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Each year at Convention, we hold a Q&A with our Close To My Heart Founder & CEO, Jeanette Lynton. It’s always a highlight of the event, which is why we had the idea of sharing this great experience with everyone who visits this blog!

Here’s how our blog Q&A will work: In the comments below, please ask Jeanette a question. It can be about crafting, business, life—anything! We’ll choose our 10 favorite questions to ask Jeanette, and then we’ll post her responses on the blog later this month.

Make sure you leave a question in the comments below before Thursday, April 14. Then stay tuned to read her answers.

Ready, set, GO! 😀

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39 thoughts on “Ask Jeanette!

  1. Our products always seem to be right on trend with the crafting world. How do you know what the “next trend” is going to be?

  2. This is always a special treat at Convention and she usually has us in tears – from making us laugh so much! I totally love her personality and love her off-the-cuff comments (those are the best!). 🙂 My question to Jeanette is… “What is the first thing you do each morning and/or the last thing you do each night, during the work week, that helps you prepare for your next prioritized CTMH task?”

  3. I always love this part of Convention! Jeanette is so awesome and we always end up crying, either from laughter or from sadness at one of her stories. My questions is: Jeanette, all those years ago when you were carving rubber stamps at your kitchen table, did you ever think DOTS would become the Close to my Heart of today? What did you dream for this company you started?

  4. Rumors have it that you are a religious person. Is it true and if so, how do you balance your faith and your business?

    I am LDS and I LOVE working for Close to my Heart. It is my peace and sanctuary in the chaos of the week. I have worked for other similar businesses before and the general ‘atmosphere’ is very provocative and deceiving. Close to my Heart has such a warm and caring feel. You have done such a wonderful job building such a remarkably decent company. I am proud to work for Close to my Heart and for you, Jeanette. Thank you for such a beautiful opportunity.

  5. I have considered you a friend for almost 20 years! Did you have any idea when you started D.O.T.S. –that so many people–all over the world–would consider you a friend? P.S. Thank you!

  6. When you are designing new paper packs or stamps where do you draw your inspiration from? How do you know when it is just perfect to give it the art department for the new Idea Book?

  7. I just wanted to thank you (again and again) for being my one true constant in my last 25 years with this amazing company. You know how our lives have morphed but my CTMH family is always there for me. Thank you for your creativity and dedication and unwavering efforts to grow this company into the vision you have always had in your heART! I remember watching you draw the little “Rachel” stamp oh so many years ago and still have her on my original wood block! My question is, how are you now able to express your unlimited creativity? I yearn to sit and play with you and our products! Love you with all my heART <3

  8. Love you Jeanette! If you could sit down with a brand new consultant and a 21 year consultant what advise would you give to each?

  9. The next generation doesn’t see the value in memory keeping. All their pictures are on phones. How can we help them understand those pictures need to be preserved for their families??

  10. When getting to know a crafter, I usually ask “cards, layouts or projects? If it’s layouts, then traditional, digital or Picture My Life?” For many of us, the answer changes depending on their season of life. What season are you celebrating right now?

  11. Just when I think you can’t possibly come up with another stamp idea… You come up with a whole new Idea Book full of them!!! Where do you get all of your fantastic creative ideas???

  12. On a personal note, I pray for you often and the company I am so proud to be a small part of. Is your journey with anxiety improving?

  13. Has there ever been a time when your creative side went blank? If so what did you do to get the ideas back? Do you find yourself taking fewer or more photos than maybe 10 years ago? How many scrapbooks have you created for yourself? Will we see you at Convention this year? I really hope so as it such a motivation to see your smiling face!!!

    • Thanks for this post. Do you prefer scrapping or card making? Does it change from time to time? And one more, who do you prefer to craft with or would you rather be alone? Thanks again for a great company. Proud to say I’m a consultant.

  14. I understood their would be new albums in the May Seasonal Expressions but I couldn’t find any. Are there new ones coming soon? I have a customer waiting for plain colors for her son’s pictures. Thanks.

  15. After 2 years of being with CTMH I have decided to make my craft passion a business. So when you get a couple of workshops that almost everyone cancels or you find a very keen customer that wants to join then backs out, how do you not take it personally and what would you do to bounce back?

  16. Love you Jeanette! Would you ever consider a “bring back my pack” campaign? Home Office could set up a survey and we could reply with our top 3-5 favorite paper packs. Those packs with the highest votes come back for a month????? I already know my top 5. 😉 xoxo

  17. Dear Jeanette; I love what you’ve done with the “Rubber Stamp World” . I’m so in love with the clear CTMH acrylic stamps, blocks, beautiful papers, and everything that gives my creations the extra WOW and all of that makes me a proud member of the Close to My Heart family.

  18. I don’t remember seeing pictures or hearing stories about your grandchildren recently. How old are they now and what special activities do you do with them? Do you scrapbook with any of them?

  19. Oh Jeanette, when I see you at convention, you just have a beautiful energy about you that is so inspiring to me. I believe that craftiness is next to Godliness – it’s where our creativity comes from! How has your faith inspired you in your journey?

  20. Hello Jeanette 🙂 What project where you working on when the light bulb went off that scrapbooking could become a business? Thank you! (2 yr consultant)

  21. I truly did not understand the world I was entering when I decided to join Close To My Heart in 2011. It gave me a place that I felt was somewhere that I belonged and that I was truly a part of. Attending my first Convention in 2012 at Dallas, my world was opened even further to the extent of this family and what it means to each of them! I was truly overwhelmed by the friendly faces and the openness that everyone seemed to share. It was after that event that I realized that my world was forever changed, and for the better. I want to thank you for that and only wish that I had found this world sooner!

    My question to you Jeanette is … In this busy life we all seem to have, do you find time to sit down and just scrapbook for yourself? Do you get so engrossed in that time that it runs away and you find yourself lost to the day?

  22. Thank you for all that you do for us in the field, wherever in the world we may be!

    Thank you also for the amazing team of people who provide us with many opportunities to share the love of Close To My Heart!

    I feel so blessed and thankful to be a tiny little part of the Close To My Heart family!

    My question: are you involved in every stage of the launch of each new Catalogue & Ideas Book?

    Thank you!

  23. Thin cut dies…why start offering those when we have cricut cartridges? Could the cuts be offered as images for purchase in cricut design center or craft room?

  24. Thank you, Jeanette, for being such a wonderful leader of the most amazing company in the world. I am so happy to be part of Close To My Heart where I have made lifelong friendships and I feel so valued by everyone here.
    I often turn to my dog for love and affection when times are tough as she loves me unconditionally.
    Jeanette, are you an animal lover? Do you prefer dogs, cats or perhaps something more exotic? Do you own any pets?

  25. Reading the comments on here is really inspiring and communicates how loved you really are by all of us. I really don’t have any questions, just want to say how much I appreciate you Jeanette and all you have done for us and being real about your life, struggles and health has made a difference to me in many ways. Most companies today the employees, do not even know the CEOs but you just seem more like us and a part of us. I am not good with words, so, I hope you understand what I am trying to say. I also would love hanging out with you and playing with our products!!!!! I am so glad and blessed to be a part of this great big family!

  26. Your idea books are AMAZING, a gift that goes on and on. These books are a constant in my life when creating layouts and cards for my customers at workshops. Where do you draw your inspiration from when creating?

  27. I wish CTMH would come to Mexico. Do you consider coming to Mexico? I’m a big fan of your company and so are a lot of other women out here as well.

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