Storyteller with Stacy Julian!

We’re pulling out all the stops this National Scrapbooking Month with a visit from one of our all-time favorite story tellers! Stacy Julian is here today to share with us the newest addition to the Story by Stacy™ line, Storyteller. Click on the video below to learn about this impressive guidebook from none other than Stacy herself! Pay extra close attention and you might just find that she is offering a little more than just two new story telling techniques! 😉


Thanks for stopping by Stacy! <3


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Storyteller with Stacy Julian #ctmh #closetomyheart #storybystacy #storyteller #storytelling #memorykeepingStory by Stacy™ Storytelling Pack

Storyteller with Stacy Julian #ctmh #closetomyheart #storybystacy #storyteller #storytelling #memorykeeping #memoryprotectors #pageprotectorsMemory Protectors™ Combo Pack

Storyteller with Stacy Julian #ctmh #closetomyheart #storybystacy #storyteller #storytelling #memorykeeping #shortstory #multicolor #album #minialbumStory by Stacy™ Short Story Workshop Kit—Multicolor

Storyteller with Stacy Julian #ctmh #closetomyheart #storybystacy #storyteller #storytelling #memorykeeping #storystarter #album #minialbumStory by Stacy™ Story Starter Workshop Kit—Heart



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214 thoughts on “Storyteller with Stacy Julian!

  1. I love the 6 x 8….It is less intimidating for me and while I still scrap 12 X 12, I am gravitating to the smaller more manageable sizes. Thanks Stacy! I have always LOVED your “special” albums you have created over the years and shared!!!

  2. I love ALL the sizes and have done them all!! But my favourite so far is the 6×6! I documented my graduation from university in it!!

  3. For my kids albums I love working in a 12 x 12 format. I have found though that I love to give albums as gifts and I find the 6×6 or 6×8 so perfect for those gifts. I also use the 6×8 in my childrens scrapbooking classes. There is a perfect album size for every occasion.

  4. I am a traditional 12×12 scrapbooker but I am super keen to to delve into the Stories I Love size album.

  5. I usually go with the traditional 12 x 12 albums but lately the smaller albums are starting to draw me in. I love Stacy’s philosophy about creating memory books!

  6. I love the flexibilty 12 x 12 albums offer me and now the fun of adding differnt size pockets to it is awesome. I do enjoy making the smaller albums for gifts as the words are the focus and the phots/decorating can be done quickly

  7. I always use 12×12 but occasionally I’ll dip my hand in an 8.5×11 if the story I’m telling is “smaller”. I love a great mini-album though and these storyteller kits are so poverty in all ways!!!!

  8. Typically 12 x 12, but I love doing various smaller sized albums for documenting vacations or to give as gifts!!!!!

  9. I love traditional 12×12 but I’m starting to love the little tiny ones for little stories for my children and for gifts.

  10. I love traditional 12 x 12. I’ve changed over the years from mainly doing 2 page layouts to now doing 1 page layouts but still live 12 x 12.

  11. I love to do 12 x 12 scrapbooks of my daughters. At Convention last year I was a bit overwhelmed doing this project as I had taken my daughters wedding photos, but LOVED how it turned out. It is a quick way for people to see her wedding without having to bring out the big 12 x 12 album! Thanks for all you do!!

  12. I am a 12×12 Scrapbooker but did a Story Started for my son to take with him to New Zealand so he would have photos and a letter from mom and dad to let him he know we love him. Bi did this so if he felt homesick he could see us.

  13. I usually do 12×12 but love the flexibility of different sizes. Thinking about doing an 8×8 graduation book size. Thanks Stacy. Looking forward to checking this out!

  14. I am a 12 x 12 scrapbooker and have enjoyed adding the various sized page protectors to my layouts. I have also become a fan of the Short Story album since working on one at a CTMH convention last year. I’m looking forward to using the Storyteller – How To Book to enhance my 12 x 12 books. Love your ideas for storytelling, Stacy.

  15. I have always been a traditional scrapbooker but find myself drawn to smaller album formats as well. I love all of the Story by Stacy kits and can’t wait to see the new Storyteller kit!

  16. I scrap in a variety of sizes including 8 1/2 x 11, 8 x 8, 6 x 8 and 12 x 12. Additionally, I have a variety of inserts which I like to mix and match in a 12 x 12 album.

  17. I am just getting started with journaling. I have scraped for years but I love the idea of journaling my stories. So far I like the traditional size of 12×12 because I am going back and adding pages to scrapbooks I already had for my children and journaling in them. My daughter, 22 years old, likes loves the journaling because she said it helps her remember what was happening at the time when I add words to the pictures.

  18. I love traditional 12×12 scrapbooking in both post bound and ring binders but also love throwing in smaller size page protectors for interactivity in my albums. I am also starting to use 6×8 albums more and more to scrap quicker or to give as gifts.

  19. I love 12 x 12 scrap booking but I love to add all of the different size page protectors to add dimension to the book.

  20. As of yet I don’t have a favorite, because I haven’t tried it out. BUt the ability to layer all of them together using Storyteller fascinates me. I can’t wait to have my journaling block broken down and have the ability to add something extra to my scrapbook pages!

  21. I mostly do 12×12 albums. I would like to try some different sizes too. Thanks Stacy for having products that help us go beyond basic scrapbook journaling!

  22. Most of my scrapbooking is done in 12×12 albums so most of my journaling is there. I love Stacy and own a few of her books. She taught me the power of telling the story. I am also starting to journal so I do use small journal books with CTMH products. They pair well together.

  23. I am so excited about this new addition to the Story by Stacy line… so fun! I really like the idea of using the different size pages in one album as well as all the kits. I’ve primarily been working 12×12 personally, but that will be changing….

  24. I am a traditional 12 x 12 scrapbooker. I love Stacy’s new line! Excited to try her new techniques.

  25. I use 12×12 the most but I also love to make smaller books to share with the people that I had the adventure with.

  26. I primarily do 12×12, but also enjoy the 8×8 size for doing a trip and putting it into a single binder. The new Story by Stacy products would be awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. I love using a variety of sizes with my pages and albums. It keeps it interesting to create and also for the viewer to look through. I love engaging the reader in my stories and I find having to turn different sized pages and flip up protectors to look underneath keeps them excited and interactive with the story I’m trying to tell.

  28. I love the Story Starter ..especially the new Blue heart. But I am ready to join you for the 180 days Class project this weekend to do my Short Story for my daughters Y13 last year of High School

  29. I love ALL scrapbooking formats, but mostly the Story by Stacy line. The introduction of these products completely re-energized my love of scrapbooking just when I was about to quit. I’m looking forward to starting a scrapbooking group at my church in the fall and will be introducing them to all the CTMH products, but especially the Story by Stacy methods!

  30. For project albums, I really like an 8×8. I haven’t tried a 6×8 yet. The pages just come together quicker for me in a smaller size to tell the story. Thanks for the giveaway.

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