One-stop Workshops for All Your Crafting Needs!

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Whether you’re crafting for fun or you’re creating a special project for a friend or family member, having a sense of direction makes the whole process go much smoother from start to finish. At Close To My Heart, we pride ourselves not only on providing top-of-the-line crafting products, but also on offering in-depth, easy-to-follow workshops for each of our exclusive paper collections and many of our limited-time special offers.

All of our workshops come with cutting guides and step-by-step instructions on how to create gorgeous scrapbook pages and cards while also maximizing paper usage, allowing you to create even more amazing artwork.  

Our workshops also include options to learn new techniques that can be applied to projects far beyond those included in the workshop.

Another standout element of our workshops is the level of versatility they offer when it comes to incorporating various paper collections and color palettes. A prime example of this principle in action can be found in our Workshop Wow: Love Story special. The workshops in this special are all designed with the papers, stickers, and stamps our Love Story collection, which is available in three different color combinations—Black, Mink, and Toffee.

  • One-stop Workshops #scrapbooking #cardmaking #cards #CloseToMyHeart #ctmh #lovestory #ctmhworkshopwow #workshops #crafting #diy

The Love Story workshops are designed to facilitate easy creation with any one of these three color options! While the embellishments and paper designs vary between the three color options, the instructions provide artwork examples that demonstrate how to use each collection effectively, helping your artwork shine.

With a little out-of-the-box thinking, you can even apply the workshop designs and patterns to different paper collections entirely, giving your artwork a completely different look with more ease in its creation. This opens the door for you to infuse your creations with your own personality so you can leave your own mark on your artwork!

When you use the scrapbooking and cardmaking workshops we design for each of our paper collections and many of our specials, it’s easy to create beautiful pages and cards, regardless of whether you’re an experienced crafter or you’re just starting out on your crafting journey. With so many accessible options, there’s truly something for everyone! Leave a comment below and tell us what you love about Close To My Heart workshops!

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2 thoughts on “One-stop Workshops for All Your Crafting Needs!

  1. I love the workshops because they help give me a jumpstart when I need inspiration. Once I have done a workshop I feel like I am on a roll and I feel really creative and succssful in getting my projects done, whether it is getting photos in to albums or building a card stash for myself or to share.

  2. I absolutely LOVE the card and scrapbook workshops. Not only are the instructions detailed and accurate, there is always a technique that is taught. I now have cards for every occasion and I’m getting photos scrapped that have collected dust for years. Thank you Close to my Heart for the easy to use workshops, phenomenal product that coordinates easily, and the inspiration to create!

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