Deck the Halls with DIY Ornaments!

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Make your holiday celebrations extra festive with the Deck the Halls ornaments! These beautiful ornaments come in three wooden styles and in six different coordinating die cut paper materials, offering the ultimate flexibility for creating your own custom decorations just in time for Christmas!

The flourish and star style set options, each come with the materials to assemble four 3¼” round baubles, and the teardrop stripe set options each assemble six 2″ x 4½” ornaments. Like Monica shows in the video above, each set includes three layers: a solid base, a design layer, and a topper piece that fits on the top of the base and design pieces.

Deck the Halls #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhdeckthehalls #diyornaments #paperornaments #woodornaments #woodenornaments #christmascraft #christmascrafting #diychristmas #diychristmasdecor

Below we’ve listed the vast variety of purchase options available in each style of ornament. (For a closer look, make sure to click on your favorites and you’ll be shown the product up close on our website.)

Wood Stripe Ornaments
Black Paperboard Stripe Ornaments
Scarlet Glitter Paper Stripe Ornaments
Pine Glitter Paper Stripe Ornaments
Silver Glitter Paper Stripe Ornaments
Gold Glitter Paper Stripe Ornaments
Kraft Paper Stripe Ornaments

Deck the Halls #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhdeckthehalls #diyornaments #paperornaments #woodornaments #woodenornaments #christmascraft #christmascrafting #diychristmas #diychristmasdecor

Wood Flourish Ornaments
Black Paperboard Flourish Ornaments
Scarlet Glitter Paper Flourish Ornaments
Pine Glitter Paper Flourish Ornaments
Silver Glitter Paper Flourish Ornaments
Gold Glitter Paper Flourish Ornaments
Kraft Paper Flourish Ornaments

Deck the Halls #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhdeckthehalls #diyornaments #paperornaments #woodornaments #woodenornaments #christmascraft #christmascrafting #diychristmas #diychristmasdecor

Wood Star Ornaments
Black Paperboard Star Ornaments
Scarlet Glitter Paper Star Ornaments
Pine Glitter Paper Star Ornaments
Silver Glitter Paper Star Ornaments
Gold Glitter Paper Star Ornaments
Kraft Paper Star Ornaments

Deck the Halls #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhdeckthehalls #diyornaments #paperornaments #woodornaments #woodenornaments #christmascraft #christmascrafting #diychristmas #diychristmasdecor

Get creative as you mix and match materials to make a stunning collection of custom ornaments for yourself or to give as a gift. These are also a fun project to work on with a group of people, so share the holiday spirit with a few friends or family members, and craft together if you can!

When you take a good look at our pictured ornaments, you’ll see that we added more variety to some of the wood pieces by sponging them with Acorn ink, giving them a darker, stained wood look.

You can easily make many unique ornaments with only a few different coordinating ornament sets. When you consider that each set ALSO includes an SVG file to cut coordinating shapes out of any paper material, the options become truly limitless! The digital file provides the option to cut more base and design layers out of your favorite patterned papers, cardstock, irresistible cardstock, glitter papers, holographic papers, and other specialty papers.

These beautiful ornaments will look great in their traditional use as décor on a Christmas tree, but they also make wonderful tags! Add a little message on the back of the solid bases and attach them to your cards, gifts, and so much more. String several of these together and make a festive garland, even, using paper designs that coordinate with your holiday décor and style.

We’d love to see how creative you get with making and displaying these ornaments. Join in the fun by creating a set of your own and sharing a photo of them on social media, using the hashtag #ctmhdeckthehalls.

Psst! A Gnomes for Winter Giveaway!

Gnomes for Winter #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhgnomesforwinter #gnomesforwinter #wintergnomes #winterscrapbooking #winterscrapbook #wintercardmaking #wintercards #giveaway #free

Delivering on our promise of having A Gnome for All Seasons, we are excited to share our newest collection—Gnomes for Winter!

A few months back, we introduced the four-season paper collection series, A Gnome for All Seasons, beginning with the Gnomes for Autumn collection. We indicated that just weeks before every new season we would release a new gnome paper collection correlating with the upcoming seasonal period. Here we are, gearing up for winter with these mystical little creatures!

