Fund Your Fun, Plus a Giveaway!

We show you how to celebrate relationships through discovering your creativity,
to preserve and share the moments that matter most.

This is what it’s all about at Close To My Heart. We believe that preserving and sharing the moments that mean the most to you is so important, and with Close To My Heart, you can do that in creative ways you’ll treasure and look at over and over again.

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If you love scrapbooking, cardmaking, and papercrafting as much as we do, November is the perfect time to become a Close To My Heart Consultant with the Fund Your Fun special. You can join us as a Consultant and take advantage of extra CTMH Cash to spend on products of your choice. That means when you sign up during November you’ll get the same amount of CTMH Cash as the cost of your New Consultant Kit, and you can use that CTMH Cash to purchase your choice of products like paper packets, cardstock, stamp sets, stamp pads, and more! Plus, you enjoy all these other great benefits:

  • Discount on your favorite memory keeping products
  • Be your own boss
  • Set your own schedule
  • Build lifelong friendships
  • Attend events for business training, product training, creative sessions, and more
  • Make money doing what you love!

The group of ladies in the page below is creating with brand-new product at our North American Convention last June. Can you imagine getting to see and use new product before any one else?

Fund-Your-Fun #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhfundyourfun #fundyourfun #consultnant #scrapbooking #cardmaking #papercrafting #stamping #giveaway #free

Consultants not only have an amazing business opportunity and get early access to new products, they belong to the Close To My Heart family. This is a special group of people that supports and encourages you however you decide to use your Close To My Heart business, whether it’s to fund your own crafting fun or to reach other goals. Either way, you can have “fun with friends” while you create and celebrate the memories and relationships that matter the most to you.

Fund-Your-Fun #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhfundyourfun #fundyourfun #consultnant #scrapbooking #cardmaking #papercrafting #stamping #giveaway #free

To help you scrapbook your favorite crafting moments with friends, we are giving away FIVE Solid Classroom Alphabet stamp sets! You will love using this large alphabet stamp set in your scrapbooking, just like we did in the Raspberry title on this page. Enter in today’s giveaway by following these two steps. First, make sure you are a subscriber to the Make It From Your Heart blog. If not, just click on the blue “Subscribe to list” button in the sidebar. Second, leave a comment below telling us either what you love about your Close To My Heart Consultant, or what you love about BEING a Consultant! You have until noon (MST) tomorrow, November 2, to enter.

The Fund Your Fun special lasts only through the month of November. Just click here to become a Consultant and start your Close To My Heart journey!


12″ x 12″ Fun with Friends Page
B1638 My Acrylix® Modern Typewriter Alphabet Stamp Set, E1042 My Acrylix® Outline Classroom Alphabet Stamp Set, E1043 My Acrylix® Solid Classroom Alphabet Stamp Set, X7238B Oh What Fun Paper Packet, X6007 Lagoon Cardstock, X6027 White Daisy Cardstock, Z3271 Archival Black Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad, Z2812 Raspberry Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad, Z4304 Loose Sequins—Silver, Z4222 Hello Pumpkin Shapes, Z4216 Raspberry Baker’s Twine, Sewing Machine

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152 thoughts on “Fund Your Fun, Plus a Giveaway!

  1. As a Close to My Heart Constant, I feel blessed by the the friends I have made and the opportunities I have had. At the last Convention, I was amazed by the “sisterhood” and friendliness of all of those who attended. They were welcoming to me and my husband, supportive, non-competitive, and a true joy to meet. Each day, I have also felt blessed by the opportunity to help my family financially, the ability to teach others how creative they can be, and the opportunity I had to share at convention. You will never understand what a true blessing it was to be there. <3 <3 <3

  2. My friend is my consultant. We met through another consultant who does not sell CTMH anymore. We have been friends for many years and she is very helpful when I have questions, which is often.

  3. I love spending time with my Scrapbooking/Card making customers/friends, learn so much from my Consultant friends and love the ‘giving, sharing’ environment. We make the ‘Best Friends’ here!

  4. My consultant, Rose Baker, is an amazing artist! She shows us what we can do with CTMH products and her enthusiasm is infectious! I am blessed to have her at friend!

  5. What isn’t there to like about my consultant, Krista Hershberger?! A truly gifted person who always goes out of her way to help find what is needed. She is so talented! And most of all she is a kind person. So glad I found her!

  6. Just like you said, Close To My Heart is all about building relationships. As a consultant, I love building those relationships with others and helping them feel good about themselves and their creativity.

  7. I LOVE being a CTMH consultant for so many reasons – including the opportunity to meet so many like minded people, who I consider family, at events such as convention. Another reason is that I get to share my creativity with my customers and fellow consultants and have the opportunity to be inspired by these same (mostly) ladies! Being a part of the CTMH family is the best!

  8. I enjoy getting together with friends and I have met some fabulous people being a consultant. It is so heartwarming to design a card and have people tell me how much they enjoy my cards and classes.

  9. I don’t have a consultant, but I did meet a nice one at the Expo last year. She was also not pushy, which was really wonderful.

