Postcard Perfect: Pocket Scrapbooking and Giveaway!

Can you believe that we’re already halfway through National Scrapbooking Month? With just a couple of weeks left to get our Postcard Perfect paper collection, created especially in celebration of this time of year, we wanted to give you some inspo for pocket scrapbooking using these beautiful papers.

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There are so many things going on in this layout to point out. First off, take a close look at the pocket cards. Each one is made using one of the designs from the cut-out page included in the Postcard Perfect paper packet.

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This sheet comes with a variety of scenic inspired images on one side for you to cut out and use as embellishments in any of your scrapbooking or cardmaking projects. They can ALSO be used to create your own pocket cards, like we did here, as layout titles, card fronts, and anywhere you want to add a splash of tropical flair.

Did you notice the pearls on our layout?

Postcard Perfect Pocket Scrapbooking #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhpostcardperfect #postcardperfect #giveaway #free #cutabove #layout #pocket #scrapbooking #scrapping #pocketscrapbooking #getaway #holiday #vacation #scenic #beach #win #free #ctmhflipflaps #flipflaps

When scrapbooking with pockets, it’s easy to opt out of using embellishments that have dimension in fear that they will make the Memory Protectors™ bulge and somehow compromise the aesthetic of our designs. An easy fix—attach the embellishment to the outside!

There’s another element of this pocket layout that you probably didn’t notice at first glance: Flip Flaps™!

Postcard Perfect Pocket Scrapbooking #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhpostcardperfect #postcardperfect #giveaway #free #cutabove #layout #pocket #scrapbooking #scrapping #pocketscrapbooking #getaway #holiday #vacation #scenic #beach #win #free #ctmhflipflaps #flipflaps

We just cannot get enough of these awesome pockets! Exclusive to Close To My Heart, Flip Flaps are extra pockets that you can attach to any layout, pocket scrapbooking or not, to incorporate additional photos or journaling. They are a fun, interactive way, to make room for your whole story.

Postcard Perfect Pocket Scrapbooking #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhpostcardperfect #postcardperfect #giveaway #free #cutabove #layout #pocket #scrapbooking #scrapping #pocketscrapbooking #getaway #holiday #vacation #scenic #beach #win #free #ctmhflipflaps #flipflaps

Our most cherished memories, regardless if we’re surrounded by palm trees, truly are Postcard Perfect, even if it’s just to us.

Postcard Perfect Pocket Scrapbooking #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhpostcardperfect #postcardperfect #giveaway #free #cutabove #layout #pocket #scrapbooking #scrapping #pocketscrapbooking #getaway #holiday #vacation #scenic #beach #win #free #ctmhflipflaps #flipflaps

The last thing we want to point out are the pictures that were used in this Postcard Perfect layout. They are of children having a blast splashing around and playing in a pool, not a sandy beach. These could’ve been taken at a pool party in someone’s backyard or even the local community pool. Your scenic getaway is whatever you make of it.

As we celebrate the second half of National Scrapbooking month don’t forget about pocket scrapbooking. This collection has so much potential beyond classic layouts. Take it to the crafty level and make all your stories Postcard Perfect!

To help you do just that, we are having another giveaway! (Woo-hoo!) For a chance to win one of FIVE Postcard Perfect Cut Above layout kits (check out this previous blog post if you don’t know what that is—we promise you’ll want one!) we want to hear about your experience with pocket scrapbooking. Have you done it? Do you prefer it? Is it not your thing? And, why? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and also make sure you are a subscriber to this blog. There’s a big blue button on the sidebar with your name on it (ok, technically it says Subscribe to list). The winners will be chosen by noon (MDT) tomorrow, May 16.

To learn about more chances to win, visit us on Facebook and Instagram where we are giving away even more of these fabulous kits.

Leave us a comment. Can’t wait to see what you prefer!


