Chris Hill: Why I’m a Close To My Heart Consultant

Thanks to our friend Chris Hill for answering our questions for today’s post!

Who first introduced you to Close To My Heart?
About 24 years ago, my neighbor invited me to a Close To My Heart party and I fell in love! I loved the designs, the concept—I loved it all!Unknown-1
Why did you decide to become a Consultant?
I wanted it all! I had joined other companies to get the product at a discount, and that was my original intention with Close To My Heart, but something was different this time. Close To My Heart was not like other companies. It was fun and exciting, so I joined and never looked back or regretted it for one minute.Unknown-17
What are the perks of being a Close To My Heart Consultant?
There are so many perks! Product discounts, friendships, sisterhood, customers, my Team, and relationships with the corporate team, who are the people that run the best company ever.
What’s your favorite memory from Convention?
I have attended every Convention since I signed up (except the first one, which was only weeks after I signed up). I would never miss one! I jokingly told my children to plan babies and such around Convention because I didn’t want to miss one. My favorite memory is the year I was surprised beyond words when I was given the Spirit of Close To My Heart award. My husband and daughter were flown out to surprise me, and a fun video had been made about my family and years with Close To My Heart. What an honor! THAT was my favorite memory from Convention.Unknown-19
What’s the best part about going on an incentive trip?
We have earned 15 incentive trips! They are fabulous. The best part of these trips is spending time with my best friend, my husband. We have been to places we would NEVER have been able to go otherwise. These incentive trips are so fun because we travel with the great leaders from Close To My Heart, along with the other earners and their families. We have had such great times with our Close To My Heart friends on these trips!
Which product is your favorite?
I could not even begin to name a favorite product. I use Close To My Heart products exclusively because I love the paper, the embellishments, the stamps, Studio J®, the albums—I just love it all!

Why do you love the Close To My Heart community?
Being part of the Close To My Heart community is fabulous. I have made so many friends over the years. The people at Close To My Heart are by far the most genuine people I have ever met. My customers, my Team, and other Consultants have become my dearest friends. I treasure being part of the Close To My Heart community. Through sad times and happy times, Consultants are always there for each other.
How have you changed through your involvement with Close To My Heart?
I was never very outgoing before joining Close To My Heart. But being a Close To My Heart Consultant has helped me learn to talk to people and share what I love. I had always wanted to add a little income to our family budget, but also wanted to be a “stay-at-home mom.” This fabulous business helped me do just that. Over the years, I have learned how to streamline my business, and still be a mom and grandma right along side of it!
What would you tell someone about Close To My Heart if you could only say one thing?
JOIN US!!! You will never regret it! This company is by far the best company out there in so many ways. Everything they do is done with the Consultants in mind. They have the best products and a generous commission plan. You will LOVE being part of this company!Unknown-4
Any last thoughts?
My family has truly been blessed by being part of the Close To My Heart family! I LOVE Close To My Heart!

Thank you, Chris! We love having you with us.

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Close To My Heart’s Inspiration Bingo

On this fine January day, we take a break from our regularly scheduled instructional posts to give you a chance to escape your creative routine and produce the sort of artwork that is blissfully yet to be determined.

Close To My Heart’s Inspiration Bingo Board is your launching pad to leap into the artistic unknown, to surrender to the winds of crafting destiny and to see just where they drop you. Think of it as your tentative guide through the jungles of unleashed creativity.

What better way to let inspiration flow through you than by throwing your own plans out the window? The bingo board will guide you to artistic greatness. This is your chance to think outside the box—all it takes is a little nudge from within the box (an entire row of them, actually).

Inspiration-Bingo                                                   To download your own PDF copy, simply click the board!

Here’s how to play: Close your eyes and spin your finger around the board until you feel the draw to put it down. Open your eyes. Which box did your finger land on? Survey your position and then choose to follow either the vertical or horizontal row of the space you landed on. Now heed the guidelines of each box in the row and get crafting!

Your art may not turn out the way you expect, but it will still be beautiful. Why? Because it will be made from the forces of chance, like a magnificent work of nature formed through years of enduring the sporadic and untamed forces of the earth. Ok, maybe not quite that majestic, but you get the idea. Chance is beautiful! See what it can do for you once you’re willing to work with it.

May the (creative) force be with you.

We want to see where Close To My Heart’s Inspiration Bingo takes you! Post a photo of your resulting creation to the Close To My Heart Facebook page, if you would like to share. We’d love to see it.

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Annual Inspirations Witch Hats Tutorial

Paper Witches Hat
We all love home decor that screams creativity! Several of you have seen the adorable hats on page 38 of Annual Inspirations and have asked for instructions on how to recreate them. Below you’ll find step-by-step directions you can use with the Annual Inspirations recipes already provided to give your home a little more spook this season.

Happy crafting!