  10. I think it is absolutely amazing being involved in a caring, sharing, future focused & creative company. I love being apart of creating with my fellow consultants! We have so very many extremely talented individuals that inspire me daily! I could not possibly name them all. They not only love to share ideas, teach you anything they know (or find the answer) or simply be an awesome crafty (bonus!!!!) friend! I’m thankful for my CTMH teammates, uplines & fellow crafty world in this business or others! They color my world! 💖

  11. I love the inspiration I get from my CTMH consultant. I love the creative ideas, and that she is always doing something craft. Never any pressure – just love the sharing!

  12. I loved the wonderful people I met throughout my time as a consultant… from fellow consultants to fantastic customers, many have become good friends! ❤️

  13. Tina Lovell is a fantastic consultant! She is super talented and comes up with the cutest scrapbook layouts. She is always so friendly and helpful!

  14. Close to my heart is just that! I love being able to preserve my memories with high quality products and getting the inspiration I need when I’m just not feeling very creative. Every consultant I’ve been in contact with is very helpful and friendly as well as the CTMH Staff, and not many companies can boast about that. Thank you for helping me be the artist I dreamt of being.

  15. I love being a consultant because scrapbooking is my passion and the products we have at CTMH are just stunning. I love being able to preserve the photos I take of all of my many many children on beautiful scrapbook pages for the whole family to look at and appreciate.

  16. The way Jeanette and Corp take care of us, always listening to our ideas and our concerns shows how much they love us. I have been on 17 year journey with CTMH and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I have made many long lasting friendships being a consultant. I proudly represent CTMH💕

  17. What I love most about being a Consultant is sharing all of our beautiful products with my Friends and Customers! I truly love having crops and workshops just to show off my new stuff!

  18. I love being a CTMH consultant because of the wonderful friends I have made. We share our love of art and crafting cards, scrapbooks, and gift items. The friends i’I’ve made through Close to My Heart truly are a part of my heart!

  19. I love that my consultant has workshops at least once a month. I can meet up with others that love Close To My Heart ❤️ as much as I do. Sometimes it’s the only chance I get to be creative and scrap.

  20. I love my consultant Kris Keyes. She really listens to her customers. One night I said I wanted to make a card that says “ You’re Awesome”. I was half kidding and forgot about the comment, until next month when one of our projects was a card that said “ You’re Awesome!” I was so happy and surprised, I couldn’t believe she remembered!0

  21. I SO enjoy being a CTMH Consultant because I get first look at some amazing products, at Consultant prices, and I get to use these inspirational products to support my passion of memory keeping – all while being part of an international, and much valued, sisterhood. Bliss!! Shirlene Jayasundera, Melbourne, Australia

  22. My consultant is a really good friend and we have similar tastes and she is always up for having a quick or full day crafting session and playing with new techniques and learning new things.

  23. I love being a Ctmh consultant, I love being able to share my creativity with others while showing them how important it is to preserve and share our memories for the future. How we record our memories may change with technology but how we treasure them will always remain the same. Happy scrapping..

  24. My consultant and I have been friends for years. She is extremely creative and very helpful, always going the extra mile to accommodate her customers even planning her own cruise events with scrapbooking opportunities, unfortunately I haven’t be able to attend one yet but I definitely hope to. So a huge shout out to my constituent Cathy Dafoe.

  25. As a consultant, I absolutely love using and sharing Close to My Heart product with friends and family!

  26. I love being a consultant for many reasons! 1. The fabulous products, with great inspiration and instructions andddddd 22%+ discount! 2. The amazing friendships you make with people within the company and customers you acquire. 3. The opportunity to share and teach different creative techniques and tips about something that excites me!

  27. I love the community I have been able to hounting myself with some becoming a consultant. Between my consultant sisters and my customers that have become dear friends, my life would be just plain without them:)

  28. I Love being a CTMH consultant! I love the products, the way it challenges me creatively, and most of all I love the friendships I have made. It truly is a wonderful community of people who love and support one another.

  29. I love how easy all the products are to use and demonstrate to my customers. I love how everything coordinates together and matches with each other. I also love the pricing. It’s so affordable.

  30. My consultant Jayma Malme is great! She always keeps us in the loop on promotions and shares info on new products. Plus her videos are great and have sold me on several items.

  31. My consultant is one of my very dearest friends! We love scrapping together! She always let’s us know about the latest and greatest from CTMH!

  32. I love being a CTMH Consultant and having access to the newest products. The encouragement and support you receive is awesome. And the products are the highest quality out there.

  33. I love being a consultant for many reasons. The products are great and I love my CTMH team. They inspire me to be more creative!

  34. My consultant, Maureen Fontaine, is the BEST! She is so talented, knowledgeable and supportive to me in my scrapbooking journey.

  35. So many things it is difficult to even begin to tell you all of the great things about being a CTMH consultant. I just celebrated my 12th year. I love getting to see all of the new products first, I love getting a discount on my personal supplies and I love encouraging and telling others about easy ways to express their creativity and brighten others days.

  36. I love all the friends I have made being a consultant and as a customer, I love how products are coordinated and so easy to use.

  37. I have enjoyed being a consultant because I love being with the friends I’ve made through my business. We have become a close-knit group and we share ideas. I love seeing all the new things that CTMH comes up with all the time.

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