5 Tips for Creating a Vision Board

With the new year quickly approaching, we want to share with you some tips for creating an amazing vision board for 2017. And as an early Christmas present, our vision board will give you a sneak peek at some of the products in our upcoming catalog, which will be live on January 1! 🙂

5 Tips for Creating a Vision Board! #ctmh #closetomyheart #visionboard #inspiration #goals #2017 #crafting #corkboard #homedecor #diySo what exactly is a vision board? It’s a place to display images, words, or objects that represent both what you want to be and what you want to do with your life in one beautiful, central location. Our hope is that this fun project will help you solidify a vision for your art and your life for the upcoming year, all while keeping your thoughts and actions organized so you can accomplish this vision.

Your vision board can become your light at the end of the tunnel during creative blocks. It can keep you motivated to continue on when things get hard.

Now let’s dive into what you’ll need to do to create your vision board! As with all art projects on this blog, we encourage you to use the artwork you see here as a jumping-off point for your own artwork. With a vision board in particular, it is especially important for you to make it your own!

1. Determine what you want your vision board to accomplish.

Then find words, lyrics, or quotes that go along with your vision. Use stamps, Cricut® cuts, Picture My Life™ cards, or simply your own handwriting to add these words of inspiration to your board.

DIY vision board for 2017! #ctmh #closetomyheart #visionboard #inspiration #goals #2017 #crafting #corkboard #homedecor #diy

2. Spell out your dreams and goals.

Whether it’s a list of crafting techniques you want to learn, projects you want to finish, places you want to visit, or dreams you have for your family or career, writing down your goals and reading them every day will help you take the steps necessary to bring your vision to life!

3. Always look for inspiration.

A vision board is a project you never finish. It is a source of inspiration and a tool for staying organized, so it makes sense that it will change again and again over time. Every day, make an effort to notice the beauty around you, and then add anything that inspires you to your board. One simple way to do this is keep your eyes open while you craft. Add any embellishments, ribbon, washi tape, or Complements that speak to you. If you cut a little more shimmer trim than you need, add it to your vision board instead of tossing it out!

DIY vision board for 2017! #ctmh #closetomyheart #visionboard #inspiration #goals #2017 #crafting #corkboard #homedecor #diy

4. Use it as an organizational tool. 

Add to-do lists to your vision board. Tasks that might otherwise seem mundane become easier to tackle when they are part of the grand vision for your life—and plus, they look so much cuter! Even weekly schedules take on a new light when you dress them up. Your vision board is also a great place to include tasks you may otherwise procrastinate, such as sending a thank you card to someone or visiting an old friend.

5. Throw out the rulebook!

Add items to your vision board that you’re naturally drawn to, not what you think you should be drawn to. Remember, your vision board should be a reflection of you! Get creative, choose things out of the ordinary, and be true to yourself. Dare to do things like stamp on a photo or add random scraps of doodling. The most important thing is not to overthink it—just follow your intuition!

DIY vision board for 2017! #ctmh #closetomyheart #visionboard #inspiration #goals #2017 #crafting #corkboard #homedecor #diy

There you have it: the beginner’s guide to creating a stellar vision board! Although our craft rooms may never stay organized, at least our creative visions can stay on track. 😉

We’d love to see how your vision boards turn out! Share photos of your vision board on the Close To My Heart Facebook page!

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3 Ways to Create a Vision Board

Last March, we published a blog post with tips for how to create a vision board if you’ve never done it before. When it comes to how to get inspired, you can never have too many ideas, so we’ve put together a few more inspirational vision board ideas to get those wheels turning! 🙂

3 amazing vision board ideas! #closetomyheart #ctmh #visionboard #visionboardideas #diyvisionboard #crafting #paper

Probably the most obvious idea is to start with a basic cork bulletin board. What’s nice about this route is that you can move your vision board wherever you want whenever you want. All you need are straight pins or thumb tacks to attach photos, cards, and other bits of inspiration to your board.

3 amazing vision board ideas! #closetomyheart #ctmh #visionboard #visionboardideas #diyvisionboard #crafting #paper

For a more “outside-the-boxframe” approach, try creating a vision board without the board! 🙂 With some washi tape and a little ingenuity, you can create a vision “board” almost anywhere! We love this option because you can just keep adding to your vision board over time—walls are a huge canvas! Plus, since everything is just held up with washi tape, you can take them down and rearrange them whenever you please.

3 amazing vision board ideas! #closetomyheart #ctmh #visionboard #visionboardideas #diyvisionboard #crafting #paper

Our final idea for today is a nice mix of our two previous ideas: Use a magnetic board. Magnet boards come in all shapes and sizes, but they give you a space to work in that is a bit more defined than your wall. And when working with magnets, it’s super easy to rearrange your board as you see fit, and you don’t put any holes in your artwork and photos.

Which vision board speaks to you? Tell us in the comments below!


Cork Bulletin Board
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Cricut® Shape:
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Washi Tape Wall
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Magnet Board
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