From Stacy Julian: World Storytelling Day Giveaway!

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Since today is St. Patrick’s Day 🍀I want to remind us all—Irish or not—how very LUCKY we are to be able to document and preserve stories.

Our daily lives have been turned upside down in so many ways right now and we’re all growing accustomed to that uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty. One of the very best things we can do is actually turn to our love of documenting to both capture what’s happening around us for the future and to remember and revive happy moments from our past. Both of these actions have been proven to be sources of strength and calm in times of crisis.

The kind of storytelling that is most helpful is the kind that illustrates connections to our past and reminds us how much doesn’t change. This storytelling is easier than you might suspect—especially with the concept of extended and connected stories available in the Storyteller how-to book.

Extended stories use layers of Memory Protectors™ and lots of photos mixed in with spots of journaling that share both the expected and the unexpected details. When those details point to another person, place or related thing then a connection is created.

Here, let me show you …

Storytelling #ctmh #closetomyheart #worldstorytellingday #storyteller #stacyjulian #connectedstory #extendedstory #giveaway #free #scrapbooking

When I was working in my studio on this extended story for Addie’s birthday, she came into the room, looked at the 5″ x7″ photo on the first page and said, “My teeth! They were so big.” I replied, “Guess what? I, too, had big teeth when I was your age!” And right then I got an idea. Why not find a photo of me at age 9 and add it to this layout? This, my friends, is a connection. Addie is no longer just a cute girl celebrating a birthday, she is a cute girl who feels connected to her mother because her mother also passed through the big teeth phase of childhood.

Storytelling #ctmh #closetomyheart #worldstorytellingday #storyteller #stacyjulian #connectedstory #extendedstory #giveaway #free #scrapbooking

Connections also pull details from photos that the casual observer might miss. Using the photo of Addie and her friends, just before they jumped into the pool, I was able to discern that girls between the ages of 8 and 10 clearly prefer to wear their goggles when jumping (and being photographed!). This example may be a bit silly, but there will always be “little known fact” details about life, culture, location, or any activity available to you that can be highlighted in your journaling and that will draw simple, but interesting connections from your story.

Storytelling #ctmh #closetomyheart #worldstorytellingday #storyteller #stacyjulian #connectedstory #extendedstory #giveaway #free #scrapbooking

One of the primary reasons I love this approach to storytelling is ALL of these fun pockets. I get to include more photos and capture a more comprehensive representation of (in this case) a birthday party!

Storytelling #ctmh #closetomyheart #worldstorytellingday #storyteller #stacyjulian #connectedstory #extendedstory #giveaway #free #scrapbooking

Look, here, at the second 4″ x 3″ pocket from the top. Another connection! When you share bits of your own memories from the past, as you document events in the present, you will always improve your story and your storytelling skills. Of course, the Story FYI stamps are designed to help you add these “did you know” details.

So, let’s review. An extended story is simply one that uses layers of memory protectors to include more photos and more story. A connected story is an extended story that includes journaled details from another person, place or time. These connections enrich your story and make it more fun for you and your audience.

Watch this full story experience with Addie and keep on telling those stories. They matter and the perspective you gain as a storyteller will bless you with a wonderful sense of confidence and calm, even when life gets crazy!

Storytelling #ctmh #closetomyheart #worldstorytellingday #storyteller #stacyjulian #connectedstory #extendedstory #giveaway #free #scrapbooking

Story Tip: I love the personality of handwritten journaling, but sometimes it makes more sense to use your computer. You can include both styles in an extended story! Whenever you hear yourself say, “I don’t know what to write!” Make a list. Your brain is exceptionally good at listing out details—there’s not much “writing” involved, and you can list things in random order. A list of 9 things for a 9th birthday is totally doable!

Giveaway: Would you like the opportunity to win a free Celebrate Today Paper Packet + Sticker Sheet, Memory Protectors™ Combo Pack, and a My Acrylix® Story FYI stamp set? Make sure you are subscribed to this blog and leave a comment below sharing what you love most about extended and connected stories. This Friday, March 20th, is World Storytelling Day. At noon (MST) on Friday, five lucky winners will be chosen and later notified via email. Let’s all tell our stories, especially those that we are currently living. Best of luck friends! <3


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166 thoughts on “From Stacy Julian: World Storytelling Day Giveaway!

  1. you are such an inspiration to me! I have followed you for years and you never fail to give me an idea I can do now. Thanks Stacy.

  2. 20 March 2020 is the birthday of our 2nd son/3rd child – Danny! (I didn’t know it was National Storytelling Day!!) Danny is a wonderful Dentist who just found out that he has to close his dental office in Spokane, WA for 3 months during these virus days (or should I say months) – yikes!! I have been looking through childhood photos of our children – our daughter, Stacy’s birthday was 2 days ago – and Danny’s today. As I have shared many times . . . “With my father, Big Al, teaching photography in the FBI and always carrying a camera, I have often remarked that I am not sure if I remember an event from my own memory, or I have seen the photos and been told the stories so often that it brings them to my remembrance. The older I get, that continues to be true, even with the growing up years of our family!” So Stacy, you are so right – sharing stories is SO important! Thank you Stacy and Jeanette! Much love and thanks to each of you from an old friend! Carol Snyder

  3. I met you for the first time at convention in Salt Lake City and you were the keynote speaker.
    Your story of talking to your sister as you were checking in with family touched my heart forever. It also inspired more small books rather than the 12Ă—12 that seemed to be worked slowly.
    These days ABC books for the beloved grandkids and my children are my new normal.
    I loved working in the booth with you that day and continue to follow your storytelling ideas. We have lots of little books in process now and thus time will give me guilt free time to work on my stories as I pray for the family in law enforcement and those on the front lines in ER and ICU.
    Cyber hug lovely lady, you continue to inspire.

  4. It is always so fun to see your extended stories, and this is no exception. Thanks to you and Addie for sharing her 9th birthday – with big smiles Now and Then. I love it!

  5. I would have never thought to connect the past with a current layout. Love that idea. And, i love the different sizes used together

  6. We recently lost our Mother/Mother-in-law and sharing stories and being able to pass along those stories to the grandkids through documenting will help all of us feel connected to her even though she is gone.

  7. I always think of things to add to a layout but don’t want to redo it just to add them. This is perfect!

  8. The best way to create meaningful memories , which later can be enjoyed with colour creativity, photos to add to the written memories , are priceless in preserving your life , allowing anyone to get to know you better x I love all these workshop books x The extended story just gives you that little more room to preserve a longer more in depth event or just special thoughts xxx

  9. I love to scrapbook. I honestly think that just being able to tell a story through a book is such a fun way to remember! I have so much to do and catch up on, it’s crazy. I would love to try the Extended Story to help me document my memories!

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