Feeling Heart Happy After Valentine’s Day with a Free Mini Album How-to Guide

It’s been a week since Valentine’s Day. Some of us celebrated with chocolates, flowers, dinners out, or even a sweet new color wheel ( 😉 ). Now what? There’s still some February leftover. Well, just because it’s no longer Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate what everyday life has to offer—that is why we are sharing instructions as a free download to create an Everyday Life™ sized album that does just that!

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Download your free Heart Happy Everyday Life™ album instructions, here.

Pretty much all of us are equipped to take photos wherever we go, of whatever we want, and whenever we feel like it. As a result, so many of life’s special moments end up stored in a “cloud” somewhere, rarely visited or seen again. Raise your hand if you’ve taken an indefinite number of photos of your cute children, grandchildren, fur babies, or even your food. What do you do with all of these photos? Are they still sitting in your phone? As one of our Consultants so eloquently put it, “don’t let your kids grow up as JPEGs!”

Our message to you today is simple: review the photos that you’ve taken and print them off! Don’t have a place to put them? Use the layouts in this Everyday Life™ album to get started and store your photos along with any stories that go with them.

Photos evoke emotions, capture moods, and remind us of things we long to hold on to. By putting our photos in an album, not only do you get to revisit these feelings, but then we get to share them with others and even allow them to have their own emotional responses. What does that mean? Simply put, it’s important to create albums for your family members and friends to look through. People love seeing pictures of themselves! (You know it’s true!) Children, especially. Create a place for the people you love to look at photos that you love, of whatever you love, through beautiful album pages that share your everyday journey.

Our Heart Happy Everyday Life™ album workshop is a great place to get started, and it will truly make your heart happy. If you’d like to make your very own Heart Happy album, we have a few different bundles of product offered at a reduced price to help you get going. Click on the links below to see which best fits your needs:

My Acrylix® A Piece of My Heart Stamp Set
Heart Happy Sticker Sheet
Heart Happy Paper Packet
Heart Happy Coordinating Cardstock
Heart Happy Everyday Life™ Workshop Kit
Heart Happy Everyday Life™ Workshop Kit without Stamp Set

One of the great things about the contents of this kit are the versatile words, icons, and shapes found throughout its stamp set, patterned papers, and stickers. Last month, we showed you these very same products used to create some really fun Valentine’s Day cards (click here to download those card instructions). Above, we showed you an album to showcase the everyday moments. Now, we want to show you even more!

Take a look at this 12″ x 12″ layout we came up with using the same stamp set and Heart Happy paper packet combined with a few other products:

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Heart Happy After Valentine's Day #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhhearthappy #everydaylife #minialbum #diyalbum #albuminstructions #free #freeguide #valentinesday #love #howto #scrapbooking #scrapbook #storytelling #everyday #food #foodie #apieceofmyheartHeart Happy After Valentine's Day #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhhearthappy #everydaylife #minialbum #diyalbum #albuminstructions #free #freeguide #valentinesday #love #howto #scrapbooking #scrapbook #storytelling #everyday #food #foodie #apieceofmyheart

(Love never looked so tasty! 🙂 )

We hope today’s post inspires you to do something with all of those memories that you are storing up. Print your photos, write your stories, and create something with them to celebrate the way life looks today. Take the time to make your heart happy!


12″ x 12″ Yum Yum Layout
CC2191 My Acrylix® A Piece of My Heart Stamp Set, CC2193 Heart Happy Paper Packet, X7242B I Heart Us Paper Packet, X9003 Mix-in Paper Packet, X6005 Goldrush Cardstock, X6007 Lagoon Cardstock, X6027 White Daisy Cardstock, Z3271 Archival Black Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad, Z2823 Goldrush Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad, Z2895 Lagoon Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad, Z6503 Mint Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad, Z2851 Saffron Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad, X7242C I Heart Us Complements, X7241C So Much Happy Complements, Z4270 I Heart Us Sequins, X7242E Picture My Life™ Cards—I Heart Us, X7241E Picture My Life™ Cards—So Much Happy, Z4181 Thin Cuts—Stitched Circles, Z3386 Thin Cuts—Block Alphabet, Z3132 Watercolor Paints, Z3225 Waterbrush—Medium Round, Z2060 Thin 3-D Foam Tape, Z1979 Marvy® Uchida® LePen™ Journaling Pen, Sewing Machine

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Mini Album Hacks: Part One

Preserving your memories in a mini album has never looked so cute! #ctmh #closetomyheart #minialbum #scrapbooking #memorykeeping #craftingOur mini albums are a great option for those new to memory keeping, but they’re also great for experienced scrappers. However, if you’ve only ever done traditional scrapbooking, we know you may have some reservations. Let us ease your mind by addressing some common concerns about scrappin’ on a smaller scale.