Much like its autumn-themed predecessor, the winter-themed patterned papers and sticker sheet are mainly that, seasonally themed. We love our gnomes but also understand that too much of a good thing can be overwhelming. If you look closely at the patterned papers and the sticker sheet, you will find that only one of the six 12″ x 12″ paper designs is sprinkled with gnomes, and there are only two gnome stickers on the coordinating 12″ x 12″ sticker sheet. So, even if you’re not into gnomes as much as we are, you can very much enjoy this beautiful collection of products in your scrapbooking and cardmaking projects!

Pair the patterned papers and sticker sheet with a set of coordinating, two-toned cardstock, for effortless color matching; a stamp set designed specifically for cardmaking, with sentiments for both inside and outside your cards; a stamp set with coordinating dies designed for scrapbooking, including large, themed titles; and a set of white acrylic snowflakes to complete the look!

For our friends who would like to add more gnomes to the mix, we have a set of Gnomes for Winter Thin Cuts dies that will cut the paper shapes necessary to assemble a 4½” gnome, enjoying himself in a pair of ice-skates!

This whimsical, fun-loving gnome has made his way onto the pages of our Gnomes for Winter scrapbooking workshop layouts!

Gnomes for Winter #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhgnomesforwinter #gnomesforwinter #wintergnomes #winterscrapbooking #winterscrapbook #wintercardmaking #wintercards #giveaway #free
Gnomes for Winter #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhgnomesforwinter #gnomesforwinter #wintergnomes #winterscrapbooking #winterscrapbook #wintercardmaking #wintercards #giveaway #free

The Gnomes for Winter scrapbooking workshop kit comes with materials to make three 12″ x 12″ two-page layouts. We have two kit options, one including the ice-skating gnome dies and the scrapbooking stamp and dies set and another without these. For a less gnome-themed set of layouts, you can easily follow the instructional guide and skip the part where it says to die cut and add the gnomes. Also, our patterned papers are double-sided. That means that where the gnome-themed paper is used on a page, you can flip those pieces over to use the design on the back instead.

Gnomes for Winter #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhgnomesforwinter #gnomesforwinter #wintergnomes #winterscrapbooking #winterscrapbook #wintercardmaking #wintercards #giveaway #free

Naturally, we also have a Gnomes for Winter cardmaking workshop! The kit for this workshop comes with materials to make 16 cards, two each of eight designs!

You’ll notice that the gnomes are not very visible in these cards. Just like we suggested for the scrapbooking workshop layouts, flip some of the paper pieces over! (Or even swap them if you’d like!) The guide is exactly that, a guide. Make the cardmaking and scrapbooking workshops your own with paper choices and embellishments that work for you, showing less or more of the winter-themed gnomes.

We want everyone to have a chance at enjoying creating with this collection, so we are giving away 10 FREE Gnomes for Winter paper packets and sticker sheets, here on the blog! PLUS, so you can really get into the gnome theme without skipping a season, we will also include a FREE Gnomes for Autumn paper packet plus sticker sheet with every winner! That means that TEN lucky readers will get two paper packets and sticker sheets, one each from the winter and autumn gnome collections!

For an entry into this contest, there are two requirements: first, you must be subscribed to this blog. (It’s an easy step that often gets overlooked, so make sure that you are actually subscribed because we do check!) Second, share this blog post on Facebook with the hashtag #ctmhgnomesforwinter. That’s it! You have from now until 3 pm (MT) on November 22 (7 am AEST on 23 November). The winner will be notified via email after the contest is closed.

Good luck!

A New Catalog with Silver Bells and a Thoughtful Holly Stencil

New Close To My Heart Catalog #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhsilverbells #ctmhthoughtfulholly #christmascards #diychristmascards #christmasstamps #christmasstencils #christmasscrabook #christmasscrapbooking #diyholidaycards #holidayscrapbooking

The coming cold months paired with the upcoming family-focused holiday season is a perfect recipe for heightened efforts on crafting! It’s one of the most wonderful times of year for making and preserving memories with those we love.

As of today, there’s a whole new catalog available on our website, full of new patterned papers, stamp sets, Thin Cuts dies, stencils, and so much more, to keep our hands happily engaged as we keep warm indoors. (Make sure to check it out and stock up on your favorites!)

