From Stacy Julian: World Storytelling Day Giveaway!

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Since today is St. Patrick’s Day 🍀I want to remind us all—Irish or not—how very LUCKY we are to be able to document and preserve stories.

Our daily lives have been turned upside down in so many ways right now and we’re all growing accustomed to that uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty. One of the very best things we can do is actually turn to our love of documenting to both capture what’s happening around us for the future and to remember and revive happy moments from our past. Both of these actions have been proven to be sources of strength and calm in times of crisis.

The kind of storytelling that is most helpful is the kind that illustrates connections to our past and reminds us how much doesn’t change. This storytelling is easier than you might suspect—especially with the concept of extended and connected stories available in the Storyteller how-to book.

Extended stories use layers of Memory Protectors™ and lots of photos mixed in with spots of journaling that share both the expected and the unexpected details. When those details point to another person, place or related thing then a connection is created.

Here, let me show you …

Storytelling #ctmh #closetomyheart #worldstorytellingday #storyteller #stacyjulian #connectedstory #extendedstory #giveaway #free #scrapbooking

When I was working in my studio on this extended story for Addie’s birthday, she came into the room, looked at the 5″ x7″ photo on the first page and said, “My teeth! They were so big.” I replied, “Guess what? I, too, had big teeth when I was your age!” And right then I got an idea. Why not find a photo of me at age 9 and add it to this layout? This, my friends, is a connection. Addie is no longer just a cute girl celebrating a birthday, she is a cute girl who feels connected to her mother because her mother also passed through the big teeth phase of childhood.

Storytelling #ctmh #closetomyheart #worldstorytellingday #storyteller #stacyjulian #connectedstory #extendedstory #giveaway #free #scrapbooking

Connections also pull details from photos that the casual observer might miss. Using the photo of Addie and her friends, just before they jumped into the pool, I was able to discern that girls between the ages of 8 and 10 clearly prefer to wear their goggles when jumping (and being photographed!). This example may be a bit silly, but there will always be “little known fact” details about life, culture, location, or any activity available to you that can be highlighted in your journaling and that will draw simple, but interesting connections from your story.

Storytelling #ctmh #closetomyheart #worldstorytellingday #storyteller #stacyjulian #connectedstory #extendedstory #giveaway #free #scrapbooking

One of the primary reasons I love this approach to storytelling is ALL of these fun pockets. I get to include more photos and capture a more comprehensive representation of (in this case) a birthday party!

Storytelling #ctmh #closetomyheart #worldstorytellingday #storyteller #stacyjulian #connectedstory #extendedstory #giveaway #free #scrapbooking

Look, here, at the second 4″ x 3″ pocket from the top. Another connection! When you share bits of your own memories from the past, as you document events in the present, you will always improve your story and your storytelling skills. Of course, the Story FYI stamps are designed to help you add these “did you know” details.

So, let’s review. An extended story is simply one that uses layers of memory protectors to include more photos and more story. A connected story is an extended story that includes journaled details from another person, place or time. These connections enrich your story and make it more fun for you and your audience.

Watch this full story experience with Addie and keep on telling those stories. They matter and the perspective you gain as a storyteller will bless you with a wonderful sense of confidence and calm, even when life gets crazy!

Storytelling #ctmh #closetomyheart #worldstorytellingday #storyteller #stacyjulian #connectedstory #extendedstory #giveaway #free #scrapbooking

Story Tip: I love the personality of handwritten journaling, but sometimes it makes more sense to use your computer. You can include both styles in an extended story! Whenever you hear yourself say, “I don’t know what to write!” Make a list. Your brain is exceptionally good at listing out details—there’s not much “writing” involved, and you can list things in random order. A list of 9 things for a 9th birthday is totally doable!

Giveaway: Would you like the opportunity to win a free Celebrate Today Paper Packet + Sticker Sheet, Memory Protectors™ Combo Pack, and a My Acrylix® Story FYI stamp set? Make sure you are subscribed to this blog and leave a comment below sharing what you love most about extended and connected stories. This Friday, March 20th, is World Storytelling Day. At noon (MST) on Friday, five lucky winners will be chosen and later notified via email. Let’s all tell our stories, especially those that we are currently living. Best of luck friends! <3


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166 thoughts on “From Stacy Julian: World Storytelling Day Giveaway!