Today we’re going to focus specifically on our Adventure Mini Album bundles, which are 30% off this month! These bundles feature travel-themed, pre-designed, 3-ring hole-punched pages, a plush striped mini album, and a pack of either our 3″ x 4″, 4″ x 6″, or 6″ x 8″ Memory Protectors™, which are perfect for adding additional photos and other fun things.

Now let’s put that stress to rest by addressing those concerns!

I scrapbook chronologically. What would I use a mini album for? It won’t fit an entire year’s worth of memories!

  • Vacation Album: Try creating a separate album for each vacation you go on. The pre-printed pages in these bundles make it easy to preserve your vacation memories in a flash, so you can relive those memories soon after you return home. These pages also work really well with our state and province stamps. Imagine creating a mini album for a road trip or a new page each time you visit a new place—so fun!
  • Unique Gifts: These bundles are a perfect gift for anyone because they’re so easy to put together—even for those people who don’t think they’re crafters! The travel theme is perfect, too, because everyone and their dog travels. Got a friend leaving on a family trip? How about a niece who just got back from her honeymoon? A college student studying in Switzerland? Give albums to them all!

Preserving your memories in a mini album has never looked so cute! #ctmh #closetomyheart #minialbum #scrapbooking #memorykeeping #crafting

  • Children’s Scrapbooking: You’ve got the passion for scrappin’, but what about your kids or grandkids? These mini albums can help teach “mini” people the importance of preserving memories. Show them the basics of how to assemble the album, then let them make it their own! They’d love documenting a school field trip, summer camp, or adding pictures about where they want to travel someday.

Where do I put my photos? These small pages got me feelin’ claustrophobic!

The real answer is, just give it a try! There’s really no way to go wrong with these pages, but if you’re really worried, here are a few ideas:

Preserving your memories in a mini album has never looked so cute! #ctmh #closetomyheart #minialbum #scrapbooking #memorykeeping #crafting

Preserving your memories in a mini album has never looked so cute! #ctmh #closetomyheart #minialbum #scrapbooking #memorykeeping #crafting

How do I get smaller photos?

Not to fret! Our friends at Persnickety Prints have created a webpage just for us to make printing smaller photos easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Where do I add journaling?

There are lots of different ways to add journaling to these pages. Of course one easy option is just to write on the pages themselves (some of which already have journaling spots for you!). You can also write on shapes cut with a Cricut® machine, like our little thought bubbles here:

Preserving your memories in a mini album has never looked so cute! #ctmh #closetomyheart #minialbum #scrapbooking #memorykeeping #crafting

Some other options? Write on Complements or our Picture My Life™ journaling cards, which you can slide into the divided Memory Protectors™.

Preserving your memories in a mini album has never looked so cute! #ctmh #closetomyheart #minialbum #scrapbooking #memorykeeping #crafting

I think the pages are cute, but I really love my Memory Protectors™…

If you love having everything in Memory Protectors™, then go the 6″ x 8″ Memory Protector direction. Simply trim down the pages a little bit to fit inside this pocket and you’re golden.

Preserving your memories in a mini album has never looked so cute! #ctmh #closetomyheart #minialbum #scrapbooking #memorykeeping #crafting

I love really decking out my scrapbook pages. Pre-printed pages don’t really appeal me…

Think again! You can decorate these pages just as much as you do everything else!

Preserving your memories in a mini album has never looked so cute! #ctmh #closetomyheart #minialbum #scrapbooking #memorykeeping #crafting

You can even decorate the cover!

Preserving your memories in a mini album has never looked so cute! #ctmh #closetomyheart #minialbum #scrapbooking #memorykeeping #crafting

Hopefully we’ve helped make mini albums less scary—they really are so much fun once you take that leap of faith!

Stay tuned for Mini Album Hacks: Part Two where we address any concerns you might have about our petite #Life albums!

Best Day Ever Mini Album
Z3254 Enchantment Fundamentals, Z3294 Memo Fundamentals, Z3263 Uptown Fundamentals,1385 White Daisy Cardstock, X5762 Lagoon Cardstock, X5789 Sea Glass Cardstock, 1292 Crystal Blue Cardstock, Z3240 Sea Glass Glitter Paper, Z3238 Gold Glitter Paper, Z9978 My Crush® Adventure Calls Pages, Z3253 6″ x 8″ Memory Protectors™, Z3191 3″ x 4″ Memory Protectors™, Z9979 Everyday Life™ Album—Stripes, Z3278 Picture My Life™ Tabbed Journaling CardsZ2012 Sequins Gold Assortment, Z2013 Sequins Silver Assortment, Z3288 Enchantment Ribbon Pack, Z3264 Good Life Complements, Z3167 Cricut® Artistry Collection

Cricut® Shapes:
1 1/2″ Icon-2 <1> (cut 2, p. 1)
2″ Shape <i> (p. 18)
1 3/4″ Icon-1 <Travel> (p. 30)
1/2″ Banner <NewYears> (p. 50)

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