12″ x 12″ Truly Postcard Perfect Pocket Scrapbooking Layout
CC5184 My Acrylix® Postcard Perfect Stamp Set, CC5181 Postcard Perfect paper Packet, CC5183 Postcard Perfect Coordinating Cardstock, Z3370 White Pearls, Z1951 Memory Protectors™ Design 4Z2330 Flip Flaps™ Memory Protectors™ 3″ x 4″, Z2331 Flip Flaps™ Memory Protectors™ 4″ x 6″

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123 thoughts on “Postcard Perfect: Pocket Scrapbooking and Giveaway!

  1. I love the idea of using pocket scrapbooking among my traditional scrapbook pages but I haven’t done it yet. I love this paper and it may just inspire me to do it!

  2. I do a combination of both! If I have extra pictures I will use a pocket page in the middle or behind. Sometimes I use a half size pocket page with just three pictures on each side to get everything in I want to share about that memory.

  3. I like to combine pocket scrarpbooking with traditional layouts. I use the pockets for extra photos that I want to include.

  4. I think pocket scrapbooking looks great but I haven’t tried it yet. I do use flip flaps on my traditional layouts, though! I can’t wait to scrapbook all my summer pictures with this set!

  5. I love pocket scrapbooking for the simple fact I could do it while I was recovering from carpal tunnel surgery & not go overboard with the wrist movement. It still looks fantastic and is a great way to store those treasured moments.

  6. I have just started pocket scrapbooking and LOVE it! And by adding one of my favourite CTMH products – Flip Flaps! – I can get even more pictures on my layout! What’s not to love?

  7. What a GREAT giveaway. I have only experienced a little with pocket scrapbooking. It is very easy, and fast when you need it to be, or you can add embellishments , etc to challenge yourself and if you have more time to create
    Would love to win this, so i can experience more pocket scrapbooking!!

  8. I haven’t tried pocket scrapbooking as I am mostly a card maker but I think using the pocket pages would take some of my fear out of trying scrapbooking. I also love the use of the Flip Flaps to be able to fit in more pictures or journaling without the pages looking too crowded.

  9. I love pocket scrapbooking and using flip flaps- it makes it so easy to complete layouts and add extra photos!

  10. I love the way that pocket scrapbooking, especially when you add in flip flaps, is an amazing way to use multiple pictures, colours, PML cards and more. You can put together things that might not work together on a traditional layout that when used with pocket scrapbooking come together almost magically!

  11. I incorporate pocket scrapbooking in with my traditional scrapbooking to be able to include all those photos ‘I just can’t leave out’. I love the Pastcard Perfect range, and it’s perfect for my recent holiday photos.

  12. I have the postcard perfect kit and would love to have the cut above kit to be the finishing touch to my memories book!

  13. Love pocket scrapbooking!! Need to incorporate more of it into my books. I’m loving Postcard Perfect. So fun to play with.

  14. I love using pocket pages to re-do my old magnetic paged scrapbooks. Such a quick and safe way to preserve those old photos!

  15. I use both! And mix them both in all my albums. If I had to just pick one I would have to pick traditional scrapbooking.♡

  16. I have done a little pocket scrapbooking, but not much. I still prefer my traditional scrapbooking.

  17. I prefer traditional scrapbooking, however, I supplement my albums with pocket scrapbooking pages. I love to do so when I have a ton of photos, and I don’t want to leave any out! It’s a great way to get a big event done quickly. And I always create a little work of art that goes in a spot on each pocket page. Since it’s on a mini scale, it’s also a great way to use up my bits and pieces!

  18. I love pocket scrapbooking pages … I can fit in more photos with a small amount of embellishing and do more journaling. However, for those razzmatazz, really special photos, I like to go to town by creating a traditional layout. I love the flexibility of modern scrapbooking and make it work for me!

  19. I am a traditional scrapbooker and have not really found myself using the papers as intended but instead I use them to add additional items to my traditional pages and to make cards with.

  20. I LOVE your flip flaps! They are the most repeat ordered item I use! They are most fun when you place several on a page like you did! I mostly do 12×12 layouts, but it’s all about the pictures! Love this set!

