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As memory keepers, we love telling our favorite stories and expressing all the feeling behind the happy smiles in our most beloved photos. When it comes to storytelling through scrapbooking, it’s important to be able to capture all the layers of your story, delving deeper than the basic “where,” “when,” and “what” descriptions of your photos.

With the Story by Stacy™ program, memory keepers of all experience levels can practice the art of storytelling. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the Stacy’s Stories I Love program, showing just how easy it can be to record a meaningful and in-depth account of your favorite memories!

The workshop kit built around this program comes with its very own album, story and photo pages, title and closing pages, stickers, and a Stories I Love workbook. The Stories I Love workshop is available in two different kit options, the original Story by Stacy™ Stories I Love kit, and the Story by Stacy™ Holiday Stories I Love kit! (You can even get these kits at a 15% discount when you purchase them together in the Holiday Stories Bundle, available only through August 31!)

With a Stories I Love workshop kit, you start out by gathering between 5 and 10 of your favorite photos (preferably 4″ x 6″) to work with. These photos do not have to follow a specific theme; one of the key points of this storytelling exercise is to learn how to tell individual, stand-alone stories and get into the meaningful details of those memories. The closing page of your finished Stories I Love album spells it out beautifully,“These pictures belong together only because I love them.”

Your next step is to select or take a current photo of yourself. Identifying yourself as the storyteller can be very empowering, especially if you find that you don’t always make an appearance in the photos and memories you choose to scrapbook. This photo will be added to the closing page of your finished album.

As you continue on with the Stories I Love process, you’ll turn to your workbook to help you identify and uncover the various layers of the stories you want to capture. Select one photo to start your album, and then turn to your Stories I Love workbook to see an example of how you can delve deeply into your story and tell it in a way that really brings it to life.

Once you’ve had a chance to look at the provided example and familiarize yourself with the process, you’ll be able to follow it with your own photos and stories. We recommend writing out the entire story at least once before recording it on your Stories I Love story pages, although you may want to do this multiple times as you progress through the editing process. If you’re crafting with other people, consider reading your story aloud to them, or just to yourself if you’re creating your album alone. Good writing is also good reading, so reading your story aloud can be an invaluable step as you continue to craft your story!

After you’ve finished drafting your first story, it’s time to assemble your first story and photo pages! For the story pages, you’ll want to select either a grid-lined or blank side of the provided story pages. While using your personal penmanship to record your stories can add a nice touch to your album, there’s nothing wrong with typing and printing it out, especially for longer recollections.

Each of your photo pages should feature as single photo and can be embellished with the selection of stickers included in the Stories I Love workshop kit. Your kit also includes nine 5½” x 6″ White Daisy cardstock pieces to provide a layered background for your photos. Your Stories I Love workshop gives examples of various patterns you can follow as you assemble your photo pages, although you’re free to come up with your own patterns as well! If you find that your stories require more than a single photo, one fun idea is to incorporate Flip Flaps™ Memory Protectors™ to add more pictures and additional context to your story.

The last step of a Stories I Love workshop is to assemble your entire album, putting together your story and photo pages in the provided Memory Protectors and assembling your closing page. Once you’ve completed your album, it’s time to share your stories!

A Stories I Love album is a great start for new memory keepers who are just starting to discover scrapbooking, or for more experienced veterans who want a storytelling refresher. No matter what your experience with scrapbooking and memory keeping is, the Stories I Love workshop kit as an excellent exercise to help you find your inner storyteller!

As a special treat, we will be hosting a virtual Story by Stacy™ Stories I Love crafting event on August 17 at 2:00 pm (MDT)! The event will be taught by none other than the renowned storyteller who developed this wonderful program, Stacy Julian, herself!

For even more crafting fun, we’re giving away three Story by Stacy™ Holiday Stories I Love kits to three lucky readers! To qualify as a potential winner, you must be subscribed to this blog and leave a comment below telling us about a story you’d love to document with Stories I Love by no later than 4 p.m. Thursday, August 5 (MDT) . (Winners will be contacted via email, so make sure your email address is up to date!)

We can’t wait to see all the amazing stories you have to share!

