my camera of coarse! Happy Halloween

  18. One of my friends makes homemade fudge for Craft Fairs etc. She made a couple of batches of pumpkin fudge and four of us dressed up as Witches and went out Trick or Treating tonight around 8:00 pm. We knocked on doors of friends and gave them bags of fudge. Some of them didn’t know what to do or say. It was so much fun even if we are in our sixties or more!!! Our costumes were fabulous too. These times keep you young and really surprise people.

  19. It was a pretty festive day at work. Our Teams in Customer Service all had a theme with one common item. Eyeballs !(well, we are a Vision Care company after all!) In between phone calls, we crept lightly through the hallways to different areas name appropriately. SpiderCave, Cirque de Eye, Eye Disease eating Zombies, etc. All were fabulous! Exhausted driving home in the dark I knew I would miss passing out treats to the few kids and returning grown up kids that are in our small town. I was hoping they wouldn’t trick me to badly. Well the dark roads did…as I swerved to a void a uh…well..nicely said a previously alive black cat. My rear wheels clip it though and the entire uh…well…remains bounced up under my car. I soon realized it had not been a black cat in it’s former life. Yup, I was skunked on Halloween! Can you believe that?! I think the smell kept the few teens away that usually come later in the evening. So here I sit, going through my photo albums revisiting Halloweens past and my matching outfits with my daughter. Sadly, I’ve only seen one (ohmygoodness) picture of her this year. Doesn’t she know I needed those for my albums?!

  20. Hi Jeanette, I also had my two youngest grandchildren visit me and my husband tonight. My 3 year grandaughter was Tinkerbell and my little 1 year old grandson was a dinosaur. They were so cute but this was the last stop for them so they were pretty tired by the time they arrived here. Happy Halloween from Nova Scotia, Canada. Hugs 🙂

  21. I am at my upline’s stamp/scrap weekend and we had a Halloween costume. I went as a scrapbooker. I had a tshirt with photos velcroed all over it. I also set up photo opt corner with all kinds of Halloween props. 😀

  22. We enjoyed two rounds of trick or treating ~ didn’t want to leave anyone out! And since we weren’t home we handed out our candy to the kids we saw along the way. The cutest: a one year old in a unicorn costume being carried by her dressed up parents! They even brought her right up to the door so she could knock!

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