11 Must-Have Crafting Supplies for your Wishlist

CTMH Picture My Life™ Overlays

It’s finally September 1, and you know what that means—our brand new Close To My Heart Annual Inspirations and Holiday Expressions idea books are now available to the public!

Holiday Expressions and Annual InspirationsWe’re elated to finally be able to brag about all the gems featured in these beauties! 🙂 Even though it was VERY difficult for us to narrow this down, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create a list of 11 love-it, gotta-have-it crafting supplies from our new idea books. Here we go!

1. Instalife™

CTMH Instalife™

This brand new product line is perfect for preserving your favorite social media memories or really any miniature keepsakes. We find the petite size of this line adorable! Add Instalife cards to the Memory Protectors™ for an extra pop of color next to your photos, or stamp on cute dates and messages using our Instalife roller stamps. This line is extremely versatile, letting you create an album that’s just right for you!

2. Watercolor Paints

Add a splash of color to any project with our brand new watercolor paints! From creating showstopper backgrounds to embellishing with a little splatter of paint, these watercolor paints are one of our most multipurpose tools

3. Fundamental Stickers Packs and Assortments

Every crafter knows how nice it is to have items that color coordinate. Our Paper Fundamentals match our exclusive colors perfectly to make paper pairing a cinch. Along with updated colors and patterns, this line now also includes Fundamental Stickers Packs and Assortments! You’ll find color-coordinated tags, icons, and titles, as well as letter stickers you can use for putting things into your own words! Embellishing and accessorizing has never been so easy!

4. Picture My Life™ Overlays

Our Picture My Life™ pocket scrapbooking line makes catching up on scrapbooking quick and easy. In our new Annual Inspirations book, we now have beautiful overlays to add a touch of foil or else an eye-catching pattern to your photos without having to stamp directly onto the photos.

5. My Legacy™ Albums…and new posts!

Creating beautiful layouts for your favorite memories is important, but so is choosing a beautiful album to store those layouts! We love our high quality My Legacy™ albums because they protect our memories in style! Since each album tells a different story, we provide both 1 ½” D-ring albums and 1 ½” post-bound albums in a variety of patterns. For slightly shorter stories, use our brand new My Legacy™ 1″ Album Posts to keep your layouts perfectly nestled between the protective album covers.

6. My Acrylix® Etched Alphabet Stamp SetUnknown-1 copyYou can never go wrong with a monogram, which is why we’ve created the My Acrylix® Etched Alphabet stamp set. It’s the perfect size for adding a monogram to our Base & Bling pendants. Create several monogrammed pendants for an easy go-to gift— because honestly, who wouldn’t want to wear an adorable monogramed bit of bling?

7. Cricut® Artistry Collection

This fella is the newest addition to our set of exclusive Close To My Heart Cricut® collections. Featuring over 700 images ranging from banners and borders to shapes and layers, it’s sure to make your crafting even more awe-worthy. Oh, and did we mention that now ALL of our Cricut® collections include THREE My Acrylix® D-size stamp sets AND a cardstock combo pack? Let the cheers commence! 😉

8. Cut Above™

Don’t you hate it when you remember an occasion last-second and you desperately need a card? Our new Cut Above™ card kits are perfect for these exact situations. Taking only moments to put together, these card kits are absolute lifesavers, as well as easy on your wallet!

9. Marker and Accessory Roll-Ups

We know that crafters tend to collect quite a few items (it’s okay, we do, too 🙂 ). Keep the clutter at bay with our brand new marker and accessory roll-ups! The marker roll-up is designed to hold our ShinHan™ Touch Twin™ markers to make transportation and horizontal storage easy, and our accessory roll-up can organize anything from Base & Bling items to embellishments and accessories.

10. My Reflection™ Paper Packets & Hashtags

As always, new idea books mean new paper packets! And we’ve got 8! This year, we will also be spotlighting one or two paper packets each month on social media. Zoe and Nevermore have already claimed the month of September. 🙂 Use our featured paper packet hashtags to share your artwork during the featured month, and look at other crafters’ artwork by entering these hashtags in the search bar of any social media website or app—especially Facebook and Instagram. All of our featured paper packet hashtags are #ctmh followed by the name of the paper packet: #ctmhzoe #ctmhnevermore.

11. New Consultant Kit*

New Consultant Kit

When someone decides to join our family by becoming a Close To My Heart Consultant, they receive a New Consultant Kit full of goodies to start off their business. Well, this is the NEW New Consultant Kit, and isn’t she a beauty? We want you to inspire you from day one, so we’ve revamped this kit to make it as handsome as it is helpful.

And there you have it, folks! That’s the list! Now come’s the tricky part—figuring out which one of these 11 products you’ll purchase FIRST! Good luck!

To begin shopping, visit your Consultant’s OBA or find a Consultant in your area by visiting our website and clicking on the “What We Do” tab at the top of the page.

*contents may vary

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Safe in the Arms of an Album

Last month, Monica came into my office with her arms full of two Ruby Floral albums filled with Memory Protectors™. Not knowing what those beautiful covers held within, I was intrigued as she set them in front of me. I opened them up and, to my surprise, found pages upon pages of well wishes from and photos of some of my dearest friends. Without me knowing about it, my executive team had started collecting these handwritten notes from Consultants starting back at Convention 2014, then added notes from Close To My Heart employees as well. With the final product ready at last, they presented to me one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever received!

