Travel Stamp Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the 16 winners of the travel stamp giveaway! If your name is on the list below, email with your name and mailing address so we can send you your stamp set. Use “travel stamp giveaway” as your subject line.

Our winners:

1. Ellie Lundstrom (posted Aug. 7 at 2:44pm)
2. Courtney Daly (posted Aug. 7 at 5:09pm)
3. Andrea Clayton (posted Aug. 7 at 5:30pm)
4. Laura Mistler (posted Aug. 21 at 12:15am)

1. Margie Rhodes (posted Aug. 14 at 9:13am)
2. Amy Gehring (posted Aug. 17 at 12:18pm)
3. Marcia Macsisak (posted Aug. 19 at 9:07pm)
4. Brenda L–centralnyscrapper (posted Aug. 25 at 10:59am)

1. Annemarie Julian Wetzel (posted Aug. 19 at 2:33pm)
2. Ronda La Duke (posted Aug. 19 at 4:36pm)
3. Barb Leffeler (posted Aug. 20 at 12:05am)
4. Suzanne (posted Aug. 24 at 5:11pm)

1. Karen K. (posted Aug. 24 at 1:01pm)
2. Julie Maluck (posted Aug. 24 at 3:28pm)
3. Val Wood (posted Aug. 24 at 9:45pm)
4. Diane (posted Aug. 24 at 9:52pm)

AND because we were so impressed with all the comments on the “Around the World with Close To My Heart” post that introduced the giveaway, we also randomly selected 4 winners from that post as well!

1. Nicole Reif (posted on Aug. 6 at 1:25pm)
2. Elizabeth Briones (posted on Aug. 6 at 5:36pm)
3. Jackie (posted on Aug. 7 at 8:36pm)
4. Jane Sirak (posted on Aug. 24 at 12:12pm)

Congratulations once again to our winners! We loved sharing a trip around the world with all of you, and we loved all the enthusiastic comments. We hope you continue to follow the blog for even more crafting inspiration!

4 thoughts on “Travel Stamp Giveaway Winners

  1. Thank you so much Close to my Heart! You are an amazing company and I am so touched to have been chosen. Blessings to you and yours. Thank you again!

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