From Jeanette: Thank You

Close To My Heart Consultants are a special bunch. I’ve always felt that this company attracts a special type of person, and this has been proven to me time and time again.

Last month we held our annual incentive trips for our North American and Australasian Consultants. Consultants who earn these trips are among the most dedicated and the hardest working Consultants in the company. This year’s trip rewarded our Australasian Consultants with a trip to Tahiti, while our North Americans went to the RIU Palace Pacifico hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I heard from many of the trip attendees that both destinations were spectacular and that each made for a wonderful incentive trip. I wish I could have attended with them!

Monica, who attended the Puerto Vallarta trip, came back to the office afterward with a lovely surprise—the incentive trip earners had gone in on a gift for me:


This exquisite bracelet was a generous gift from some very dear friends of mine. It is a gift that I will treasure. I certainly didn’t expect anything like it—after all, the incentive trip is my opportunity to express my appreciation for these hard-working Consultants, not vice-versa! But the gift served as a reminder of the caring, loyal, wonderful people that make the Close To My Heart community so unique.

To all who contributed to this gift, thank you for being so thoughtful and kind. To all of you incentive trip earners, thank you for striving for greatness; I hope you’re all working hard toward next year’s fabulous trips—our North American Consultants will be heading for Thailand, while our Australasians are taking a Mediterranean cruise; both trips are sure to be amazing!

To all of you Close To My Heart Consultants out there, thank you for the work you put into your business and for helping me to build up my dream. Finally, to everyone who is part of the Close To My Heart community, thank you for sharing in this passion of mine. I hope that you each find it to be as rewarding and fulfilling as I do.

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12 thoughts on “From Jeanette: Thank You

  1. We want you to be reminded that we appreciate you too. Thank you for giving each be of us the opportunity ti be a part of of the Close To My Heart family and the freedoms that is brings each of us. Thank you Jeanette for all you do for us. By the way, this incentive trip was, by far, the most relaxing of them all. Monica does a fabulous job of ensuring that we are spoiled and loved. Miss having you on the trips with us as I am sure you miss too. Thanks again Jeanette!

  2. Jeanette, that was one of my favorite trips (so relaxing). Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn these each year. You deserve this special gift! ~ Jaime Llewellyn

  3. What a fabulous trip to Puerto Vallarta it was! Greg and I want to thank you for the amazing travel opportunities you’ve rewarded us with over the years! We have loved each of them! When you describe the CTMH Community as caring, loyal, wonderful people, that certainly began with you and everything you have created with DOTS/CTMH! I am so happy CTMH has been a special part of my life for 22 years!

  4. That is a beautiful bracelet ! I wasn’t on that trip, (**sad face) but I’d like to say: THANK YOU, Jeanette for these fantastic opportunities with Close To My Heart.

  5. Beautiful gift for the inspirational lady who has kept me striving to improve and grow and be the best I can despite chronic illness. Love to you Jeanette

  6. Jeanette it was a small token of thanks for all of the wonderful opportunites you provide for us, not just on wonderful trips (which of course I LOVED) but the daily community of fellowship we get to be a part of!

  7. Thank YOU Jeanette, for giving and sharing your wonderful CTMH, it makes our passion for papercrafting (and believe I am truly passionate about mine for over 25 years now) more worthwhile and enjoyable. It is because you don’t expect these little things that the lovely CTMH family sought and gave this lovely gift to you. What more can I say? Oh, I know, Happy Easter xoxo

  8. What a beautiful gift. Thank you for your dedication to this company. For giving us a place to call home. 12+ and going strong! Love you Jeanette!

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