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33 thoughts on “Stories I Love

  1. Hi, I have some photo’s of my kids with my Mum (who sadly passed a few months ago). These pics perfectly captured the love that she had for them even though her health, mind and body were failing her. I’m desperate to get these stories told while they are fresh in my mind. Also, I’m such a Stacy fan girl.

  2. I would love to document the first 24 months of triplet granddaughters lives. They were born premature and then covid. They’ve been in isolation for most of the past 2 years, but still have a story.

  3. My story would be about my father. He has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and I stayed with him for a few days when my mother went away. There are some good and so.e sad stories from that time to share. Thanks for these great story telling products.

  4. I’d love to document the story of meeting my husband and our dating/engagement time together. He passed away suddenly 11 years ago and I feel I’m finally able to do this ❤

    • I would love to tell the story of a 35 year friendship with a group of women who have taught together, celebrated monthly meals together, enjoyed yearly beach trips, and so much more. Sadly we have lost two of our friends, so I’d love to tell our story.

  5. My mom just passed away in July and I would love to tell the story of her quilt making. So many lovely quilts and she had such a gift for use of colour. Always had to have a dotted fabric in each!

  6. I plan to do an album of both of my elderly grand doggies lives, aged almost 15 yrs & 14 yrs. both have health issues coupled with ageing. A special memento for both daughters of their beloved furry babies. The doggies are my grand babies.

  7. I love love stories by stacey. I would like to document a story happening right now, for my grandchildren as their little bro / my 12mth old grandson is in Wailato hospital after an ambulance ride and westpark helicopter ride after a freak accident getting burnt by hot fat. Had surgery and spent a couple of days in a little room with his mum. Hoping they are coming home today. Many thanks

  8. My daughter is turning 30 on August 25th. Her party is August 21st. I would love to tell through favorite pictures what a blessing she has been in my life and the lives of others. She is so thoughtful and kind. She also has worked so hard for her employer, Keeneland. She wants them to shine bright in Lexington so they can be a blessing to all.

  9. I would like to tell a story on how I’ve come to love genealogy and discovering my ancestors. I would then further tell their stories.

  10. When our children were young, my husband always told them “little boy” stories from when he was a young boy. I’d love to document those, in anticipation of grandchildren in the future. I should probably do a “little girl” stories album too!

  11. I would tell the story of my nephew who left us too soon and the legacy we see being lived out in his son.

    • I would love to tell the story if my granddad to my little girl who wasn’t able to get to know him as he passed away shortly after she was born.

  12. I would tell the story of my daughter’s wedding and give it to her as a gift. 😀 Thanks for a chance to win.

  13. I am looking forward to documenting the special stories behind the annual Christmas decorations that I create for my (now adult) children and my soon-to-be-born 1st grandchild.

  14. I would love to do one of my son’s godmother who has recently passed away from breast cancer, so he can treasure memories of her

  15. This would be a great way to document my childhood. Those stories that someday, someone, might want to hear.

  16. Olympic Memories – 25th Anniversary of 2 of our children carrying the Olympic Torch before the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Where does the time go? Catch these stories before they are gone! Thank you CTMH and Stacy!

  17. The story I would love to record hasn’t happened yet. It will be my granddaughter’s wedding in June 2023! I am so excited for her and her awesome man! I want to make this album for them as a wedding keepsake.

  18. I would love to create something about our family traditions at Christmas. Including how they have changed over the years.

  19. I would love to document the story of my family’s holiday traditions, from certain dishes being at certain holidays, to the decorations. My family is getting smaller and splitting off into their own families – would love to share books with the younger memory keepers.
    I would also like to document my sister’s courageous fight against Sjorgren;s disease and ultimately cancer, capturing the little moments between her and her husband, family, and friends.

  20. I have a wonderful photo of my oldest son in his twenties at the time, laughing with my mother. Although I have scrapbooked that photo once, I would love to document more about it in the Stories I Love format.

  21. I would love to document a picture (or two) of my mother and step father. My mother’s life story was not always a happy one. She had a very difficult childhood and life with my genetic father was not much better. She divorced him when my brother and I were older. Then, she re-met the love of her life! She had met him as a teenager. They reconnected, fell in love and had nineteen years together. He gave her the life, love and happiness so had always wanted and deserved.
    That’s the story I would like to share.

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