More than Just a Moment of Recognition for Mothers

She did it, and she did it without complaint. She did it for free. She did it when she was tired. She did it when she was overwhelmed. She did it and then did it again. The woman to whom you owe your life did everything—and it was all for you.

Now it’s that special time of year when you have a whole day devoted to simply saying “thank you” to your amazing mother—or grandmother, aunt, sister, friend, or any other motherly figure—for being in your life. We’re here to help you do it in a way she’ll always remember.

What’s our secret? The My Acrylix® Flowers for Mom stamp set (B1473)—also available as the Flowers for Mum stamp set (B1474). With this set, you can grace all your artwork for this special day with an extra touch of love.

My Acrylix® Flowers for Mom stamp set


Your mother has devoted her life to giving you memories, so a fitting gift would be scrapbook pages full of your memories of her! Cards, too, give a special mom in your life the opportunity to glimpse the ripples her loving care has created across generations.

Mother's Day artwork

A single sentiment from this set sums up perfectly the influence a mother has on another human soul: “Because of you, I am me.” Could there be a more touching way to tell your mother that a piece of her lives on in you?

Mothers deserve to hear that they’re doing their job well on more than one day of the year. Giving her a little artwork that she can display in her home all year long will be like telling her how much she means to you every single day. It’s a tiny way to repay her for all of those sleepless nights and messy bedrooms. It may seem small, but to her it means everything. So this Mother’s Day, give her everything!

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7 thoughts on “More than Just a Moment of Recognition for Mothers

  1. My mom passed away just over a year ago, but before she left us, I did make her an album for her 80th birthday. She loved it and was so pleased to see so many memories in safe-keeping. If we had known we would only have her with us for another year, I think we would have spent more time talking about these memories and getting more information about her childhood during the Second World War in England. There is so much I wanted to talk with her about and now the chance is gone. That is what saddens me the most…

  2. I feel your sorrow Janet….It’s been 4 years since my mom died. I too wish I had written down and asked more about her life and ours as a family…what she thought and felt..not just what we did together…. I want to make a really special mother’s day card for my daughter-in-law but can’t find/come up with a perfect sentiment on the front of my card. Any ideas…stamp wise?

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