A Gigantic Giveaway You Won’t Believe!

Here at Close To My Heart, we’re all about celebrating relationships. Today we’re especially excited to announce a gigantic giveaway in honor of a very special relationship. With whom, you ask? Australasia! Close To My Heart has now had a direct sales presence in Australia and New Zealand for just over two years! We simply adore our Australasia Consultants and customers, and we can’t wait to celebrate their contributions to Close To My Heart for many more years to come!

Exactly how happy are we? Happy enough to give away heaps of free products! And by heaps, we mean HEAPS! To celebrate our dear Australasian friends, 100 lucky winners will receive a package of side load Memory Protectors™! Yes, 100! And there’s more! 10 grand prize winners will receive a My Legacy™ album of their choice and 4 packs of Memory Protectors™!

Incredible, right? We’re thrilled to give away our wonderful Memory Protectors™ and My Legacy™ albums because we’re passionate about these products— these are the tools we trust to safely and beautifully preserve our most cherished memories. Because we understand that everyone preserves their memories in a different way, we offer both D-Ring and Post Bound Albums, along with a wide variety of Memory Protectors™, to meet each and every scrapbooker’s needs.

How do you enter to win these amazing products? Simply leave a comment in response to the question below. Everyone is welcome to enter, even if this is your first time hearing about Close To My Heart! The contest will run from August 31–September 4, after which we’ll randomly select our 110 winners. One comment per person will be counted.

And now for the magical question: If you are a grand prize winner, what memories will you preserve in your brand new My Legacy™ album?

We’ll announce our gigantic list of winners on the blog September 8, so be sure to tune in! And don’t forget—you can follow this blog to receive notifications of new posts via email. Simply enter your email address under “Follow Blog via Email” on the right-hand side of the blog.

Good luck! We can’t wait to read your comments!

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2,041 thoughts on “A Gigantic Giveaway You Won’t Believe!

  1. I’m in Fiji on holiday right now, celebrating my husband’s BIG birthday, so if I am lucky enough to win, my album would have to be all about this awesome trip, my amazing husband and the wonderful Fijian welcome.

  2. If I was lucky enough to win I would use my album to preserve the many amazing family holidays that we have taken over the years. From bush to the beach, it would be wonderful to have an album full of these special memories.

  3. I have very special memories of my mum and dad with our 3 children. They loved my children so much. My dad died too soon and never saw my son born. My mum shared a very big part in raising my children – who never gave me a sleepless night. Now all three are in their 20’s and are great young men and women who I am very proud of. Special memories of my parents with the children will be the most important memories for me to preserve and then pass on to them.

  4. What a wonderful album to show family and friends your treasured memory. I have some wonderful photos of my Dear Husband who passed away 3 months ag, I would love to make up my best ever album to show when people visit. Like many craftets we put many, many houres into creating something beautiful, something that has meaning in our lives. I would love to make this album with the love and meaning that my Husband had in our lives and display it in a beautiful album that I will be proud of. I know that many tears will be shed while making my most precious album I will ever make.

  5. If I were to win the prize album and supplies, I’d use it for my heritage pictures. The brown legacy just seems to go along with that theme to me.

  6. If I am a grand prize winner I would use the new album for my sweet daughter’s memories. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  7. If I won the great grand prize I would use the album to preserve the precious memories I have been creating with my nephew since the minute I found out he was coming into this world! Thank you for this chance to win this wonderfully generous gift.

  8. If I were a winner I would use the album to scrapbook all the wonderful pictures of my granddaughter! Thank you for the chance to win!

  9. This would be a blessing and an awesome way to showcase how much our family means to us. To see first hand the moments that make our lives so wonderful and the many miracles that we sometimes don’t even realise have taken place.

  10. With a brand new granddaughter and another grandchild on the way, I’d be happy to use a new album just for them. Thank you.