  21. I love using the Cut Above kits…it gives you the bones to start with and you can change it to fit your photos or theme (I used photos from The San Diego Zoo with the Postcard Perfect kit). I love using Flip Flaps to add more photos or journaling to a layout too. I like mixing in pocket scrapbooking to get a bunch of photos scrapbooked (out of boxes and into albums!). CTMH is awesome to help celebrate life moments!

  22. I haven’t done pocket scrapbooking. I think I prefer the traditional scrapbooking where I’m not restricted to just the pockets!

  23. Postcard Perfect may just be my favourite collection so far. It’s gorgeous!
    I thought that pocket scrapbooking would be quicker than the traditional way. Haha! For me they both take about the same amount of time. But – equally as fun – just different!

  24. I’ve done a little pocket scrapbooking. Usually they end up being mini albums for a specific event, like a weekend away or family get-together. I enjoy it.

  25. I’m a fan of the pocket plus protectors. You can add many more photos to a layout in Post Bound Albums. A great product!

  26. After many years traditional 12×12 scrapbooking I have recently discovered pocket scrapbooking! Recent holiday snaps were quickly and easily made into memories by organising photos, printing and sliding into pockets with Picture my Life and Cut Above cards ready cut to size. A few stamps added from my favourite stamp sets and job done! A great time saving product.

  27. I like the look of pocket scrapbooking, but it is not my favorite way to scrapbook. I find it takes longer than tradition scrapbooking.

  28. I haven’t really tried it yet, but I really like the concept. I love the flips and flaps. It looks like a way to make quick work of it but still being creative.

  29. I love postcard scrapbooking because it allows me to share family memories in a timely manner. many photos can be showcased on one page, and I can include lots of journaling to tell the story as well. it is so much quicker and more immediate than traditional scrapbooking.

  30. Now pocket scrapbooking could work for me. I am mainly a card maker, but this is totally doable. Thanks for the inspiration. 😀

  31. I’m more of a traditional scrapbooker with 4×6 photos but I’m loving the Pocket Plus protectors. They’re so great to fit a lot of photos on one layout without having to scrap them all. Saves time!

  32. i am a traditional scrapbooker, but have used the 3 x 4 pockets to add pictures to a two page layout. I like to use the Picture my Life cards as embellishments or to create quick cards.

  33. I don’t pocket scrapbook but I love to use the pocket cards. They are great and the perfect size to use in card making. With small additions of stamping or embellishments, pocket cards can be attached to CTMH’s cards and envelopes. I’ve loved CTMH for over a decade and just because it’s originally designed as a pocket scrapbook there’s no law that says you can put it in a traditional scrapbook page or cut it to make it work for your creativity.

  34. I don’t pocket scrapbook much as I prefer the traditional pages but I do like to add the flip flaps sometimes when I have that extra photo or two to add without having to do another page. When I add embellishments I like to add ones that are flat and don’t add a lot of bumps to the album. I can make embellishments to look like the real thing but are flat paper.

  35. I love using picture my life cards for pocket pages! I mix them in to my albums with my traditional 12 page layouts. This is a super handy method when I have lots of photos of one event, which happens to me a lot due to my love of photos! Haha! I am contemplating doing a whole album of pocket pages. Most likely this will be a vacation album.
    I also think it’s really fun to use picture my life cards on traditional 12 x 12 layouts!
    I am excited to receive my postcard perfect kit and play with it! Thanks for making super products! Please keep it up!

  36. I have never pocket scrapbooked because it felt like cheating somehow to just put photos in a pocket. But now I have seen how you can use papers, cards, and embellishments I really want to give it a go!

  37. I like to mix up my pages. I am a traditional scrapbooker but I love to take photos and when I have a lot of a particular area (i.e. beaches in New Zealand), I use the pocket pages because I can get so many photos on one page, while also using a box for journaling. I also like to use the flip flaps when I have photos that I want to share without taking up too much space. Thank you for your great products!

  38. I haven’t done any pocket scrapbooking I tend to stick to traditional scrapbooking, but I have such a backlog of photos I would live to give it a try.

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