Crafting Celebrities: My Crush® Books on Studio 5!

The My Crush® For Her and For Him books had their spot in the limelight today when Close To My Heart Chief Communications Officer Monica Wihongi brought them in to show the folks on the KSL Studio 5 show. While they were filming the segment, our Creative Communications Manager Jill Broadbent snapped a few behind-the-scenes shots of Monica on set! Doesn’t she look like a natural? Some people are just made for the lights. 🙂

As Monica mentioned in the show, we’re offering a special My Crush® bundle giveaway in this post! Scroll down to the bottom to get more details on what’s inside and how to enter.

For those of you living outside of Utah (and for those in Utah who just missed the show), watch the full segment below.

Watched the show and still left craving to know more? For intense crafting scholars like you, we’ve provided a breakdown analysis of a few highlights from each of the books below.

My Crush® For Her Book

Start Here

Who wouldn’t want to open a book with this masterpiece on the cover? There is definitely something magical about a beginning as beautiful as this one.

All the Extras

Gold Shimmer Trim and Coral Reef sequins are your best friends when it comes to dressing things up. All you’ve got to do is peel and stick, and they’ll take care of the sparkling and dazzling. And can we just say how much we love these vellum overlays? Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.

Breathing Room
 1504-summer-crush-her-10 copy

There’s room for your creativity to exhale on the open, designed pages that are perfect for adding your own journaling blocks, photos, or anything else your heart desires.

Goodbye, Writer’s Block


The journaling prompts scattered throughout the book help you document new insights into your relationships and share the things you might not have found a way to say otherwise.


Designed quotes make lovely companions to your treasured photos. They add drama, sentiment, feeling, power, and beauty—the whole shebang.

 My Crush® For Him Book

 To Boldly Go


We will gladly follow these bold, authentic shapes to the end of this book and back again.

Be Brave

Add a touch of bold dimension and color using the Brave enamel shapes! They’re self-adhesive, handsome, and prepared to fight the battle of visual appeal until the end of time.

Outdoors Inside

What better way to say how you feel than with backgrounds of majestic pictures of the wilderness? Words take on new meaning when they’ve got nature on their side.

Say What You Need to Say
Know how you feel but can’t find the words? Don’t worry—this book has got you covered. Just like the For Her book, the creative journaling prompts inside will help you find the words you know you want to say but just aren’t quite sure how to say.

Feeling satisfied yet? If not, then you know there’s only one thing left to do: Get your own My Crush® book today! Enter the giveaway below or order one from a Close To My Heart Consultant.

If you’re feeling all sorts of twitterpated, then take a chance on love! Tell us what you love most about these books by leaving a comment below, and you’ll be entered in our My Crush® bundle giveaway. This bundle includes both a For Her and For Him book! We’ll randomly select one lucky winner on Thursday, April 9. 

So don’t be shy about sharing your love! Remember, fortune favors the brave. 😉

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279 thoughts on “Crafting Celebrities: My Crush® Books on Studio 5!

  1. They are a wonderful intro. to many of our customers to the world of ArtBooking or ArtJournaling. And, I love deconstructing them as well, and using them on Scrapbook pages, cards, décor etc. ;0)

  2. I love the crush books, especially the area’s that are included for journaling. I have a hard time putting my feelings down on paper. The area’s, questions, & prompts push me to write and when I later go back and read what I have written I am so glad that I have.

  3. Great job on the show Monica! As I was watching it I was thinking, hey are we getting a sneak peek at new product on those layouts? Duh, keep watching Pam! Just LOVE that it shows using the pages torn out of the mini album as accents on the layouts! I Must do this!!

  4. I love the fun colors and I love the ability to write all that you need to, to express your feelings. These are super cute!

  5. I love the beautiful prints of both of these books – and that it’s not just a book with regular pages – but includes vellum, photo protectors too! 🙂

  6. I love these books for many reasons. I love the 4X6 size – fits in to your purse! I love that it can be made into a beautiful gift with very little effort. That’s perfect for the busy person and also for the ‘not so craftsy’ person too!

  7. I love the colours and patterns on both albums. Great size and so easy that anyone can make one. Journaling is always a big scary thing so love that you have made this easy and so much more personal when you write something.

  8. The colors and the designs are beautiful! I want one of each and plan to use the For Him to create a nice gift for my fiance 🙂

  9. These make great choices for easy personal journal or mini album, with its designs and colors I can define my own theme! Beautiful and versatile!

  10. I love that this is compact enough to take on the road so I can keep creating no matter what! 🙂

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  12. Monica, great job showing this wonderful product! I think I would love using it in layouts and gifting the book with pics of the grand-girl! I see great grandma loving one of these!

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