New Close To My Heart Catalog #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhsilverbells #ctmhthoughtfulholly #christmascards #diychristmascards #christmasstamps #christmasstencils #christmasscrabook #christmasscrapbooking #diyholidaycards #holidayscrapbooking

Silver Bells is one of the new, holiday themed paper collections available in the November–December catalog. Its timeless designs and neutral tones, including silver and gold foil accents on the coordinating 12″ x 12″ sticker sheet, are a must-have for an elegant spin on holiday classics.

New Close To My Heart Catalog #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhsilverbells #ctmhthoughtfulholly #christmascards #diychristmascards #christmasstamps #christmasstencils #christmasscrabook #christmasscrapbooking #diyholidaycards #holidayscrapbooking

Use the beautiful, patterned papers with intricate sticker accents and sentiments to create gorgeous scrapbook pages and cards, worthy of your holiday stories and loved ones.

Take things up a crafty notch by adding stamped accents and sentiments to the mix with stamp and die sets designed specifically for scrapbooking and cardmaking.

The Silver Bells—Scrapbooking Stamp + Thin Cuts comes complete with titles, like “A December to Remember,” “Holiday Memories,” and “’Tis the Season,” as well as a beautiful ribbon bow and holly leaf branch.

The cardmaking stamp and dies set comes with several detailed ornament stamps and coordinating dies, in addition to a set of holiday bells and four classic holiday greetings: “Happy Holidays,” “Season’s Greetings,” “Wishing You Joy,” and “Warmest Wishes.”

As you continue to turn the pages in the new catalog, you’ll discover even more notable holiday-themed patterned papers, stamps sets, and products. One bundle of coordinating products that is sure to catch your attention is the gorgeous Thoughtful Holly Stamp + Thin Cuts + Stencils set!

New Close To My Heart Catalog #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhsilverbells #ctmhthoughtfulholly #christmascards #diychristmascards #christmasstamps #christmasstencils #christmasscrabook #christmasscrapbooking #diyholidaycards #holidayscrapbooking #happyholidays #hellofriend

These coordinating products were designed to create beautiful cards with minimal effort!

First, stamp the outline of the holly bouquet image, and then use the four stencils to selectively color the different sections of the intricate stamp with a blending brush and your choice of ink. Finally, if you didn’t stamp directly onto your project and are creating a dimensional accent, cut out the outline of the stamp with the coordinating die.

What’s especially great about so many of our products is that they work really well together, even if they are not all part of the same collection.

New Close To My Heart Catalog #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhsilverbells #ctmhthoughtfulholly #christmascards #diychristmascards #christmasstamps #christmasstencils #christmasscrabook #christmasscrapbooking #diyholidaycards #holidayscrapbooking

Pairing the neutral themed patterned papers from the Silver Bells collection, for example, with a bright colored holly bouquet created using the Thoughtful Holly stamp, stencils, and die, results in a stunning card!

There are so many exciting new products in the November–December catalog that just became available today, so make sure to flip through its pages on our website, or simply look through the What’s New menu. Stay warm, keep those hands busy, and create something beautiful for the upcoming season! Happy shopping!

New Close To My Heart Catalog #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhsilverbells #ctmhthoughtfulholly #christmascards #diychristmascards #christmasstamps #christmasstencils #christmasscrabook #christmasscrapbooking #diyholidaycards #holidayscrapbooking

The Easiest Christmas Cards You’ll Make This Year and a Sneak Peek for November!

Easiest DIY Christmas Cards #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhjoyoftheseason #cutabove #cardmakingkit #diycards #diyChristmascards #Christmascards #christmascardkit

That’s right, we’re prepping for Christmas! With how busy our holiday crafting schedules can get every year; we could all use a head start! We’re kicking off this year’s Christmas season making cards with the Joy of the Season kit. The best part—the cards we’re making come together so quickly that you could probably assemble all 20 from one kit in less than an hour!

The Joy of the Season card kit is part of our Cut Above® program, which means it comes with everything you need to make 20 polished handmade cards, 10 each of two designs, in no time!

Along with the pre-printed card bases, die-cuts, and envelopes, included with each kit is an easy-to-follow instructional/inspirational guide. As Monica illustrated in the video above, these cards are very simple to assemble. Once you start putting together one, the rest will come together intuitively.

