What to Do for Father’s Day?

Hurray for Father’s Day! That special guy you owe so much to gets his time in the limelight in just two weeks, and you want to make the day special. Here are a few pieces of inspiration to help spark some ideas of how to do just that.

First, the classic card. Don’t underestimate your power to please with a little bit of paper! With the help of the Cricut® Artfully Sent cartridge, you’ve got loads of manly card options at your fingertips. Achieve a rustic look with the help of Jackson Background & Texture (B&T) papers or the cards from the Picture My Life™ Jackson scrapbooking program.

Father's Day gifts

If you have a little something extra to give dad, many of the cards on the Artfully Sent cartridge are designed to hold gift cards. All you need to do is slip a gift card for his favorite hardware store inside and watch his eyes twinkle.

Another idea is to wrap his favorite treat in a box cut from the Cricut® Artiste cartridge and let his grandkids make the special delivery. The packaging will be cute, but not quite as cute as the scene of grandpa hugs, kisses, and inescapable tickling that will surely follow.

For those of you not feeling that Cricut® projects are the right fit for your special guy, try a handy My Crush® For Him book instead. You can fill up each page with love and memories meant just for him.

Big or small, your handmade gifts for dad will make him smile. Have fun putting your heart into something he’ll love!


5″ x 7″ You’re a Classic Card
E1028 My Acrylix® Hopscotch Alphabet, E1029 My Acrylix® Marquee Alphabet, A1173 My Acrylix® The Best Dad Ever, X7195B Jackson Paper Packet, X5928 Saddle Cardstock, 1388 Colonial White Cardstock, X5770 Glacier Cardstock, 1245 Olive Cardstock, 1386 Black Cardstock, X5930 Slate Cardstock, X5771 Flaxen Cardstock, Z3068 Picture My Life™ Jackson Scrapbooking Program, Z2105 Black Exclusive Inks™ Pad, Z2137 Olive Exclusive Inks™ Pad, Z3041 Oceanside Sequins, Z1979 Marvy® Uchida® LePen™ Journaling Pen, Z3017 Cricut® Artfully Sent Collection

Cricut® Shapes:
Artfully Sent
5″ Pop-up (p. 40)
5″ Shift+Pop-up (p. 40)
5″ Icon (p. 40)
4 ½”, 5″ Shift+Icon (p. 40)

You’re the World’s Best Dad 3-D Box
A1173 My Acrylix® The Best Dad Ever
X7195B Jackson Paper Packet, 1388 Colonial White Cardstock, Z2137 Olive Exclusive Inks™ Pad, Z2192 Pacifica Exclusive Inks™ Pad, Z3066 Boardwalk Washi Pack, Z1921 Baker’s Twine Neutral Metallic Assortment, Z1979 Marvy® Uchida® LePen™ Journaling Pen, Z1790 Cricut® Artiste Collection

Cricut® Shapes:
2 ¼” 3D Object (p. 62)

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15 thoughts on “What to Do for Father’s Day?

  1. How can I use the CTMH Artfully Sent Cartridge to make the car card if I have the Cricut Explore? When I got my Explore I donated my other machine to a school. I don’t find the Artfully Sent Cartridge on the Cricut Design Space All other CTMH cartridges are there on Design Space but this isn’t. Why is that please? So far I’ve not been able to use this latest Cricut/CTMH cartridge at all.

    • Hi Simona,

      Your cartridge should be working with your Explore® machine. We haven’t experienced that dilemma with ours, so perhaps a phone call to the manufacturer, Provo Craft, will help. You can contact them at 1-877-727-4288 to ask questions about your machine. Hope that helps!

    • Simona, If you click the insert images and then select “cartridges”, over in the search box, type in: CTMH Artfully Sent, your cartridge will come up. I know the other cartridges like Art Philosophy will come up in the “A”s by just typing in Art Philosophy, but with Artfully Sent, you have to add the CTMH first.

    • I would like to know too as the Icon Car cannot be ‘ungrouped’ to get the different pieces for different colored paper….for instance to get the wheels in black you’d have to cut the whole car out in black and then cut out the wheels separately wasting the rest of the black car….and then so forth for the other colored pieces of the car. Please someone advise how this was done in Design Space.

    • Hi Cheri,

      The car was cut several times in different colors and then layers were handcut and pieced together. 🙂

  2. how did you get the car layers so perfect? I don’t see how to get the different layers.

    • Cathy, I used a 1.25″ circle punch (I found the 1.5″ circle punch to be too large) to punch out the wheels on all the papers that weren’t the black base….after you do that, you’ll see it’s not too difficult to make that ‘fender cut’ on each end and I used a ruler to cut along to connect…it helps to be looking at her picture when doing all this. If you have Design Space, I pulled in square shapes and sized over the windows so I didn’t have to cut out a yellow car.

  3. Please advise how the icon car was cut out using the different colored papers for different areas of the car ……..there is no way to ‘ungroup’ this car to get the different pieces.

  4. I tackled making this card today and it does require that you cut the car 4 times with the different colored papers and black being your base.

    • But then how did you make the precise cuts to make it look smooth? just by eye? some of the straight cuts seem simple enough, but the fender looks like it takes something precise cutting.

  5. Thank you for telling me it was accessible on Deaign Space by entering CTMH. I thought I’d tried that to. When I didn’t find it and a You Tuber she didn’t know when/if it would be made available in Deaign Space I figured it was a lost cause. Glad I asked!

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