Preserving the Best of Your Child’s School Years

You've Got Class #closetomyheart #CTMH #you'vegotclass #ctmhyou'vegotclass #backtoschool #memorykeeping #organizing #organising #school #schoolpicture #schoolmemento #schoolkeepsake #schoolalbum #backtoschoolSummer adventures are coming to a close as school bells begin to ring, generating much excitement and anticipation for a new academic year. We’ve prepared our children’s wardrobes, collected supplies, and arranged for healthy lunches in hopes of ensuring as much success as can be planned for. Just as we’re about to send these kiddos into the seemingly unknown, we prop them in our porches, getting on a school bus, or standing with their teacher and make them smile for the camera. Click!

And they’re off! School is back in session. Before you know it, you’re knee deep in artwork, certificates of excellence, report cards, and all kinds of treasures that you just don’t know what to do with. You most certainly don’t need to keep everything your child scribbles on, but there are and will be some things that you will cherish and value for a long time, if not forever. This happens year, after year, after year.

Because we are committed to memory keeping, we had to come up with a system that works to preserve these wonderful and prized memories. With some thoughtful consideration, we were able to put together a project that comes together quickly and easily to create a scrapbook album for all of these formative school years. Dear non-scrapbooker reading this post, please hear us out for a sec. before you assume this no longer applies to you. 😉

You've Got Class #closetomyheart #CTMH #you'vegotclass #ctmhyou'vegotclass #backtoschool #memorykeeping #organizing #organising #school #schoolpicture #schoolmemento #schoolkeepsake #schoolalbum #backtoschool

With the materials and instructions included in the You’ve Got Class workshop kit you create an entire album with one page for each school year. What makes this workshop unique to other scrapbooking workshops are our True Fit Folios. True Fit Folios are white cardstock folders that fit perfectly inside 12″ x 12″ Memory Protectors™. The workshop is designed so that each scrapbook page is assembled on a side of one of the folders. After you complete all of your pages, or folder sides, you insert them into the Memory Protectors™ inside an album. With this completed album, you are all set and ready to start adding your keepsakes and mementos inside the pockets, where they will be securely and safely stored for years to come!

You've Got Class #closetomyheart #CTMH #you'vegotclass #ctmhyou'vegotclass #backtoschool #memorykeeping #organizing #organising #school #schoolpicture #schoolmemento #schoolkeepsake #schoolalbum #backtoschool

If you’ve got any kids in your life—children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends, neighbors—this workshop is for you. Even if these “kids” are old and grown, chances are their school day relics are collecting dust “in a box somewhere.” (Well-preserved memories make a wonderful gift!)

If you’ve been looking for a way to store school memories with easy access, this is it. If scrapbooking is “not your thing,” this is the time to reconsider, even if it’s just this once. You want this album on your shelf, and so do your kids—cross our hearts!

And for those of us who are constantly click, click, clicking with our cameras, there are likely a few additional photos to include on the folio pages. We thought of that, too!

The You’ve Got Class workshop kit includes Flip Flaps™ so that more photos, journaling, or keepsakes can be added anywhere on a page without taking up additional room. Yep—they’re like magic! 🙂

Preserve the best of your child’s school years with the You’ve Got Class collection of products. This special features a paper collection, exclusive stamp set, and workshop kit specifically designed to commemorate the passage of these school years. But act quickly, these products are only available through September 30 while supplies last! (And they are moving fast!)

You’ve Got Class Collection


Click on the links below for more details:

You’ve Got Class Workshop Kit
You’ve Got Class Paper Packet
You’ve Got Class Coordinating Cardstock
My Acrylix® You’ve Got Class Stamp Set
School Kids Stamp + Thin Cuts 


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“Mom, I made this for you!”

Isn’t it amazing what a child’s imagination can do, especially with a crayon in hand? From inventing new products and designing flying devices to fashioning outfits and painting magical landscapes, their little minds run at such wild speeds! And somehow, they innately know it’s important to tell stories through pictures and that these pictures are important because they give them to you for safe-keeping. Maybe kids understand our picture-taking, scrapbook-making minds more than we realize!

Rather than hanging children’s artwork on the fridge for a few months before throwing it away or storing it in that Rubbermaid—you know, the one that takes 10 minutes to get to in your storage closet that hosts report cards, old photos, etc.—why not preserve their artwork between the safe, clean pages of your scrapbook album? Take a look at this layout to see what we’re talking about:

How to incorporate children's artwork into scrapbooking CTMH

Our artist got it right—“Earth” without “art” really is just “eh!” Evie’s artwork really adds so much life to this layout. It’s art on top of art, which is amazing! To create this page, our artist scanned Evie’s artwork onto a computer, shrunk it to the size she wanted, and printed it. Then she matted the artwork just like she would a photograph—which makes perfect sense. A child’s artwork is just as revealing about their personality as a photograph!

To complement the rainbow on the left page, our artist decided to create a rainbow with cardstock for the background. There’s Sangria paper in the mix to give the pages some texture. The watercolor splatters at the ends of the cardstock play on the idea that the layout features artwork, and aren’t splatters characteristic of children? 🙂 These colorful elements mirror the colorful artwork and personality of sweet Evie.

How to incorporate children's artwork into scrapbooking CTMH

Try your hand out at scrapbooking children’s artwork. Just think how wonderful it will be when your children and grandchildren look through your scrapbooks and not only see pictures of themselves when they were young but also artwork they created and gave to you. They will love to see their creations, and they will appreciate you for valuing their artwork enough to give it the special treatment.

So grab the crayons, markers, paints, and get your children and grandchildren to start creating their masterpieces. When they’re done, you’ll know exactly how to preserve their ingenuity for years to come!


12″ x 12″ The Earth Without Art is Just Eh Layout
Make It from Your Heart™ Vol. 2: Pattern 4
B1484 My Acrylix® Jennifer’s Hand, D1555 My Acrylix® All the Details, X7199B Sangria Paper Packet, X5668 Honey Cardstock, X5764 Pear Cardstock, X5779 Poppy Cardstock, X5762 Lagoon Cardstock, X5929 Whisper Cardstock, 1385 White Daisy Cardstock, Z2652 Poppy Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad, Z2197 Pear Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad, Z2105 Black Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad, Z3095 Whisper Thick Twine, Z2012 Sequins Gold Assortment, Z3123 Enamel & Glitter Duos Green Triangles, Z3132 Watercolor Paints, Z3188 Paintbrush Set
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