After you’re through assembling the card fronts just the way you like them, choose a perfect sentiment from the Joy of the Season stamp set to add to the insides.

Easiest DIY Christmas Cards #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhjoyoftheseason #cutabove #cardmakingkit #diycards #diyChristmascards #Christmascards #christmascardkit

Both, the stamp set and card kit, are available for purchase on their own or together. Whatever your holiday card needs this Christmas season are, we’ve got you covered!

If you’re a busy experienced card maker or someone who’s been hesitant to give cardmaking a try, the Joy of the Season cards are especially wonderful because, with just a small amount of effort, you can create stunning cards quickly and with ease. That’s the purpose of a Cut Above experience!

Cut Above kits aren’t just for card makers. For our scrappers (we haven’t forgotten about you!), we’ve got a sneak peek of a Christmas themed Cut Above layout kit coming out in our November–December catalog that is to swoon for!

Easiest DIY Christmas Cards #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhjoyoftheseason #cutabove #cardmakingkit #diycards #diyChristmascards #Christmascards #christmascardkit
Easiest DIY Christmas Cards #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhjoyoftheseason #cutabove #cardmakingkit #diycards #diyChristmascards #Christmascards #christmascardkit

Just like their card kit counterparts, the scrapbooking Cut Above kits come with all the necessary pieces to skip right to the assembly portion of the craft! All you need to add to the mix is your favorite adhesive.

The Cut Above layout kit being released on the first of November includes pre-printed base pages and die-cuts, stickers, pre-cut paper pieces, photo placeholders, and printed instructions that come together to create two coordinating 12″ x 12″ two-page layouts.

Easiest DIY Christmas Cards #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhjoyoftheseason #cutabove #cardmakingkit #diycards #diyChristmascards #Christmascards #christmascardkit

Not only is this layout kit perfect for scrapbooking your holiday memories, but it makes a great Christmas gift, as well! Gift it assembled, with or without photos, or unassembled, inviting someone to participate in the art of memory keeping.

Cut Above is the perfect solution for those who enjoy the art of cardmaking and scrapbooking but are also looking for a quicker alternative. Even if you’re a die-hard decorative card maker or scrapper who loves to spend hours on a project, Cut Above kits are great for celebrating relationships and for catching up on documenting your stories without sacrificing quality. The Cut Above experience is a win-win!

If you love the idea of these Cut Above kits, just take a look at some of the other kits available in this same style on our website.

Look like an Expert with These Coloring Techniques!

For National Stamping Month, we’re sharing a stamping technique that will have you looking like you can draw and paint like a pro! The best part—it’s incredibly simple!

Coloring Techniques #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhthegoodlife #cardmaking #coloringtechnique #colouringtechnique #cardmakingtechnique #stampingtechnique #nationalstampingmonth #watercolor #watercolour #coloredpencils #colouredpencils #watercolortechnique #watercolourtechnique

To start things off, you will need a detailed stamp. Look for one with elements that you would enjoy coloring in.

For our illustrations today, we are using the cardmaking stamp set from The Good Life paper collection. This stamp set includes a large stamp of a calm brook and a wide selection of beautiful sentiments suitable for a variety of occasions.

Coloring Techniques #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhthegoodlife #cardmaking #coloringtechnique #colouringtechnique #cardmakingtech #watercolortechnique #watercolourtechniquenique #stampingtechnique #nationalstampingmonth #watercolor #watercolour #coloredpencils #colouredpencils

Once you’ve got your chosen stamp, grab your watercolor paints and colored pencils, and pair these with the Linen Exclusive Inks™ stamp pad.

So, here it is.

Coloring Techniques #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhthegoodlife #cardmaking #coloringtechnique #colouringtechnique #cardmakingtechnique #stampingtechnique #nationalstampingmonth #watercolor #watercolour #coloredpencils #colouredpencils #watercolortechnique #watercolourtechnique

With Linen ink, stamp the image that you want to color and then use the light lines as a guide for applying the color, filling in shapes and tracing lines as you go. When you’re done, it will look like you freehanded the design rather than stamped it!