  1. I love the connections with ages across history. How I am like my grandfather or my niece is like me. Love this!!

  2. Stacy has long been my hero when it comes to scrapbooking AND making it a real story. I just had a thought–right now– adding those extra pocket pages is a GREAT way (not shouting, just excited!!) way to add to what i’ve done, because I always remember something cool after the fact… I really like the “big teeth” example to make meaningful connections. Ta muchly.

  3. I love the concept of extended story, and how you have space for more photos and journaling in an extended story! I tend to often write more than what a 2 page spread holds & I cant wait to create my extended story! Thanks for this opportunity!

  4. I just completed my first extended story a couple weeks ago and am so happy with how it turned out! I am looking forward to telling more stories during this new world we’re living in.

  5. Extended stories are a wonderful way to remember great memories! Connected stories are fun as well, as you can have another view or memory to your layouts. Both are wonderful!

  6. I love how Stacy tied in other little stories/connections like about herself at 9 or the stat on how many 8-10 year olds also wear goggles. I think it adds depth, interest and personality to the stories. Not only do you learn more about the people in the pictures but you also learn more about the person sharing the story.

  7. I love that down the track one can look back and remember good times, memories can be triggered by story telling. Stories written down can trigger other family and friends to ask questions and hence memories of loved ones passed or good times are shared when they otherwise might not be.

  8. I love the idea of making those connections with each other to show that we aren’t so different after all! Love the book!

    • I now look for connection stories and extended stories after purchasing the Storyteller book and comparing similarities between relationships. My current project is scrapping the stories of three generations of my family and their truck driving careers including photos of them playing with toy trucks as children!!

  9. I love how connected stories can add depth and meaning, linking the past and present. Extended and connected stories allow me to pass on my memories to others, especially as I do not have children to share these with.

  10. I love a lot about this extended story. How you connected Addie and yourself by the “big tooth smile” made me smile 🙂 Also thought the list (things to know) and the “little known fact” were fun – you have given me some good ideas – thank you 🙂

  11. I love how the little known facts can become such a fabulous point of interest, and using extended story style scrapbooking provides the perfect place for this little nuggets of information to be recorded, valued, laughed at, “wowed” at and remembered always. I can just imagine people reading those in years to come with great joy in their hearts knowing that us scrapbookers have taken the time not only to preserve the event that can be almost a mini scrapbook within a larger album using the Extended Story Sytle. Love it!!! Thank you so much for inspiring us to do more!

  12. I use to be intimidated by creating a scrapbook photo album. Stories By Stacy removes that fear. It’s also a friendly reminder that journaling adds so much life to your pages. 😊

  13. Love this concept! I have an idea formulating to connect my family through this period of social distancing. The extending story idea will work perfectly!!

  14. I like how a little part of the story can bring back the whole memory along with feelings we have or had as the story played out. In split second I find myself smiling and right back in the heart of the story as it occurred at a different time. Quite often now, I rush to capture the memory these pictures spark at the moment I come across them. It is genuine and heartfelt and should be captured for future eyes to see.

  15. Anytime or way that I can add to my stories, I’m building my treasure and I’m happy! Connected and extended stories are great and fun ways to do just that. I love making connections to family and friends come alive!

  16. I love the prompts that allow you to add additional info to the story you are telling. It allows the scrapbooker to dig deep and tell another tidbit of Information that can bring the entire story full circle. I have never scrapbooked that way before and think it is both interesting and creative.

    • Exactly! Those Prompts jog your memory and helps the story flow, making it that much more special, to our children, grandchildren and so on. ❤️ Memories that flow on for our future generations make lasting impressions for them. For example, I have a very old photo of my dad’s (my dad is almost ninety) uncle and aunt when they were very young surrounded with other friends in Winnipeg, Manitoba on a lake with their ice skates of the era on their feet, fur coats, muffs and hats. My kids love that pic. They looked so elegant and happy though they were very poor. But adding Dads story about this memory is as special as the photo and I hope that by preserving it, the photo and adding other memorabilia, using storyteller plus the extended story it will make it that much more special for many more.
      BTW, I love the name, Betsy. It caught my eye, as did your post!

