A Gnome for All Seasons

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Just like there’s a gnome for every home, we’ve got a Gnome for All Seasons!

That’s right! These universally cute, peculiar little creatures, with their whimsical and endearing qualities, are trend setters with a lot of staying power, and we have invited them into our scrapbooks and cards!

Popular since the late 18th century, gnomes have been making their way into our gardens and crops, delivering good luck and providing protection against unwanted thieves and pests (or so the folklore goes 😉).

In line with the modern farmhouse trend and Scandi movement in décor design, gnomes continue to appeal to all of us, so much so that they have moved out of our gardens and into our homes—onto bookshelves, mantles, counters and tabletops, hallways, staircases, the occasional Christmas tree, and so much more! (Let us know in the comments below where your gnomes hang out in your home!)

Today, we are delighted to share with you our new Gnomes for All Seasons—Autumn paper collection!

Just a few weeks before the beginning of every new season (autumn, winter, spring, and summer), we will release a new Gnome for All Seasons collection that correlates with the upcoming seasonal period!

Our first set of products are themed for autumn and are available now and through September 30. The Gnomes for Autumn collection includes a paper packet and sticker sheet, a set of coordinating cardstock sheets for effortless color matching, a stamp set designed specifically for cardmaking, a stamp set with coordinating dies for scrapbooking, a standalone set of dies to cut the layers of a mysterious little gnomess (a female gnome!), and a set of adhesive-backed autumn cork shapes.  

We are absolutely captivated by these small pop culture icons but understand that perhaps not everyone feels the same about them.

If you look closely at our designs, you’ll notice that the gnomes are only found on one side of the six paper design options, in just two of the stickers on the 12″ x 12″ sticker sheet, and in the Gnomes for Autumn Thin Cuts set of dies. What remains outside of these exceptions, are beautiful, coordinating seasonal products. Even if you don’t like gnomes (why wouldn’t you??–no judgment), you can still enjoy these gorgeous products in your scrapbooking and cardmaking projects.

The cardmaking and scrapbooking workshops available, also feature gnomes in their designs. If you would rather not, simply flip the gnome themed paper over to the autumnal side, without any gnomes, and use that in your artwork.

A Gnome for All Seasons #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhgnomesforautumn #ctmhagnomeforallseasons #gnomecards #gnomescrapbooking #gnomelayouts #gnomepapercrafting #gnomes #autumngnomes #fallgnomes

The Gnomes for Autumn scrapbooking workshop kit comes with materials to make three 12″ x 12″ two-page layouts and one single-page layout.

Use the materials in the Gnomes for Autumn cardmaking workshop kit to make 16 cards, two each of eight designs!

If you love this collection as much as we do, remember to check back early, before the start of every season! The Gnomes for Autumn is just the beginning of a four-season collection. We will be doing a winter, spring, and summer gnome collection, too, each with a similar product offering, where gnome motifs will be sprinkled throughout but will not overwhelm the seasonal designs.

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  1. I have at least one gnome in every room in my home all year long. They “hang” around, sit around, they are on my clothes, mugs, insulated cups, floor mats, etc. My craft room is full of gnomes. At Christmas, I bring them all out so that everyone can enjoy them as much as I do!! I fell in love with gnomes because of CTMH.

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