Winners of the Another 25-Year Champ Giveaway!

It was such a treat to read your comments celebrating Debbi Fournier’s 25 years with Close To My Heart! We’re grateful for your kind words, and we’re sure Debbi feels the same way.

To say “thank you,” we’ve randomly selected one comment for each of Debbi’s 25 amazing years with us. The people who submitted these comments will each receive a free Urban paper packet! Woohoo! Here are the lucky 25 winners:

  1. onecalmmom (posted on Nov. 5 at 11:37am)
  2. Jan Clamp (posted on Nov. 5 at 11:58am)
  3. Jenny McGee (posted on Nov. 5 at 12:13pm)
  4. Maureen Falcon (posted on Nov. 5 at 12:34pm)
  5. Kim clark (posted on Nov. 5 at 12:40pm)
  6. Michelle Stewart (posted on Nov. 5 at 12:48pm)
  7. Colleen hagedon (posted on Nov. 5 at 1:12pm)
  8. Betty Jo Nelson (posted on Nov. 5 at 2:35pm)
  9. Leana Hodge (posted on Nov. 5 at 3:25pm)
  10. Alison Wheeler (posted on Nov. 5 at 3:52pm)
  11. Margi (posted on Nov. 5 at 4:28pm)
  12. Barbie Loughlin (posted on Nov. 5 at 4:31pm)
  13. Teresa Abell (posted on Nov. 5 at 5:08 pm)
  14. Karen A Timm (posted on Nov. 5 at 6:33pm)
  15. Mary Gunn FUNN (posted on Nov. 5 at 7:44pm)
  16. Sherry Day (posted on Nov. 5 at 7:56pm)
  17. Nancy Stephan (posted on Nov. 5 at 8:26pm)
  18. Helen Gullett (posted on Nov. 5 at 9:31pm)
  19. Anna Jarnagin (posted on Nov. 5 at 10:40pm)
  20. Kelly Massman (posted on Nov. 6 at 9:20am)
  21. margiegoetz (posted on Nov. 6 at 10:36am)
  22. Michelle Morrissey (posted on Nov. 6 at 6:19pm)
  23. Connie J Miller (posted on Nov. 6 at 8:48pm)
  24. Lisa Stenz (posted on Nov. 7 at 7:38pm)
  25. Jen Roelof (posted on Nov. 8 at 5:44am)

If your name is on the list, please email your name and mailing address to Send the email from the same email address you used to comment and put “Another 25-Year Champ!” as your subject.

Thanks again for helping us recognize Debbi’s amazing milestone. Our Close To My Heart family wouldn’t be the same without each one of you!

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