  11. I will devote this album to my two gorgeous great granddaughter i have 16 grandchildren in my other albums this one will be for two precious girls

  12. My husband went on a second fishing trip with our three grand boys and I would love to preserve those precious pictures where he volunteered to journal the whole trip for me. He also took the pictures for me knowing I would want them to put in an album. What a great gift this would be for us both. Thank you for this opportunity!

  13. I would preserve the memories of my son coaching and my grandson playing baseball this summer at the Dreams Park in Cooperstown, NY. What an experience that was for both of them!

  14. I would use the album and pages to make a special album for my daughter’s best friend. She lives with her dad and doesn’t see her mom much. She commented just the other day when we had one of Rachel’s old albums out and were looking thru it, “I wish I had someone who would take pictures of me and make an album!!” That’s what I would do with this prize.

  15. Just finished grandchild number ones first twelve months and now I’d love an album to begin grandchild number twos album who is due in four weeks.
    The joy scrapbooking brings to a family looking through albums is priceless.

  16. I would create an album for my Nan. I would put pictures of her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and her fur baby Koda (an adorable little Yorkie).

  17. Love our memory pages and albums!
    Congratulations on the two year anniversary celebrating two years in Australia and New Zealand🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  18. If I won the album, I would make an album about our beautiful little girl now living in heaven. I need to get her photos out of those old plastic pages and into beautiful acid free pages to save them for her sisters.

  19. Travel Album! We have a lot of travel memories to organise and post/paste. Such fun to reminis about overseas trips: Tuscany, Boston, Lisbon, Helsinki, and Australian places: Tasmania, Kimberly, Cairns and Kowanyama.

  20. I would continue with my family pictures – scrapbooking is a wonderful way of telling our story & reliving the memories!

  21. LEGACY describes it perfectly,
    Preserving photos left to me.
    Mother, father, generations before…
    Preserve them right – can’t get any more!!

  22. I would love to create an album for my husband to celebrate our 10 year anniversary next year. So much has happened in 10 years and lots of love to remember.

  23. I would love to create an album with photos of our recent holiday! Something to have on the coffee table to remember the fun times with family & friends

  24. I would start and finish my granddaughter’s 1yr album. Including the weekly photos I received during her ” incubation” time.

  25. An album for my first grand baby, my daughter’s wedding album, I have so many albums that I could do, but I think I would start with an album of my brothers and sisters….all ten of us! There is no existing photo of all of us, so an album of our individual photos would be wonderful. Too late now to take a photo of all of us, sadly.

  26. My granchildren’s memories, so they will have a lasting collection of stories to tell their grandchildren and to prove how primitive times were for them. lol

  27. I would like to preserve the memories of my life now I am over 50. The family are done…but the tale of my new life isn’t. …

  28. I would make the album about my sister who I lost to breast cancer. I would fill it with beautiful memories of a special sister, mother, aunt and friend. I would keep this album for my children to remember a very special person they lost far too early. A keepsake full of special unrepeatable memories.

  29. My Mum went to be with my Dad in heaven in June. There are so many photos of her and him together and I would so love to put them in an album to leave as a legacy for my children, my parents grandchildren.

  30. One album would be competing for so many options:(1) my husband and I are planning our, 50th anniversary, (2) there are all the photos of grandkids hiding, unappreciated on my computer (3) This summer’s vacation traveling down the Oregon coast. I could continue, but you get the idea. I love our albums and page protectors, just need to catch-up on inserting the photos.

  31. I am going on a Family holiday in three week. Its for my mum’s 50th birthday, we have planned to get New family photo’s done without her knowing. If i won the Album i would use it to display of our wonderful family and the good time we have that week.

  32. My father is ill having been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer so I would love to do something special for my mother to remember him by. She has early stage dementia and a trip down memory lane with a beautiful album full of their life time memories will keep him just that little bit closer…

  33. I would use the Legacy Album to scrap my recent trip to Alaska. 30 year Anniversary and we did an Alaskan land and sea journey. It was wonderful and love CTMH!

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