Australia Day Giveaway

Australia Day Giveaway #ctmh #closetomyheart #Australia #aussie #down #under #flag #card #giveaway

We’re taking our month-long papercrafting celebration to the other corner of the world today—g’day Australia!!

Some of you may be unaware, but the Close To My Heart family is made up of quite a large group of Aussies, and today, 26 January (AEST), is Australia Day in the land down under! While the holiday has evolved over time and is celebrated differently than it has been in the past, and as we reflect on our love for our mates, we want to celebrate all things Australian with—drum roll please—another giveaway!

We’ll start by choosing six lucky winners, each of whom will win one of these Australian themed stamparoonies…


AND, for our grand prize…

Australia Day Giveaway #ctmh #closetomyheart #cricut #australia #day #aussie #expressions #greetings #flag #country #queensland

ONE lucky winner will win a Hello AU/NZ digital Cricut® collection! Featuring 20 layered images, this collection has shapes, overlays, and names for Australian (and New Zealand) states and territories, as well as a local flower, slogan, and coordinating icon for each. The collection also includes extra images about Australia (and New Zealand), including the country’s flag.

So how do you win? It takes 2 steps. One, make sure you are a subscriber of this blog, promising you’ll pop around. And two, leave a comment below telling us what you love about Straya (that’s Australia for our non Aussie-speak mates) or being a true blue Aussie. It’s that easy! Winners will be chosen randomly by 10 a.m. AEST on 27 January (that’s 4 p.m. MST on January 26). No worries, you do not have to be Australian to win!

Take it easy and have a good one!

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249 thoughts on “Australia Day Giveaway

  1. Australia is my home and there is no place in this world l would rather live.Its diversity of cultures creates a uniqueness that makes Australia the wonderful place it is today

  2. Love everyone having bbq’s all over, singing oir national anthem and unofficial anthems with pride, kids running around, playing, everyone happy to be australian!

  3. I love our sunburnt country and the freedom that being a true blue Aussie allows. Aussies can be whoever we want to be, live where we want to, have freedom of speech, marry who we love, worship without persecution and enjoy the pristine beaches, the beautiful rain forests, the dusty outback and our amazing waterways & our unique wildlife. Live it. Love it. Australia 🇦🇺 is the best.

  4. Roast lamb is our traditional Australia Day meal. Cooked today on the BBQ rather the oven as it was too hot to cook inside today. Went for a walk after lunch and was impressed with the amount of Australian flags on houses, cars and boats. We are incredibly lucky to live in such a wonderful place.

  5. I love our laid back lifestyle … I lived in the UK for twenty years, but I appreciate the opportunity to raise my boys in a healthy, outdoor community where they can be safer and free to be whatever they want to be.

  6. I love the Australian accent and how relaxed and laidback Australians are as well as so calm and seeet. I have Australia on my bucket list to travel to someday and I hope I get there so I can visit the Ctmh consultants

  7. After my trip to Australia in 2013, I can say I love EVERYTHING about that beautiful country! The people are so friendly and the ocean views are amazing!

  8. I love Australia because we are such a derverse country. Our population consists of our Indigenous people (the first Australians), our convict heritage and people from all walks of life.
    Australia is made up of beautiful landscapes, beaches, rainforests, deserts to name a few.

  9. I am proud to be a born and bred Aussie. We have the best of everything, unique animals,beautiful flora, precious gems. A sunburnt country, deserts and rainforests and beautiful beaches. Where else would you wanr to live? Happy australia day.

  10. I love our laidback attitudes, the way we get behind a good cause or jump in to lend a hand when needed. I love how we celebrate our occasions. I know our health care is the best in the world to go with a lifestyle that’s the best in the world.

  11. I love Australia because we have freedom of speech and the freedom to go for any goal or ambition we want to achieve. We have beautiful beaches, mountains and cities. Our natural phenomena are amazing.
    We truly are a lucky country.

  12. Australia is on my ‘bucket list’ of places I must see! I have made many Aussie friends online and I love the people and want to visit their country and see all of the beautiful sights in person.

  13. Straya is just the most unique place in the world. I have lived in three Australian states with climates quite different, topography quite different and accents that are quite different! I love our diverse cultures, our freedom, our lifestyle, our fresh food choices with great influences from around the world. Most of all I love that we can travel from one side to the other or from top to bottom in 2, 3 or 4 days (longer to have a really good look around) and see soo much contrast. I love our sunburnt Country

  14. I would so love to visit Australia, such an amazing country and I have relatives there that I’ve never met!

  15. It has always been a dream of mine to visit Australia! Would love to visit one day and experience all it’s greatness!

  16. Australia Day is a day to celebrate for all Australians . Families get together for BBQ and lots of fun playing outdoor games and then later indoors for the Xbox etc. I love Australia and I love my family and spending time with beautiful people in our beautiful country. We swam today with a mother and father Australian Wood ducks and their 19 ducklings with chicken running in the yard. Only in Australia 😂

  17. thank you for the contest and a special thanks to those Aussies explaining the holiday! My dream trip is to visit Australia. I’ve been a koala collector since childhood and want to visit one of the sanctuaries and hold one! Top of my bucket list!

  18. I’ve always wanted to go to Australia. I will get there, one day! Thanks for the fun opportunity to win some Australian fabulousness!

  19. What a wonderful contest and a great way to celebrate those amazing consultants! I am loving all of the beautiful floral designs and intricate trees on these images. Someday I hope to visit and can’t wait to see all of this in person.

  20. Travelling to Australia and around the world is on our bucket list for when we retire in a couple of years. And scrapbooking our adventures will be so much fun with these sets!

  21. I have had the privilege to visit Australia and hope to go again some time. I love the country with its rich history, gracious hospitality, friendly people and all encompassing varieties of terrain. Thank you for a chance to win one of these stamps or the Cricut collection each of which would add extra special “pop” to my 2 Australia scrapbooks!

  22. Beautiful beaches…gorgeous sunsets…rocky outcrops on vast grassy paddocks…brumbies…wallabies drinking at the dam…tawny frogmouths…platypuses…kangaroos…emus…kookaburras…love this wonderful country Australia.

  23. I love that we’re compassionate, we love to have a laugh, and how our “community” includes some amazing animals. 🙂

  24. I love Australia for all it’s beautiful beaches to the red outback. We have such a beautiful country 😊

  25. G’day mate .. Australia day is yet another chance to appreciate our beautiful country and spend time with our friends who may have been born local or born overseas but now call Australia home. I love to travel but love coming home .. and I love to tell my overseas friends about the great country I live in. Thank you for making stamps that honor all countries along with the other gorgeous stamps for us to be creative.

  26. I’m good to pop ’round and check out the prettiness going on!
    I’d love to visit Australia one day, so vast and interesting the country, the animals, the people, wow, just wow!

  27. I was born in Australia, but my family moved away when I was seven. I have never been back and would love to scrapbook an Australian themed page of me in my younger days there. Any of these beautiful items would do the trick! Love them all!

  28. Love everything about Australia day, especially catching up with old friends. Bbq, picnic at the beach. Love love love it. 💜💜💜💜💜

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