Julie Reynolds: The 6 Connections of Convention

I’m so excited to share with you why I love Convention! As I thought about this topic, “connection” was the word that kept coming to mind. So, continuing with our Making Connections theme this year, here are six ways you’ll feel connected when you attend Convention!
1. TEAM Connection
Because so much of my Team is spread across the country, Convention is the perfect time for all of us to gather together. Sometimes we have huge, crazy Team meetings with my Upline, Karen Morris, and other times we have intimate gatherings with just my Downline over a pizza dinner. But Convention is always our best chance to all be together at one big party. It always warms my heart to have the opportunity to celebrate the success of my Team members with them.

2. WHY Connection
One of my favorite things about attending Convention is that I come away feeling equipped and excited to share all the new products and programs. Over the years, Close To My Heart has refined the art of this training. When they present us with a new product or program, they not only teach us how to use it, but also the “why” behind it. They share with us the decision-making processes that go into what we have to offer. They provide us with marketing tools and training that allow us to present Close To My Heart products with confidence. We leave Convention not only with bags of wonderful new goodies, but also with the knowledge of how best to share this company and its products with others.
3. CREATIVITY Connection
Creative genius abounds at Convention! Extravaganza is a must-see event for everyone. This spectacle of artistic display has morphed over the years. Although I love the organized calm of the current format, which works SO well, one thing I’ll always remember is the crowd around Stacy Julian’s booth back when she was a Close To My Heart Consultant. You were lucky if you could get close enough to see! (My claim to fame is that Stacy was once my Downline.) Excitement and creativity are contagious—and this is the perfect place to catch the bug!

4. INSPIRATION Connection
Some of the best nuggets of wisdom I’ve brought home with me have come from discussions with other Consultants during those in-between times, where I’ve huddled together in a few chairs between sessions with fellow Team members, or sat by the pool with people who have mentored me, like Sue Laufer and Lynn Como. I’ve asked them questions like “How would you handle this situation?” or “What has worked for you?”. Sometimes those unplanned conversations have provided the exact insights I needed for my business. It’s definitely a bonus blessing that comes from being at Convention!
5. HEARTBEAT Connection
Want to feel the heartbeat of the company? This is where you’ll feel it. You’ll feel it while you’re hearing Jeanette’s hopes and dreams for us, seeing what a difference we’re making through Operation Smile, and deepening your understanding that you are a part of something bigger than just a direct sales company. You can’t leave Convention without feeling the heartbeat, and knowing that YOU are a part of this wonderful energy!

6. WELCOME Connection
“You are welcome here” has long been our motto at Close To My Heart. It’s something we want to extend to our customers and Team members. After nearly 24 years with Close To My Heart, this is the feeling that is renewed within me at each Convention. With awe, I applaud the highest achievers, and come away encouraged that I can build on what I am doing now. I stand amazed at the brilliant art, and it inspires and leads me to my own creative ideas.
Although I’m not the highest achiever, I bring my own gifts and passions to Close To My Heart—and that is good. It is enough because I know it’s me, and I am welcome here.

You are welcome at Convention, too! Come and connect!

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6 thoughts on “Julie Reynolds: The 6 Connections of Convention

  1. Love you, Julie Reynolds! I am so grateful for that ‘connection’ many moons ago when you, Tina Sutton and I roomed together at the very first CTMH Leadership Conference. I treasure our friendship.

  2. I would love for the convention to be held in Florida some year. Something to consider for the Canadian consultants. Blessings

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