Photos from Halloweens Past

This holiday’s been around for ages, but the excitement for it never fades: Folks, it’s nearly Halloween! We hope our American and Canadian friends enjoy the festivities filled with adorable costumes, a few light-hearted scares, and lots of yummy treats.

If you’ve got munchkins at your house, you’ve probably attended school costume parades and several Halloween parties already. Have you made sure to take some pictures? We know—you’re busy, and Halloween has only made your schedule even busier! But remember, you’ll want to see those costumes time and time again in your scrapbook pages. To show you just how precious these photos are, we asked our employees to share with us their children’s costumes from Halloweens past, and boy are we glad we did! Take a look at these cute faces:

Look at those creative costumes—and even more importantly, the cute kiddos! From witches, vampires, and bumblebees to dragons, Olafs, and Napoleon Dynamites, children’s costume choices show their unique personalities in such a fun way.

To all you costume designers, face painters, and candy bucket fillers out there: We know how hard you work to make this a special day for the children in your life. Why? Because you love them, and you’ll do anything to light up smiles on their sweet faces. Those precious smiles are what we show you how to preserve—it’s what we’re all about!

So remember, among the hustle and bustle of tomorrow, take thirty seconds for a photo op. After placing those priceless photos in your scrapbook album, you will relive those joyful moments for many years to come.

Happy Halloween!

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From Jeanette: On This Halloween Night

Tonight is the night all of October has been leading up to! And for many of you, tonight’s plans probably include trick-or-treating. I have many fond memories from taking my children trick-or-treating when they were young. I remember cold Halloween nights, bundled up in my coat, holding tiny hands as we walked from house to house, knocking on doors and collecting candy. I can still see the warm smiles of the jack-o-lanterns glowing on the doorsteps and the soft light spilling from the windows, illuminating the faces of the little ghosts, princesses, and superheroes that walked by.

Seeing children dressed up in costumes is one of my favorite parts of Halloween. It’s so fun to watch them transform into the characters they’ve always dreamed of becoming. When my daughter Aubrey was a little girl, she absolutely adored dressing up as Snow White—and not just on Halloween! There was a time when it seemed she was Snow White more than she was Aubrey. Every day she put on her little yellow and blue dress with the puffy sleeves and became a princess. It was so wonderful to see how very much she enjoyed her own imagination.

Now that my children are grown, I find the same joy in seeing my grandchildren in Halloween costumes. The smiles seem to never leave their faces! Here are a couple cute photos of them, all dressed up for Halloween.

Aren’t they the cutest? These little faces melt my heart. I’m hoping their Halloween night is a special one.

Wherever you are in the world, whether you celebrate Halloween or are simply happy it’s Friday, I hope you have something special planned for tonight. I’d love to hear what you’re up to! Tell me in the comments, if you want to share.

Happy Halloween!


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