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As I first flipped through the pages, I was speechless. I read every message, memory, and expression of love for hours on end. I adored the many pictures from Convention, complete with so many of your smiling faces! I was overwhelmed as I read the heartfelt messages that so many of you wrote to me, each one beautifully showcased on a Picture My Life™ card and slipped into a pocket Memory Protector™.

I promptly made a place for my new albums on a shelf in my office where I can access them easily throughout the day—and trust me, I’ve opened them almost every day since then! Thank you, my dear friends, for your love. Your words have really touched my heart.

I love my new albums for reasons deeper than just having pretty packages of sweet notes. Because a real friendship lives behind each card, these albums have become the protectors of dear relationships. Your handwritten words are symbols of the great influence you have had in my life, and I’d do anything to preserve them. While I hope that I will never forget them, willpower isn’t enough; I know I’ll eventually need a refresher. We all do! Albums are the guardians I trust to preserve my real, living, breathing relationships.

Once you’ve put your memories to paper, you can feel good about a job well started—but not quite done. Until your pages have a place to call home—a sturdy, attractive, well-balanced album—you haven’t finished the job. Would you ever plan, prepare, and serve an important meal and then leave it out to spoil? Definitely not! You’d immediately make sure it had a home in some hungry tummies, then promptly seal up whatever is left and refrigerate it to enjoy again later. Your memories need the same kind of tender, loving care.

Putting your moments that matter most into one of the new Close To My Heart albums will give you the satisfaction of a job well finished. You can be sure that your memories are safely at home within their sturdy (and incredibly cute) covers. Then all you have left to do is enjoy them for the many years to come!

I know I’ll be enjoying my new albums in exactly this way, and I know you’ll experience the same kind of joy with yours.

All my love,


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Simply Elegant: The Merits of Fundamental Layouts

Catch up on your memory keeping with simple and gorgeous layouts! With the right papers and a few embellishments, you can quickly fill albums with your beautiful memories. Plus, sticking to the fundamentals is a great way to stay on top of your memory keeping.

Traveling Light
All you need to put this layout together is the Wanderful paper packet and a few embellishments, including the Wanderful assortment and Complements. It takes only a few moments to add these lovely extras that bring a glow that will last for years.Another embellishment to add is journaling! It doesn’t cost a thing and it looks great and authentic. Journaling not only helps you remember the little details, but it also preserves your handwriting—a personal and individualized expression of who you are.

Layout Love Potion
One simple trick to make your layouts feel more cohesive is to match the colors of your paper to that of your pictures. On this layout, the pink and blue vibes emanating from both the pictures and the papers make for a beautiful creation that’s hard to take your eyes off of!

To make your photos look more sophisticated, try mounting them on a soft-colored cardstock like the Whisper we used here, which is included in the Heartstrings paper packet. Add some slight distressing to both the photo mounts and the photos themselves for a finished and comfortable look.

Feeling inspired yet? If you need another jolt of motivation, why not pick up a few albums this month so you’ll feel excited to fill them up? Take advantage of the incredible savings with the Album Allure campaign going on throughout the rest of February. It’s one way to invest in the legacy of your life, which is an investment that’s always worth making.

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Picture My Life™: Endless Possibilities

One of the beautiful things about Close To My Heart products is that they mix and mingle in endless ways! You don’t have to get bogged down using products only for their original intent because with just a little creativity, you can take products to a whole new level.

Your Picture My Life™ layouts are a great place to start. Enjoy these fun ideas for blending some of your favorite products together on a single layout!

Mix and Mingle
Combine traditional pages with Picture My Life pages for a layout that’s unique and on trend. Here we’ve combined a variety-filled Picture My Life page with a more traditional title page. Wouldn’t you agree that together they strike a great balance?

Thanks to our exclusive color palette, you don’t have to stick to one paper packet for coordinating layouts. Check out the Sunset Checkers B&T paper from the Scaredy Cat paper packet mixed with the Polka Dot B&T from the Chalk It Up paper packet on the left page. It’s a match made in heaven! Throw in the Hopscotch Picture My Life program on the right page, and you’ve got one big, happy paper family.

Cut sentiments and shapes from Picture My Life cards to overlay on photos. Elements like these create common themes across your photos that will help tie your layout together with an extra touch of visual interest.The mix of dimension, stamping techniques, and Complements on this title is what makes it so visually intriguing. Don’t be afraid to add multiple levels of texture and color—it will definitely pay off!Blending Families
Do you often find yourself with loads of leftover cards from a bunch of different Picture My Life™ programs? If you’re thinking that you’ll just have to toss them into a pile of craft storage, think again!

Cards from different Picture My Life families can be blended together to create unique layouts like this one. Believe it or not, this layout contains cards from six different programs—can you find them all?

Picture My Life layouts come together quickly and have a finished look, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress them up with a few extra details. For example, check out the awesome embossing at the bottom of this card.Stamping sentiments with an alphabet stamp, trimming with scissors, and mounting with 3-D foam tape will add lovely dimension to your Picture My Life layouts. And you can always add an extra splash of cuteness to any Picture My Life card by adding stick-on embellishments, such as the Stuck On You Puffies.Once your totally unique Picture My Life layouts are complete, be sure to give them a nice home in one of our albums. Our new D-ring albums are just the right fit for your Picture My Life layouts, and they’re available for a steal of a deal this month. Make sure you don’t miss the chance to give your mixed, matched, and magnificent layouts a safe place to live at a superb price!

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