Free Halloween Scrapbook Pattern!

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We have a treat for you today—a free scrapbook pattern to help you celebrate and preserve all of those bewitchingly fun Halloween memories!

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This pattern originally debuted with our Perfect Day paper packet, but, as you can see, our timeless patterns can be used at any time and for any occasion with the right combination of papers and Complements! For this hauntingly cute layout, we chose to use our Cats & Bats collection, and the results are just scary good!

Now here’s a trick to try out: make the pattern your own by taking a more flexible approach to the prescribed pieces. Take the title on this layout for example; instead of using a rectangular paper piece, we filled the space with a few strips of paper attached at an angle and topped it off with a sticker from the Cats & Bats Complements. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make your own coordinating embellishments, either. If you look closely, you’ll notice that we trimmed some of the longer stickers from the Cats & Bats Complements to fit our layout visually. And don’t forget shimmer trim! Trim it thinner to add glittering borders throughout your pages, creating detail and definition for a more complete look.

Treat yourself today, and download the pattern and cutting diagrams below!

Download Pattern



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12″ x 12″ Halloween Layout
X7224B Cats & Bats Paper Packet, 1385 White Daisy Cardstock, X7224C Cats & Bats Complements, Z4028 Cats & Bats Dots, Z1809 Black Shimmer Trim, Z2060 Thin 3-D Foam Tape


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3 thoughts on “Free Halloween Scrapbook Pattern!

  1. Love the idea to trim the Shimmer trim thinner! It looks great! Any tips on how to do this? I’m assuming a paper trimmer wouldn’t work due to the narrow width of the shimmer trimband hand cutting might be difficult to keep straight (at least for me!)

    • Something I do is adhere it to cardstock or pattern paper scraps. Then, I am able to run it through the paper trimmer without the plastic backing.

    • I have been doing this since they came out with Shimmer trim. I use washi tape to keep this down and the paper trimmer just glides through it. 🙂

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