Paper Halloween Village

It’s already October (oh how time flies!), which means Halloween is right around the corner! If you love creating your own holiday decorations, you’re going to LOVE this two-dimensional paper Halloween village.

Create your own paper Halloween village! #ctmh #closetomyheart #diyhalloweendecor #halloweencrafts #cricut #halloweendecorations #crafting

All we needed to create this spooky village were a few shapes from our Cricut® collections, including our new Cricut® City Sidewalks digital collection. Yep—those houses with the white front doors are actually from a Christmas Cricut® collection! It’s amazing what a little creativity can create!

In addition to the houses, we used our Cricut® collections to create all sorts of fun details, like black cats and Jack-o’-lanterns…

Create your own paper Halloween village! #ctmh #closetomyheart #diyhalloweendecor #halloweencrafts #cricut #halloweendecorations #crafting

…and Black Widow spiders, oh my!

Create your own paper Halloween village! #ctmh #closetomyheart #diyhalloweendecor #halloweencrafts #cricut #halloweendecorations #crafting

To give the village an antiqued look, we sponged the edges of many pieces with ink, like these tombstones. This is also a great way to add dimension any time you’re working mainly with layers of paper.

Create your own paper Halloween village! #ctmh #closetomyheart #diyhalloweendecor #halloweencrafts #cricut #halloweendecorations #crafting

We think this village would be adorable on a mantle or entry table, but there are all sorts of places you could display something like this! Be creative!

You can see the Cricut® shapes we used for our village below. Use them to create your own paper Halloween village or other decorations inspired by these shapes. Show us what you create on social media by using the hashtag #ctmhhalloween.

Have a spooktacular time crafting!  🙂

B1484 My Acrylix® Jennifer’s Hand, Z3236 Black Glitter Paper, X5930 Slate Cardstock, 1385 White Daisy Cardstock, 1282 New England Ivy Cardstock, X5785 Lemon Cardstock, X5786 Tangerine Cardstock, X5779 Poppy Cardstock, X5784 Willow Cardstock, Z2173 Slate Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad, Z3271 Archival Black Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad, Z4009 Jeepers Creepers Assortment, Z697 Round Sponge, Z3167 Cricut® Artistry Collection, Z3169 Cricut® Artbooking Collection, Z4017 Cricut® City Sidewalks Digital Collection

Cricut® Shapes:
¾” Shift+Icon <I> (p. 55)
¾” Icon <i> (p. 55)
2″ Shift+Overlay <U> (p. 54)
1″ Shift+Icon <C> (p. 70)
½” Icon <c> (p. 70)
1″ Shift+Overlay <C> (p. 70)
¾” Shift+ Icon <V> (p. 71)
11 ½” Shift+Border <V> (p. 71)
2 ½” Border <v> (p. 71)
¾” and 1″ Icon <n> (p. 73)
¾” and 1″ Shift+Icon <N> (p. 73)

7″ Icon-1 <w> (p. 12)
7″ Shift+Icon-1 <W> (p. 12)
1 ½” Shape <k> (p. 28)
1 ½” Shape <Mother> (p. 39)
1″ Shape <Holiday> (p. 47)

City Sidewalks
8″ Red House

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Halloween Scrapbooking…Made Easy!

Halloween’s coming up fast, so if you haven’t already gotten your Halloween candy, you might want to head out and pick some up now!

But have you already given thought to what you’re going to do with those adorable pictures you are no doubt going to take of the awesome costumes, decorations, and festivities? Believe it or not, we’ve got a great solution for you there, too. 🙂

Whether you’re new to scrapbooking or just playing “catch-up,” we’ve got the perfect scrapbooking kit to help you create adorable Halloween layouts in a snap. It’s called the Workshops Your Way™ Jeepers Creepers scrapbooking kit, and it comes with all the supplies you need to create three traditional scrapbooking layouts. Once you receive your kit, you can download and print instructions for these layouts on our website.

Here’s what the layouts look like:

Halloween scrapbooking made easy! #ctmh #closetomyheart #halloweenscrapbooking #halloweencrafts #scrapbooking #ctmhJeepersCreepers #workshopsyourway
Halloween scrapbooking made easy! #ctmh #closetomyheart #halloweenscrapbooking #halloweencrafts #scrapbooking #ctmhJeepersCreepers #workshopsyourway

Halloween scrapbooking made easy! #ctmh #closetomyheart #halloweenscrapbooking #halloweencrafts #scrapbooking #ctmhJeepersCreepers #workshopsyourway

All the accents and titles you see are stickers and pieces you can easily attach with adhesive, so the layouts come together really quickly. If you have leftover photos, you can purchase our brand new Pocket Plus™ Memory Protectors™ and slide your photos into them with some of your leftover pocket scrapbooking cards.