October 31 Hat

Cricut® Shapes:
Spike Flowers: 3½” and 4½” Shift+Accent 2 (p. 54)
Round Flowers: 3½” and 2¾” Accent 2 (cut several, p. 54)
Cupcake Liners: 2½” and 2″ Accent 4 (cut 4 of each, p. 77)
Circle: 11″ Card (p. 48)
Vines: 1″, 1½”, and 1¾” Shift+3D Object (cut several, p. 54)
Spiderweb: 4½” Accent 4 (p. 76)
Banners: 1¼” and 2″ Accent 2 (cut several, p. 35)

To find a list of the other materials required, please refer to the Annual Inspirations recipes.
witches hat steps cone and base
1. Attach two sheets of 12″ x 12″ B&T paper on top of two sheets of 12″ x 12″ cardstock. This double-sheet thickness is needed for extra stability in the cone of the hat.   2. Using tape, attach the two sheets of layered 12″ x 12″ papers together to form a 24″ length. Ensure that edges are precisely aligned.   3. Starting from one corner, roll the paper into a cone, adjusting to form your desired shape. Use a strong adhesive to hold it in place. Hats will measure differently according to how tight you roll your cone.   4. Cut the 11″ circle to form the base of the hat.   5. Center the cone on the base and trace the bottom of cone onto circle shape. Trace another circle within the first, about a 1/2″ smaller than the original.   6. Trim out innermost center circle, then use scissors to cut ½” slits approximately 1″ apart around the entire outer circle to create tabs. Fold tabs upward.   7. Staple, or adhere with a strong adhesive, the tabs into the cone, starting from where you would like the front of your hat to be.
witches hat steps edging
1. Cut out spiderweb cupcake liners and trim off the tabs.   2. Attach four of the 2 ½” spiderweb liners underneath the base of circle so that the edges of the webs extend beyond the rim of the hat.   3. Attach the 2″ spiderweb liners along the top of the hat’s brim against the inner edges, near the cone.
witches hat steps decoration
1. Select where you would like the front of your hat to be and adhere the 2″ banner to it.   2. Adhere 1 ¼” banners overlapping the larger banner around the bottom of the cone.   3. Cut several ½” strips of B&T paper, pleat them, and attach them end to end on the bottom of the cone.   4. Cut out flowers, spiderweb, and vines from the Cricut® Artiste cartridge.   5. Use an embossing tool to mold the leaves of the branch shapes. Ink the edges with Slate ink using the sponge dauber.   6. Ink the edges of the flowers in Thistle and Sunset using the sponge dauber. Using your quilling tool, roll the flowers, adhere them closed, and add Sparkles to the center of each as desired.   7. Attach the spiderweb to the side of the cone and layer the floral arrangement on top of it.   8. Back the “Spooky” metal shape from your Scaredy Cat Complements with Thistle cardstock and add it to the floral arrangement.
witches hat steps top1. Cut a 2″ x 12″ strip of Thistle cardstock. Cut a 1″ notch every ¼”.   2. Using your quilling tool, roll the strip until the solid edge is small enough to fit into the hole at the top of the cone. Adhere it so it cannot unroll. Make sure the roll is small enough to fit into the top of the cone. If needed, trim the tip of the hat to allow more space for the topper.   3. Fit the curled hat topper into the hole at the top of the hat and secure with adhesive.   4. Using your quilling tool, roll the ¼” strips downward into tight curls.   5. Cut the ribbon into 3″ pieces, loop them, and adhere them individually to the top of the hat, arranging them in layers.   6. Add stars from the Scaredy Cat Assortment.

Embellish your hat with the Scaredy Cat Assortment, sequins from the Mini-Medley Accents black collection, Slate diagonal striped ribbon, or other accents of your choice.
You can create a variety of decorative hats using the cone and base shapes shown above. Check out these clever variations:

Spiderweb-Topped Hat

Cricut® Shapes:
Circle: 7½” Card (p. 48)
Sunburst: 9″ Accent 3 (p. 35)
Yo-Yo: 1¼” Shift+Card (p. 55)
Decorative Circle: 2″ and 3 ¼” Accent 4 (p. 35)
Spike Flowers: 1¾” and 2″ Shift+Accent 2 (p. 54)

Corner Spiderwebs: 3½” RDS Shift+Overlay (cut 2, p. 70)

To find a list of the other materials required, please refer to the Annual Inspirations recipes.

Spiderweb-Topped Hat
1. This hat’s base is made from a sunburst shape from the Cricut® Artiste cartridge.   2. The spiderweb topper is made from two webs cut from the Cricut® Artbooking cartridge. Adhere their edges together and trim hat as necessary.   3. The spider image is from the Scaredy Cat Complements.   4. The focal point of this hat is made from a stamped image from the Halloween Greetings stamp set.   5. The pleated strip of B&T at the base of the cone was stitched before being adhered to the cone.

Batty Hat

Cricut® Shapes:
Yo-Yo: 1½” Shift+Card (p. 50)
Decorative Circle: 4″ Accent 4 (p. 35)
Circle: 9½” Card (p. 48)
Cupcake Liners: 2″ Accent 4 (cut 4, p. 77)
Spike Flowers: 1¾” and 3″ Shift+Accent 2 (p. 54)
Round Flowers: 3¼” and 3½” Accent 2 (p. 54)

To find a list of the other materials required, please refer to the Annual Inspirations recipes.

Batty Hat
1. The streamers dangling from this hat are made from a variety of Scaredy Cat B&T papers that have been folded accordion-style and attached at the top.   2. This hat’s focal point is an image cut from a sheet of Scaredy Cat B&T. The bat images are Scaredy Cat Complements.   3. There you have it. I hope you enjoy your haunting home decor additions!

We would love to see how your hats turn out! Feel free to share a photo in the comments or on the Close To My Heart Facebook page.

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