Coloring Techniques #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhthegoodlife #cardmaking #coloringtechnique #colouringtechnique #cardmakingtechnique #stampingtechnique #nationalstampingmonth #watercolor #watercolour #coloredpencils #colouredpencils #watercolortechnique #watercolourtechnique

This technique works well with most media—watercolor and colored pencils are two of our favorites.

Most of our inks are water-based, and that means that they can smear if they are colored over with watercolor. If you choose to watercolor an image stamped in Linen, make sure to give the ink ample time to dry. Even still, the ink may run a bit as you paint and, in this case, that is okay! Linen is such a light color, especially when applied on white, that it will hardly be noticeable, if at all.

This image of a brook we are using, from The Good Life–Cardmaking stamp set, works especially well for this stamping and coloring technique because it was designed to look like it was hand drawn, even when stamped in a darker color.

Coloring Techniques #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhthegoodlife #cardmaking #coloringtechnique #colouringtechnique #cardmakingtechnique #stampingtechnique #nationalstampingmonth #watercolor #watercolour #coloredpencils #colouredpencils #watercolortechnique #watercolourtechnique

Here it is watercolored again, but this time stamped in Intense Black.

The Intense Black stamp pad is intense not because of its color but because it is a non-smearing, fast-drying, solvent-based permanent ink. It’s waterproof qualities make it ideal for watercolor (and alcohol markers!).

We asked our Creative Arts Manager, Karen Pedersen, to share with us a few tips on how to apply watercolor once we’re ready for this step in our technique.

Have you ever tried this stamping and coloring technique before? What did you think? Let us know, in the comments below!

Cards that Say It with Style!

Say It with Style #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhsayitwithstyle #sayitwithstyle #ctmnnationalstampingmonth #nationalstampingmonth #cardmaking #cardsentiments #cardstencils #stencils #cardfront #slimline #cardmakingworkshop

Somehow it’s already September, but we don’t mind one bit because stamping is in the air! It is officially National Stamping Month, and we are celebrating in style with brand new coordinating stamp sets, Thin Cuts, stencils, and more!

Let’s take a closer look at all the exciting things Close To My Heart President, Monica Wihongi shared on our Facebook page a few days ago.

In our Say It With Style special, there are four stamp sets with coordinating dies that cut the shapes you see outlined in blue.

Each of these stamp sets is available on their own or paired with their coordinating Thin Cuts.

For additional flair, we have two new sets of card front stencils, designed for both standard and slimline size cards!

These were hard to see in the video because they are made of a clear, plastic material. Here, we are showing you a digital grey rendition, instead, so you can really get the detail that each of these stencils has to offer.

The striped stencils are designed so that you can flip them and cross the patterns as you stencil to create a plaid. The quartered circles stencil pairs of each size are intended to line up with each other and complete the patterns when they are used together.

At the crest of our Say It with Style special are four cardmaking workshops, complete with downloadable cutting guides and instructions, that put all these wonderful new products to use!

Say It with Style #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhsayitwithstyle #sayitwithstyle #ctmnnationalstampingmonth #nationalstampingmonth #cardmaking #cardsentiments #cardstencils #stencils #cardfront #slimline #cardmakingworkshop #yougogirl
Say It with Style #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhsayitwithstyle #sayitwithstyle #ctmnnationalstampingmonth #nationalstampingmonth #cardmaking #cardsentiments #cardstencils #stencils #cardfront #slimline #cardmakingworkshop #sendingyouahug

Each of the workshop kits comes with the materials to make 16 cards, four cards of four designs, including one of the Say It with Style stamp sets with their coordinating dies, around a dozen cardstock sheets, card bases and envelopes, and a set of embellishments (either die-cuts or acrylic shapes) just right to complete each look. That is 64 cards, ready to deliver your messages in style!

Say It with Style #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhsayitwithstyle #sayitwithstyle #ctmnnationalstampingmonth #nationalstampingmonth #cardmaking #cardsentiments #cardstencils #stencils #cardfront #slimline #cardmakingworkshop #allthebestwishes
Say It with Style #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhsayitwithstyle #sayitwithstyle #ctmnnationalstampingmonth #nationalstampingmonth #cardmaking #cardsentiments #cardstencils #stencils #cardfront #slimline #cardmakingworkshop #itsyourbirthday

Additionally, the workshop guides will walk you, step-by-step, through how to use the plaid and quadrant stencils to create the background patterns on each of the cards.

