Sticky Boy Takes Over!

In honor of April Fool’s day, I, Sticky Boy, have decided to bring everyone’s attention back to the things that matter most: namely, me. To that end, I’ve taken over Close To My Heart’s blog, Facebook, Instagram, and website. I figured it would be a good prank to give the world a little more of me. 😉

And since the holiday happened to fall on a Saturday, it gave me the ideal opportunity to take over the Home Office, too. If you’re curious about how a clear stamp like me could manage so much mayhem, check out the story on our Instagram account. Let’s just say, I’ve got some serious skills. 🙂

Everyone’s going to find some pretty awesome surprises when they get back on Monday morning…

…they’re going to get a little extra motivation…

“Teamwork is the ability of common people to follow the orders of an uncommonly talented stamp. Like me.”

“The difference between me and successful people is that they don’t have short, stubby, little legs.”

“Leaders are like eagles. Wait, no they aren’t. Leaders RIDE eagles!”

…and they’ll enjoy some new & improved bathroom signs.

In fact, I’ll be “popping” up all over the place.

Of course, there’s nothing anonymous about this, so I left my calling card to make sure everyone knew what I was up to today.

As for Brian and Monica, I had some very special plans for them. I left a message on Brian’s door and just a few sticky notes…

…and I gave Monica’s family photos a little makeover.

Stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram to see what I’m up to the rest of the day—and Happy April Fools!

Your favorite stamp in the whole wide world,

Sticky Boy

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55 thoughts on “Sticky Boy Takes Over!

  1. Oh, Sticky Boy!! This is the best prank! I love it so much. I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction on Monday morning 🙂

  2. Oh SB, you’ve been a naughty, naughty (albeit hilarious) boy! AND we would love to see you around December as our own exclusive version of Elf on a Shelf…let the shenanigan planning begin! You only have 9 months to plan..that and the Sticky Baby I’ve hinted at!

  3. What a riot you are Sticky Boy. My personal favorite is Brian’s door. You’ve been STICKY-D … Priceless

  4. I LOVE what you’ve achieved here sticky boy! Jeannette Lynton was a classic! Monica’s family photos were hysterical, but the piece to resistance was the sticky note door! One day I hope to actually “find” one of you when you are down in Australia – I’ve not been lucky enough … yet!

  5. Sticky boy, you rock and bring so much fun to CTMH too. I am especially fond of your short self. I can totally relate. 😉

  6. Family photos are amazing! The posters should remain that way until convention! Love love love it all. What fun.

  7. LOL this is fabulously funny Sticky Boy – just love Sticky Girl as Jeanette and how you added yourself to the Operation Smile Image for this post too & yep spotted the you in the makeover of the banner. Love what you have done over on the CTMH Facebook, Instagram & Website – you even managed to take over the Consultants websites too – you naughty cheeky thing. Happy April Fools

  8. Good job Sticky Boy! LOL, It should always be all about you everyday!!! Happy April Fools Day ;0)

  9. Oh my gosh Sticky Boy. We did the post thing to our bosses office for his birthday one year. Of course we weren’t as precised as you The door is amazing. Sneaky Sticky Boy

  10. Share some of the fun with us. I would love to have a cute little sticky boy/girl. They are so cute!

  11. Oh Sticky Boy I do so love you, what a great trickster you are. I hope the guys at Home Office appreciate all your effort! Job WELL done Sticky!

  12. Hahaha Sticky Boy! I love these shenanigans! Very creative. My favourite is what you have done to Brian’s door. He’s going to be getting those off for hours! You’d better watch out though he might sandwich you between some of the post it notes o-oh !! I also love what you did to jazz up Monica’s family shots. They were getting a bit dated anyway. Love your pranks Sticky Boy!

  13. What great fun ideas you had Sticky Boy! I celebrated April Fool’s day at the Spring Up in Toronto! What a FANTASTIC event with so many talented and motivated speakers. Love the creative work we did also. A few of my friends even FOUND you hiding in a few spots. Hopefully
    I will find you one day too. Until then, keep on sharing your happiness with the world <3

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