  17. I like the way you incorporated pictures of you at the same age as Addie, and the added photo pockets to get in more pictures. I remember seeing you on the scrapbooking program several years ago. I always loved your ideas. I was sorry when the program was discontinued.

  18. I would have never thought to match a photo of me to my grandchildren at the same ages. What a wonderful idea; can’t wait to try it out.

  19. I love this approach to scrapbooking and story telling. I also love the idea of including photos of different generations at the same age to connect stories. I can’t wait to give it a try!

  20. I just love this concept- my granddaughter lost a front tooth while staying with me and she was so upset that no-one would like her at school because she had a gap I sat with her and we talked about being six and losing teeth it was a right of passage – I got down my album and showed her photos of me and her dad at the same age it was a lovely moment to record xx

  21. I love the whole concept of extended stories and connected stories because of the ability to add so much more to the entire story than just what the page offers!

  22. I love connecting the stories of the past to the now. I recently made a page about mine and my mom’s time in the Brownies. It is one of my favorites!

  23. Love how much you can write about and the connection to the past. I have photos of my mom as a child and my niece looks so much like her. On a scrapbook page I put a photo of my mom as a child holding a doll and a photo of her holding a grandchild. You can see the connections.

  24. Am finally starting my sons story, after 42 years. To be able to show his beginning and the continuing story that made him the wonderful man and father that he is today. That is what makes scrapbooking so amazing.

  25. What i love about these stories as you can add more photos to your albums or pages with these extended page protectors, you can do your story from the very beginning and add as much as you need.
    These make very special albums with the different sizing as well.

  26. I love using the variety of pages together. It opens it up to add more later–it doesn’t feel like it has to be finished–afterall, our stories are continuing to develop! Plus, it feels a bit more interactive, too.

  27. I love that you can leave a story for your children. Lots of the old family photos that I have do not even have the names of the people, the year and anything about them. To be able to do that for my children, nieces is so special!

  28. I love documenting/scrapbooking birthdays…something about a child’s special day and remembering their birthday activities. Love the paper choices and adding the extra photos with the extended pages. One of my favorite birthday memories that I scrapped is of my daughter’s 6th birthday. I found a roll of film that was tucked away in my desk and had no idea what was on the roll. I anxiously awaited to see the pictures, it was of her 6th birthday and she is 28. So fun to see the photos of our family with her cousins and friends that were taken several years ago.

  29. I love the extended storytelling because it’s an awesome way to share those family memories with all the generations. The little ones love seeing pictures of themselves as infants being held by family. It’s a wonderful way to connect the generations and the love that flows between them.

  30. I love how your not only teaching us to tell storys, but your teaching a new generation how to tell story’s and Preserve their legacy. I love watching how you teach Maddie, how excited she gets, and what excites her, a silly smile, girls in goggles. Your not only leaving a legacy, but your teaching her how to tell her own story, how to design, to write and express life. She will look back on these days and be forever grateful how much love, support you have given her and the knowledge to grow together is the most priceless memory of all. I recently cropped with my good friend and her 11yr daughter. We had such a great time, and we laughed. We laughed so hard our stomachs hurt. My take away… look at your pictures share them with those who made those memories with you., and enjoy the journey. People really do remember different moments within the moment. Those words are the cool things to write along with your own.

  31. So many times I’ve had one more picture but couldn’t fit it on the page. Now I know how to get the whole story and ALL my pics included in my layouts. Thank so much for sharing! And our quality papers are so happy and beautiful, also!

  32. Always, always love when Stacy writes/talks and shares. She breaks everything down into do-able steps that makes me feel like I can accomplish anything! <3

  33. This Make It From My Heart, From Stacy Julian: World Storyteller was Fantastic! I loved how you showed us how we could layer our books, but yet you interwove items from her mom’s childhood into the story to match Addy’s. Addy was so brave to share her book with us. Thank you to her for doing so. I loved how you also had hand-written and typed journaling together in the story. I will definitely have to remember to do this.

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