The kits available for each of the workshops are available for purchase with or without the stencils, each at 20% off their retail value. Once you own the stencils, you won’t need to purchase them again for use in another workshop. They are made of a sturdy, see-through plastic material that can be used time and time again.

And, if you’d like to purchase all four workshop kits, there is an all-inclusive bundle that is even more discounted, at 30% off the retail value!

We love the chance to celebrate stamping month with anyone who would like to join in, so we are hosting a two-day event where we will be creating the artwork from these workshops live on our Facebook page!

Join us on October 6 at 2 p.m. MDT and on October 7 at 11 a.m. MDT and learn how to use the stencils, get all of the cutting done for all four workshops, and assemble as many of the cards as we can get to!

Like Monica said, you don’t even have to buy the bundles to watch (but why wouldn’t you want to?). Join us on our Facebook page, here, to see how we use all these great products and let’s enjoy some crafting time together!

Cozy Up with Autumn-Inspired Sponging Techniques

Ink Sponging Techniques #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhcozyup #sponging techniques #cardtechniques #inksponging #autumncards #fallcards #autumngreetings

Our aptly named Cozy Up paper collection captures the familiar fondness autumn brings, including those warm, comforting colors and themes that draw us in.

Today we will be focusing on the Cozy Up cardmaking workshop and a few sponging techniques, inspired by the changing colors in the natural world around us. Be sure to visit our website, however, to see all that the Cozy Up collection has to offer. From patterned papers and cardstock to stamps, dies, svg files, and more! This comfy and intimate collection of papercrafting products is one that you will want to bundle your relationships and memories in, whether it’s through cardmaking, scrapbooking, or any other papercrafting project. So, get cozy, and take a look!

Ink Sponging Techniques #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhcozyup #sponging techniques #cardtechniques #inksponging #autumncards #fallcards #autumngreetings #autumncrafts #fallcrafts

The cards made from the Cozy Up cardmaking workshop are absolutely stunning! Even though it’s not quite autumn yet, as creators and artists, we crave to witness and get inspired by these transitional months—and we certainly were! By applying a few ink sponging techniques, we were able to mimic the changing leaf colors we love.

Ink Sponging Techniques #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhcozyup #sponging techniques #cardtechniques #inksponging #autumncards #fallcards #autumngreetings #autumncrafts #fallcrafts

Believe it or not, the leaves in both cards started out white! Using the coordinating set of stamps and dies only available through the workshop kit, we first die cut the shapes out of White Daisy cardstock, then stamped the leafy details with Mocha ink, and finished by sponging on Honey Butter, Paprika, and Rosemary inks.

To achieve the multicolored leaves, we applied one ink color at a time, using the round edge of a wedge cut out from a sponge, overlapping the colors where they meet. This is a technique that really can’t be messed up, and the results are very rewarding!

We used the same sponging technique in this next card.

Ink Sponging Techniques #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhcozyup #sponging techniques #cardtechniques #inksponging #autumncards #fallcards #autumngreetings #autumncrafts #fallcrafts

You’ll notice that we skipped the stamping in one of the leaves on this card and drew stems in with a white gel pen.

Making this one leaf different and then placing it along the bottom, with the others stacked on top with foam tape, adds a different layer of dimension. This time, it’s a visual dimensional effect. This bottom leaf, because it lacks the same level of detail as the ones raised above it, gives the illusion that it must be further away.

The fourth card from the Cozy Up cardmaking workshop is a tall, slimline card.

Ink Sponging Techniques #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhcozyup #sponging techniques #cardtechniques #inksponging #autumncards #fallcards #autumngreetings #autumncrafts #fallcrafts

Not only did we sponge the leaves, as you’ve seen us do in the other cards from this workshop, but we did so while simultaneously creating the beautiful background!

Our Creative Arts Manager, Karen Pederson, shows us in the video below exactly how to create this look!

Cozy up with this warm and familiar cardmaking workshop and its paper collection, full of autumnal aesthetic favorites, while supplies last!

For additional details on the Cozy Up cardmaking workshop, download the free guide, below!