Halloween scrapbooking made easy! #ctmh #closetomyheart #halloweenscrapbooking #halloweencrafts #scrapbooking #ctmhJeepersCreepers #workshopsyourway

For those of you who are familiar with our Flip Flaps™, our Pocket Plus™ protectors provide the same exact function except you don’t attach them to your main protector. You just insert them wherever you want!

Halloween scrapbooking made easy! #ctmh #closetomyheart #halloweenscrapbooking #halloweencrafts #scrapbooking #ctmhJeepersCreepers #workshopsyourway

We’ve specifically designed one of the layouts in each of our Workshops Your Way scrapbooking kits to coordinate with our Pocket Plus™ protectors. You can see above how they blend in seamlessly with the layout, creating a fun, interactive way to preserve your memories.

Halloween scrapbooking made easy! #ctmh #closetomyheart #halloweenscrapbooking #halloweencrafts #scrapbooking #ctmhJeepersCreepers #workshopsyourway

And since you’ll still have a few pieces left over, we’ve also designed a collection of cards you can make from those leftovers and a few extra products you may already have. You certainly don’t have to make these cards when you buy the kit, but if you do, the instructions for these cards are included in the instructions for your scrapbooking layouts. It’s a great way to get the biggest bang for your buck!

So be sure while you’re out picking up Halloween candy that you’re also putting in your order for the Workshops Your Way™ Jeepers Creepers scrapbooking kit as well. The plus side is that spending a little time to make your layouts gives you the perfect opportunity for testing out your Halloween candy at the same time. 🙂

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Photos from Halloweens Past

This holiday’s been around for ages, but the excitement for it never fades: Folks, it’s nearly Halloween! We hope our American and Canadian friends enjoy the festivities filled with adorable costumes, a few light-hearted scares, and lots of yummy treats.

If you’ve got munchkins at your house, you’ve probably attended school costume parades and several Halloween parties already. Have you made sure to take some pictures? We know—you’re busy, and Halloween has only made your schedule even busier! But remember, you’ll want to see those costumes time and time again in your scrapbook pages. To show you just how precious these photos are, we asked our employees to share with us their children’s costumes from Halloweens past, and boy are we glad we did! Take a look at these cute faces:

Look at those creative costumes—and even more importantly, the cute kiddos! From witches, vampires, and bumblebees to dragons, Olafs, and Napoleon Dynamites, children’s costume choices show their unique personalities in such a fun way.

To all you costume designers, face painters, and candy bucket fillers out there: We know how hard you work to make this a special day for the children in your life. Why? Because you love them, and you’ll do anything to light up smiles on their sweet faces. Those precious smiles are what we show you how to preserve—it’s what we’re all about!

So remember, among the hustle and bustle of tomorrow, take thirty seconds for a photo op. After placing those priceless photos in your scrapbook album, you will relive those joyful moments for many years to come.

Happy Halloween!

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Bask in the Fun of Masks!

You already love creating artwork to preserve memories, but what about using artwork to make memories? We’ll show you one of our favorite ways to do just that: handcrafted masks!

Costume party? Make your own mask! #ctmh #closetomyheart #halloweencrafts #diymask #childrenscostumes

Kids will love donning these masks for costume parties, impromptu plays, and games of dress-up. And why should they be the only ones? The masks make us want to waltz to the orchestra music at a masquerade ball, too! They’d be perfect for a last-second costume, as you can choose papers that coordinate with your favorite outfit to craft a mask that will unify the whole ensemble! Whether for special occasions or everyday moments, these masks will add some flair to your fun!

Ready to find out how to replicate these masks? You can create a mask of any color with your favorite paper or cardstock. Then make it unique—pull out your stash of accessories and decorate to your heart’s desire. The possibilities are infinite! If you’d like, you can start by replicating one of the masks pictured above. Let’s take a closer look at the cat mask first:

Costume party? Make your own mask! #ctmh #closetomyheart #halloweencrafts #diymask #childrenscostumes

Are you wondering how our artist got the white designs to show up, even on the Black cardstock? The answer: our chalk marker! It may take a few coats, but this ink will decorate even your darkest papers. What a cool tool, eh? Just “chalk” it up to our passion for exciting products!

