Why Convention Will Boost Your Business

Why Convention Will Boost Your Business #ctmh #closetomyheart #consultant #scrapbooking #crafting #cardmaking #workathome #stayathomejobs #workfromhome #dreamjobConvention is the biggest party Close To My Heart hosts every year. We get tons of Consultants together in one location to do what we love to do most—crafting and talking about it! But, really, there is so much more to Convention than that. Underneath all of that paper and trim, the purpose of Convention is to help you grow as an individual and business owner. We want you to be successful!

Convention is a three-day event packed with incredible business classes and speakers, creative sessions, new product demonstrations, trainings, and so much more! You will leave with tons of great ideas, inspiration, and motivation to take your business to new levels.

Why Convention Will Boost Your Business #ctmh #closetomyheart #consultant #scrapbooking #crafting #cardmaking #workathome #stayathomejobs #workfromhome #dreamjobAt Convention, all attendees get a first look at upcoming products and idea books. Not only is it exciting to get a sneak peak at what’s new, but it also helps you to prepare your money-making sales strategies and events for the upcoming months and year. And, at Convention, we help you formulate those strategies and teach you how to put together those events!

Seasoned sales veterans will also demonstrate the new products and coach you on the best ways to use them, as well as speak and share their insights into how to promote and market your business and become a leader in this industry.

A natural consequence of getting so many of our people together is that you get to network with some of our top Consultants! You can get advice on how to improve your sales, add to your Team, and expand your customer base!

Why Convention Will Boost Your Business #ctmh #closetomyheart #consultant #scrapbooking #crafting #cardmaking #workathome #stayathomejobs #workfromhome #dreamjob

Get creative inspiration at Convention as you gather with hundreds of your craft sisters to learn and work together in creative classes. You will pick up tons of ideas and beautiful support materials for business success in the process.

The great thing about Convention is that you do all of this work, but it doesn’t feel like work at all because you have a blast doing it! You’ll strengthen your existing relationships and build new ones, boost your Team spirit, reinvigorate your passion for the art of memory keeping, and learn how to make money while doing it all—it’s a win-win-win!

Why Convention Will Boost Your Business #ctmh #closetomyheart #consultant #scrapbooking #crafting #cardmaking #workathome #stayathomejobs #workfromhome #dreamjobOur annual Convention is just a few short months away. If you have yet to sign up, register today while you still can! For those who haven’t attended one of our Conventions before, this year is a great time to start—your business will thank you!

For those of you who have attended Convention before, tell us in the comments below how it helped your business. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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6 thoughts on “Why Convention Will Boost Your Business

  1. Oh how I cannot wait to attend Convention again this year!! It’s been a couple of years since I have been able to go. Let me just say that attending Convention has this magical way of rejuvenating you and your business! In the past when I have attended, even if things are going wonderfully in my business, I come home after attending the business and creative classes just so excited to share all the new ideas that are bouncing around in my head and of course the beautiful new products with my customers! And of course getting to see my CTMH family, my fellow Northern Stars team, my fellow Consultant friends that I’ve only seen once or twice in person and getting to see our Home Office peeps as well! Love how friendly and helpful everyone from the Home Office is to me! And being inspired, along with a laugh or two when I’ve been able to hear Jeanette speak and share with us! Just love this company!

  2. Convention is a well-worth investment in me (yes, that’s important) and my business. I love the ability to walk away having heard, first-hand, about the fabulous new products and ways to use them, as well as reasons behind decisions that will impact us as Consultants. I also LOVE joining up with team members and Consultants from all over the world with an opportunity to brainstorm and glean off the ideas they have found successful. It is a weekend full of fun, productivity – creative and business, and so much more. You’ll just have to experience it to know exactly what I am talking about! Oh! And did I mention how much we are spoiled?! Uh huh! We are!

  3. Convention really does rejuvenate you & your approach to your business – you get loads of inspiration. The Aussie one in Oct last year I implemented some strategies that I took away from other people & while it took some time & work – I have had loads of fun crafting & sharing in the process. I cannot wait to see what you share with us all at convention this year & I will be joining you all via the Product Premiere in Sydney – so excited by this!

  4. I went to Convention my first two years as a consultant, but missed last year…and felt the loss all year long! Beyond the excitement of seeing the new products first-hand, getting to interact with leaders from our company is so uplifting. Everyone is willing to share ideas about what works (and sometimes what doesn’t). Convention is better than therapy (and has a built-in vacation)!

  5. I have gone to convention the last two years. I am mainly a hobbyist, but have started sharing my CTMH live with others. I love the products and all the people behind CTMH. It is fun to learn new products and techiques. I am slowly getting a bit more business savvy. I am excited to see where my favorite products are made!!

  6. I’ve been a consultant for 12 years this will be my first convention. I am so excited to meet and learn from those I have met through Facebook and regional events. Next stop Salt Lake City!

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