Stories I Love Giveaway from Stacy Julian!

We all have photos that hold a special place in our hearts. They remind us of something or someone, and they often have detailed, personal stories that go with them. Stories I Love, the newest program from Story by Stacy™, gives you permission to bring your most treasured photos together in one album and teaches you how to write the unique stories that go along with them.

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Your favorite photos may not be the ones that are the most pretty. They may not have the best lighting. They could be candid or staged. They could be from a special occasion or from everyday life. What makes them important are the memories they represent and what you feel when you look at them. That’s what Stories I Love is all about. Each Stories I Love workshop kit comes with a 6″ x 8″ album, ten 6″ x 8″ Memory Protectors™, one title page, one closing page, story pages, base pages, and two sticker sheets. The workbook included in the kit walks you through the steps of exploring the story behind one photo, writing that story, and then creating a 6″ x 8″ layout with just that story and photo.

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Are you ready to make your own Stories I Love album? Watch the video below to hear directly from Stacy about this new program and to find out how you can win your very own Stories I Love workshop kit!

You have until 11 a.m. (MST) Thursday, January 17, to enter in the giveaway. Winners will be notified by email on Thursday.

The memories behind the photos you cherish are stories only YOU can tell. Recording your thoughts and feelings transforms every layout you make into a treasured keepsake. We can’t wait to see what you create with Stories I Love!

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191 thoughts on “Stories I Love Giveaway from Stacy Julian!

  1. I’m hosting this workshop with my team (followed by a customer workshop) and have been so excited to create this album! One of the first photos I’m including is a photo of my husband and I, back when we were dating, it’s one of the first photos we took together. It has a special place in my heart and the story of how we met!

  2. I will be ordering mine soon ( but would love to win one!) I know one of the stories it will contain is the Maui airport picture of me and Stacy Julian – taken by her husband Geoff – when we first met when I attended 12/12/12 workshop – oh and also the beach picture taken in the water at 12:12 pm on 12/12/12!

  3. I just shared on my FB page and the first picture I would include in my book would be a picture of my Mom and me. I was just a baby and we looked so happy. My mom died when I was 9 so I want to start my book with an early special picture of me. I think the rest of the book will be chronologically organized of my favorite pics. Thanks for a chance to win!!! : )

  4. I would put a picture I took of my dog Barney (the love of my life) when he was just a little puppy and he was playing with my nephew and I surprised him and got the best shot of him ever, looking so cute and adorable!

  5. This looks like so much fun! My daughter just made me cupcakes for my birthday and I snapped photos of the whole process! These photos would definitely be included!

  6. I LOVE this Album and an trying to share it with my Craft group ladies in a workshop. I love that these videos are available to us as Consultants so we can learn to teach our customers just like Stacy teaches us!!! My album will be filled with my most precious memories to share with my adult kids and maybe one day grandchildren.

  7. I love this idea, thank you Stacy! I would love to use this to document a picture of each of the houses I have live in with a story about my favorite memory of each home (we moved a lot when I was younger). I would of course start with my childhood home that we left when I was 7 years old. Thanks for the chance to win, I just shared this with my other crafty friends 🙂

  8. This is just delightful! The first picture I would write a story about is the photo of my granddaughter who is 21 months old carrying her 3 buckets filled with rocks, sticks, pine cones and dirt. She is dirty and determined. She loves collecting things outside and carrying them around. She mixes and stirs and dumps and starts again. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I shared on Facebook!!

  9. The first photo I thought of is one of my son as a baby. It’s been on display in my living room for 15 years so I guess it’s one I love! I look forward to filling one of these albums!

  10. Last Christmas, my 6 year-old and I picked out our family’s Christmas tree all by ourselves. It was challenging to say the least (6 year-olds have a hard time holding a tree for their mom to check for bare spots), but it was something we did together. We were really proud, too. The pictures I have from that night somehow ended up with a weird stamp on my forehead, but I’m going to include it in my album anyway. The meaning behind the picture is precious to me!
    (I shared the post on Pinterest.)

  11. I would make a book in memory of my brother bill whom passed last month unexpectedly in a farm accident He was a wonderful brother and a helper of many, over 400 attended his services. He was a common man with extraordinary values and morals a Good Samaritan. He was my rock I will miss him so and feel creating this memory will be therapeutic and a family heirloom.

  12. The first picture I thought of was of my son and my granddaddy putting up the birdhouse he had made! My son was helping as much as a 5 year old could! Sharing with my crafty ladies group! Love the album and pages! I got to see it at a new release party hosted by my consultant!

  13. So far I have two pictures (and two stories) both about child #2. I’ll have to do so more thinking, LOL. I love that I don’t have to “finish” this album; it can be the ongoing saga of family lore.

  14. I would like to put in my first photo of my husband and I at New Years as 2019 is going to our year! My sister took her own life back in October and my husband has been my rock and hugs me when ever I have needed it over the last few months. I appreciate what he has done for me.

  15. I love the size of this album that can be finished with one topic or continue with more. It is small and compact and can be taken to show friends and family instead of them looking at a screen. I am starting to de-clutter my house of 3½ estates and I look forward to showing MY house as I would like it. I come across so many things I can’t keep but can take photos of and record my stories with them. It will be a treasure in itself.

