Jeanette’s Challenge Sneak Peek and a Bonus Giveaway

Recognize this artwork? Chances are good that you’ve seen it before—if not on TV, then at one of our spring Making Connections events.

My Crush™ book artwork

My Crush™ book artwork

If you’re having trouble placing the paper packet these fabulous papers come from, it’s because they don’t come from a paper packet at all: they come straight from the new My Crush® For Him and For Her books.

Are you already imagining what crafty things you can build with these beauties? We hope so, because Jeanette’s next creative challenge is for you to do just that! This is the official announcement, so pay attention: your challenge is to create artwork using the papers you tear from one or both of the My Crush For Her and For Him books.

We know it’s a few days early, but no one ever complained about a little extra time to make a masterpiece, did they? The deadline is midnight on May 31, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with—so hop to it! The winner will receive TWO My Crush For Her books with which to make even more great artwork.

You still have the full seven days to finish Jeanette’s current challenge, and the winner will still be announced on Facebook on Monday, May 25. We’re just so excited to see the artwork you make with the papers from these books that the overlap seemed excusable. The challenge is on!

To get you pumped for this unique challenge, we’re also giving away 20 For Her books to 10 winners with this post. That means 10 lucky souls will get two books apiece with which to make the finest layouts and cards out there. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below telling us about your favorite way to use the For Him and For Her books: as mini books, on cards, or on scrapbook pages. We’ll announce the winners of the giveaway on Tuesday, right here on the blog.

Best of luck to you, crafters!

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86 thoughts on “Jeanette’s Challenge Sneak Peek and a Bonus Giveaway

  1. I would have never thought to tear the pages out to use in other creative ways. WOW! I so love the for Her Crush and now I’m anxious to use it to create some scrapbook pages!!!!

  2. I’ve never seen a Her Crush book! Would love to create one for my daughter since she is moving up to the high school this fall. She’s my selfie queen!! Lol

  3. Love them added to my scrapbook pages. You make it easy with all the coordinating colors to give them more details AND cohesive looks.

  4. I love that all the design work and color choices are already done for you. Makes a great litttle album as is or use the individual pages for quick layouts and cards.

  5. I absolutely can not get enough of the My Crush Line. I love each and every book for so may reasons! As for the For Him and For Her Books-I think they make the best gifts for those special individuals in your life. A mini album like this is worth so much more than any store bought gift. I would love to see more mini crush books like these in a variety of themes. A Graduation Theme would be AWESOME…especially at this time of year! My 12 year old daughter completed a For Her Book and mailed it to her BFF who moved away almost a year ago. It was priceless and it her BFF treasures it!

  6. I made a “For Him” book for my grandson, filled with pictures and mementos of my recent visit with him. I will deliver it when I see him in about 6 weeks.

  7. I love to pull some of the papers from the My Crush books to make even mini-er mini albums!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  8. Love making cards! That is my gift to people is the time I put into each single card I do and everyone loves them!

  9. Ever since we were shown how versatile the pages of the My Crush were for pages and cards I have wanted to give it a try! I think now I MUST do it! My weekend project!

  10. My favorite is to use them on layouts-you can really make one page stretch over several pages.

  11. Cards are my thing, and these are perfect for those cards for special moments, and special people in your life.

  12. Although I love scrapbooking, my limited time lends itself more to cardmaking these days. I use the My Crush to make cards when I can.

  13. I don’t have this, yet. But, I think that they are great additions to scrapbook pages.

  14. Beautiful pages and cards! I have not used these before, but I would make cards if I had them!

  15. My favorite way to use the ‘For Her” and “For Him” books?? think that’s a tough question. I don’t have them yet, but I would probably have to get a few of each. The books are great little Mini scrapbooks, for friends and family ( I have that little fujifilm Instax Camera-the perfect size). They are also looking like awesome coordinating card components.Ah, the the things that could come out of my busy hands…

  16. I would use them to make a book with my granddaughter. I am encouraging her to scrapbook with me.

  17. I would use them to make albums for my son and daughter to let them know how much I love them!

  18. I love using the My Crush books as mini albums – they are so much less intimidating than 12″ x 12″ albums – and come together faster, too!

  19. I tend to get carried away when I scrapbook and I love the My Crush books as they allow me to put a phenomenal looking book together in little time and without too many pages.

  20. As a widow the For Him is ideal as a memory brag book for and about my late husband. He was an amazing larger than life but not very large man with a goodness, work ethic, loyalty and love of life that is rare. The For Her could be dedicated to my closest cousin and almost older sister who just died yesterday. A second one could be dedicated for use in layouts to the living women in my life who have inspired me most.

  21. The For Her and For Him books are great for children to take on vacations and camps to help them record their experiences.

  22. I love to create mini albums with the My Crush line but I think my favorite thing to do is use it on my scrapbook layouts and pocket scrapping layouts by layering the papers up!

  23. They are great for CAS cards and quick mini albums! There are times that I just need to get a card out QUICK and these cards do the trick. 😀

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