Cozy Up Cardmaking Workshop
Cozy Up Cardmaking Workshop (for AU/NZ)

A Gnome for All Seasons

A Gnome for All Seasons #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhgnomesforautumn #ctmhagnomeforallseasons #gnomecards #gnomescrapbooking #gnomelayouts #gnomepapercrafting #gnomes #autumngnomes #fallgnomes

Just like there’s a gnome for every home, we’ve got a Gnome for All Seasons!

That’s right! These universally cute, peculiar little creatures, with their whimsical and endearing qualities, are trend setters with a lot of staying power, and we have invited them into our scrapbooks and cards!

Popular since the late 18th century, gnomes have been making their way into our gardens and crops, delivering good luck and providing protection against unwanted thieves and pests (or so the folklore goes 😉).

In line with the modern farmhouse trend and Scandi movement in décor design, gnomes continue to appeal to all of us, so much so that they have moved out of our gardens and into our homes—onto bookshelves, mantles, counters and tabletops, hallways, staircases, the occasional Christmas tree, and so much more! (Let us know in the comments below where your gnomes hang out in your home!)

Today, we are delighted to share with you our new Gnomes for All Seasons—Autumn paper collection!

Just a few weeks before the beginning of every new season (autumn, winter, spring, and summer), we will release a new Gnome for All Seasons collection that correlates with the upcoming seasonal period!

Our first set of products are themed for autumn and are available now and through September 30. The Gnomes for Autumn collection includes a paper packet and sticker sheet, a set of coordinating cardstock sheets for effortless color matching, a stamp set designed specifically for cardmaking, a stamp set with coordinating dies for scrapbooking, a standalone set of dies to cut the layers of a mysterious little gnomess (a female gnome!), and a set of adhesive-backed autumn cork shapes.  

We are absolutely captivated by these small pop culture icons but understand that perhaps not everyone feels the same about them.

If you look closely at our designs, you’ll notice that the gnomes are only found on one side of the six paper design options, in just two of the stickers on the 12″ x 12″ sticker sheet, and in the Gnomes for Autumn Thin Cuts set of dies. What remains outside of these exceptions, are beautiful, coordinating seasonal products. Even if you don’t like gnomes (why wouldn’t you??–no judgment), you can still enjoy these gorgeous products in your scrapbooking and cardmaking projects.

The cardmaking and scrapbooking workshops available, also feature gnomes in their designs. If you would rather not, simply flip the gnome themed paper over to the autumnal side, without any gnomes, and use that in your artwork.

A Gnome for All Seasons #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhgnomesforautumn #ctmhagnomeforallseasons #gnomecards #gnomescrapbooking #gnomelayouts #gnomepapercrafting #gnomes #autumngnomes #fallgnomes

The Gnomes for Autumn scrapbooking workshop kit comes with materials to make three 12″ x 12″ two-page layouts and one single-page layout.

Use the materials in the Gnomes for Autumn cardmaking workshop kit to make 16 cards, two each of eight designs!

If you love this collection as much as we do, remember to check back early, before the start of every season! The Gnomes for Autumn is just the beginning of a four-season collection. We will be doing a winter, spring, and summer gnome collection, too, each with a similar product offering, where gnome motifs will be sprinkled throughout but will not overwhelm the seasonal designs.

Scrapbooking Your Seaside Summer Holidays

Scrapbooking Time By the Beach #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhcapecod #scrapbooking #dayatthebeach #beachdayscrapbooking #vacationscrapbooking #beachscrapbooking #seasidescrapbooking

If you’re leaving your heart in the sand this summer, we want to help you bring it home! Scrapbook all of your favorite moments from your endless days at the beach with the coastal themed Cape Cod paper collection.

Scrapbooking Time By the Beach #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhcapecod #scrapbooking #dayatthebeach #beachdayscrapbooking #vacationscrapbooking #beachscrapbooking #seasidescrapbooking

Summer is officially on, and with it come days packed full of memories in the making. A refreshing trip to the beach tends to be a common theme for these hot months. Whether it’s by an ocean in your back yard or a planned trip to a paradisical location far away, so many of us long for the renewing feeling of the sand hugging our toes while our noses get kissed by the sun.

The Cape Cod paper collection will give your best beach trip photos a beautiful home, where you can return to the sea, time and time again, any time of year.