  16. I think my favorite photo that I would want to tell a story about is of my daughter and I at a marathon showing of the Hunger Games movies. My daughter has some mental health issues and going to a movie was a good way to get her mind off of her anxiety. It also created a very strong mother/daughter bond. We haven’t been able to spend as much time together in the last couple of years, relationships and work have sort of replaced good old mom, but I will always have fond memories of spending time together at the movies.

  17. I would love to do a book about my Mum, another about my Dad and a third about their time together. They have both passed away now and I want something for my children to remember them with.

  18. Now that my kids are grown, I am going back through photos and all the “feels” are coming back. It would love to be able to create an album to record all my thoughts about these photos now that the kids are older.

  19. I would fill it with the photos tagged as “favorites” on my computer. I would document the stories that go with each of my girls’ sweet faces as I cherish the memories of their childhood. So very special!

  20. I would definitely include my favourite photo of my kids when they were younger at the beach being cheeky. I love this photo and it always makes me smile 💕

  21. I would include a photo from my parents wedding. I wasn’t there for it, however since I lost my dad 16 years ago, I would love for my mum to write about the day in her handwriting so I will have a memory from her to treasure in the years to come

  22. What an adorable kit! I shared to my Facebook 😉

    The photo that came to mind for me was one from this past fall. We moved from Georgia to a teeny tiny island off of Alaska and took an afternoon exploring the land. My husband captured a photo of me on the edge of a mountain looking over at the land below us. The lighting was so perfect, and the colors of fall took over the trees and surrounding hills. Definitely my favorite!

  23. I have completed my first page already – I have a photo of my eldest sons 2nd birthday – which he celebrated in hospital – I have never scrapbooked these photos because I get too emotional – but this album is the perfect place for this. Thank you Stacy!

  24. A photo of my son George’s face as he watched his bride walking up the isle last Saturday on his wedding day in Bathurst NSW Australia. To me, it captured 3 things – the beginning of his own story, the love he and Jessie-Mae share, and the pride as his parents we felt. A beautiful story. 💜

  25. A photo of me and my father when l received my first holly communion he passed away not long after that.He was always the one taking the photo so we have very few of him, so it is such a treasure

  26. I have just shared the blog post on my Facebook page. What a great idea Stacy and Close To My Heart! 💜 I can think of 3stories I have to record.

  27. Love this concept. The first photo I will include is one of my oldest 4 kids sitting on the porch swing at my parent’s house while my mom was dying from cancer. It is the last photo I have of all of them together. I haven’t been able to scrap it due to the emotion behind it, but feel strong enough now nearly 6 1/2 years later to tell the story.

  28. I would love to win one of these! I just printed a picture that would be perfect for this book, a tight close up of my 11 year old son in his baseball helmet.

  29. I love the easy way these albumes come together. I have many photos to choose from, but the ones that come to mind are of my Dad’s pup Buffy and my pup Mackenzie. Pets certainly make impressions on our Hearts and this album would be something special.

  30. So many choices for Photos I Love 🙂 I have a few candid photos of DH, relaxed and quietly confident that are truly favorites. Of course, there are also photos of my girls when they were very young. And the dog. Oh man, the dog stories are epic,

  31. I would love to win this. I am relatively new to scrapbooking and made the Story Starter books for my children for Christmas. I would use pictures of my cousins with me as I view them as my siblings since I am an only child and my parents are both deceased. Love all of Stacy’s products as well as Close To My Heart products.

  32. I would use a picture of my mother in her Cubs Baseball jersey at her 97th birthday party. Which, by the way, was a Cub’s Themed Party. Her favorite team.

  33. This has re-energized me in the way I think about scrapbooks. I can think of so many photos that I would include in my book. This kit looks so easy to use.

  34. I have treasured photos and stories that go with them relating to my sister’s battle with brain cancer. We fought it together very hard, creating fabulous memories. Sadly, our fight was not enough. The photos with their stories provide such great memories. BUT…. the pictures are on my phone and come up at times that I am not prepared for that tug at my heart. I’d love to put them safely in an album to visit when my heart is ready for that visit.

  35. I would put the photo of my making cookies with 3 of my grandchildren. Since I take the pictures, I’m usually not included, but this time I remembered to ask my daughter to take a photo of us.

  36. A couple pictures immediately came to mind…the arrival of each of my children, our first trip to Disney with all 3 kids, my new grandson. So many great stories to tell!

  37. I have a photo I Love of my son, when he was 2, holding his new sister in hospital, so precious. I cant wait to share that story.

  38. I plan on putting my son’s senior picture in this album – he’s graduating high school this year!!

  39. I have two pictures that came to mind. One is of my older son, crouched down so that he can adjust the buckle on his daughter’s shoe. While he does this, the same daughter rested her hand on him to keep her balance. I also love a picture of my older son and his daughter, taken from behind them, as he had his arm around her.

  40. The first Stories I Love photo would be a candid of my kids. Because their expressions are so perfect and so much better than any staged photo could be.

    Stacy Julian is genius and I am so excited that she is making products now!

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