Smiles All Around: Summer Party Fun


We’ve been talking a lot about travel this month—with two more travel posts still to come 🙂 —but when it comes to having fun, we know that there is plenty to be found when you stay close to home, too! Though it has been a full, busy summer here at Close To My Heart, we know how important it is to cut loose and party once in a while! Our annual summer party is always a great time to come together with our families and celebrate all the great things we’ve accomplished.

This year’s festivities took place at the Provo Beach Resort, where we enjoyed bowling, laser-tag, croquet, a ropes course, and tons of other fun activities.

As you can see from all the photos, this year’s summer party was full of smiles. We don’t know about you, but for all the great work that these people do day in and day out for Close To My Heart, we think that those smiles are well-deserved!


We truly cherish these moments to celebrate our relationships with family and friends. Close To My Heart is a company where every relationship matters, and our annual summer party was a great way to create the type of memories that matter most in life.

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15 thoughts on “Smiles All Around: Summer Party Fun

  1. What a great company indeed! And what amazing staff to take care of all of us every day. Thank you, CTMH Corp., for giving them this blessing of “play time”. They do deserve it. THANKS!!!!

  2. No wonder CTMH has awesome customer service, fast and speedy delivery, courteous and helpful employees, and great products . . . looks like th employees are treated like both family and guests! Kudos CTMH!

  3. Thank you from me as well! I am sure I speak from all of us when I express heartfelt appreciation for all you do to make CTMH a great company! I hope you had a stellar day with your families!

  4. Ann Hallett #109452205 I was just diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer and had surgery will chemo to follow. I wish to request a disability leave for this first quarter of 2018. Thank you and God bless you.

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