Scrapbooking Time By the Beach #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhcapecod #scrapbooking #dayatthebeach #beachdayscrapbooking #vacationscrapbooking #beachscrapbooking #seasidescrapbooking

The beautiful coastal style of beachy materials in the Cape Cod patterned papers, stickers, stamp sets, and embellishments designs communicate the same relaxed feeling you find at the ocean.

The patterned papers and sticker sheet are each 12″ x 12″. Complete with sand, driftwood, palm trees, and turquoise blues, these coastal designs are part of a classic trend that never goes out of style. Even if you don’t make it to the ocean this summer, snatch up the Cape Cod collection while it’s available, now and through the end of August.

Scrapbooking Time By the Beach #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhcapecod #scrapbooking #dayatthebeach #beachdayscrapbooking #vacationscrapbooking #beachscrapbooking #seasidescrapbooking

The Cape Cod–Scrapbooking stamp set plus Thin Cuts are a hot commodity right now and are going fast! Everyone is just loving on the cute seahorse and crab and their coordinating dies that make it that much easier to cut their shapes out!

Scrapbooking Time By the Beach #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhcapecod #scrapbooking #dayatthebeach #beachdayscrapbooking #vacationscrapbooking #beachscrapbooking #seasidescrapbooking

No scrapbooking layout is complete without a few embellishments! The Cape Cod embellishments are made up of light blue acrylic shapes and coordinating kraft and white paperboard die-cuts. These on-point themed acrylic shapes and die-cuts are ideal for creating one-of-a-kind coastal scrapbook pages. You can use them as they come or customize them as needed. For example, we sponged a bit of ink on a white starfish die-cut, colored a palm tree with markers, and drew lines on the wings of a few seagulls with a white gel pen.

Several of these same natural seaside elements are found in the downloadable Cape Cod svg digital art collection, where you are free to cut them in any size and out of any paper design or color that you prefer, allowing for even further customization.

Scrapbooking Time By the Beach #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhcapecod #scrapbooking #dayatthebeach #beachdayscrapbooking #vacationscrapbooking #beachscrapbooking #seasidescrapbooking

SVG images are digital images that are resolution independent and infinitely scalable. That means that you can resize them to any scale (large or small) and they will look clear and crisp every time. Once you save them to your device, access these images with your choice of design software. If you have a Cricut® cutting machine, you can access these files on Cricut Design Space™ and manipulate them there before cutting them out.

Use any of the svg images from the Cape Cod digital art collection to create or add onto your beach themed scrapbook pages or simply use the two-page layout we designed for you! Because it comes as an svg file, like explained above, you can make these pages as large or small as you’d like. When we designed the layout, we had the standard 12″ x 12″ in mind but, if you’d prefer a smaller layout, like a 6″ x 6″ for example, you can scale it down and adjust the photo count and sizes as needed.  

Scrapbooking Time By the Beach #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhcapecod #scrapbooking #dayatthebeach #beachdayscrapbooking #vacationscrapbooking #beachscrapbooking #seasidescrapbooking

If you prefer a bit more guidance for scrapbooking your days in the sun, we’ve got you covered with the Cape Cod scrapbooking workshop! Pair the materials in the Cape Cod scrapbooking workshop kit with a few additional supplies (listed on our webpage and on the included guide) and create three coordinating 12″ x 12″ two-page layouts!

Scrapbooking Time By the Beach #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhcapecod #scrapbooking #dayatthebeach #beachdayscrapbooking #vacationscrapbooking #beachscrapbooking #seasidescrapbooking
Scrapbooking Time By the Beach #closetomyheart #ctmh #ctmhcapecod #scrapbooking #dayatthebeach #beachdayscrapbooking #vacationscrapbooking #beachscrapbooking #seasidescrapbooking

The featured technique in this workshop is embellishing with white gloss spray. As you can see in the layouts above, the white gloss spray can create a water-weathered-like effect on the woodgrain patterned paper or emulate the white foam of a crashing wave.

The beach is a popular summertime destination. Whichever route you choose, bring and keep your memories from the beach home with the beautiful Cape Cod paper collection. Time wasted at the beach is time well spent, especially when you can be brought back through a well-kept scrapbook layout!