And did you notice the darling curls at the end of the cat’s whiskers and the butterfly’s antennae? You can thank the wonderful quilling tool for that! For those less familiar with the technique, the quilling tool is a stylus with a small slot at the top. Slip a strip of paper into the slot and the tool will grip it as you twist the paper around the quilling tool. Twirl it as tightly as you like, and enjoy the resulting curls!

Costume party? Make your own mask! #ctmh #closetomyheart #halloweencrafts #diymask #childrenscostumes

Doesn’t the butterfly mask look like it’s ready to take flight? The credit for that goes to the three-dimensional effect our artist used on this mask. To create this look, she first cut two identical shapes from the Pomegranate ombre B&T Duos™ paper featured in Sangria. Next, she decorated the top layer with the chalk marker and bitty sparkles. (That was the fun part!) She finished by attaching the embellished layer to the bottom one with some 3-D foam tape. Beautifully simple, right?

So bring back the make-believe days filled with princesses and pirates, and give those days to the next generation of dreamers by creating paper masks like these for your children and grandchildren. And don’t forget to take pictures—you’ll want to scrapbook those later! 🙂


Cat Mask
X7199B Sangria Paper Packet, 1386 Black Cardstock, X5760 Cotton Candy Cardstock, 1385 White Daisy Cardstock, Z3095 Whisper Extra Thick Twine, Z1263 Bitty Sparkles, Z1767 Chalk Marker, Z1795 Quilling Tool

Butterfly Mask
X7199B Sangria Paper Packet, 1385 White Daisy Cardstock, Z3040, Thistle Extra Thick Twine, Z1263 Bitty Sparkles, Z1767 Chalk Marker, Z1795 Quilling Tool, Z1151 3-D Foam Tape

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Make Your Halloween Party Spooktacular!

Halloween may have crept up on you, but not to fear! There is still time to make some very cool decorations for your Halloween bash!

Make Your Halloween Party Spooktacular! #ctmh #closetomyheart #ctmhnevermore #halloween #halloweendecor #diypartydecor

Invite your guests to the party with this “Eat, Drink, and Be Scary” card, which is quick and easy to make with the help of the Cricut® Artfully Sent Collection! Dress up a mug with Nevermore paper and some spooky Cricut®-cut shapes for a perfectly-coordinating party favor to give your guests.

Make Your Halloween Party Spooktacular! #ctmh #closetomyheart #halloween #halloweendecor #diypartydecor

The My Acrylix® Tasty Terrors stamp set is the star of this dainty witch hat décor piece. The hat itself is simple to make using shapes cut with your Cricut® Artiste Collection, giving you lots of time to enjoy stamping your own spooky design. Whisper thick twine makes a terrific tassel to finish off the piece.

Make Your Halloween Party Spooktacular! #ctmh #closetomyheart #halloween #halloweendecor #ctmhnevermore #diypartydecor

No Halloween party is complete without some candy. Dress up your jars of goodies with more stamped artwork! To create that distressed look on the White Cardstock, use sponge daubers and Black ink. For the candy corn images, use watercolor paints to easily add the yellow and orange stripes. Just remember to use Archival Black Exclusive Inks™ stamp pad when stamping the images so your ink doesn’t bleed!

Make Your Halloween Party Spooktacular! #ctmh #closetomyheart #halloween #halloweendecor #ctmhnevermore #diypartydecor

One of the easiest party decorations to make is a decorative banner. It’s a party essential, and instantly makes any party more fabulous! This one features colored cardstock, paper from our Nevermore and La Vie En Rose paper packets, and White Daisy cardstock we have decorated using stamps. Add the Nevermore Assortment and the sequins silver assortment into the mix for extra drama.

Lastly, we’re going to give you some tips for creating a more elaborate piece of Halloween décor, which many of you loved on our Facebook page!

Make Your Halloween Party Spooktacular! #ctmh #closetomyheart #halloween #halloweendecor #ctmhsangria #diypartydecor

Our very talented artist had several tricks up her sleeve, so as a special treat, let us reveal some of her secrets. 🙂

  • This piece features several Cricut® cut pieces: two haunted houses (one in Black and one in Whisper, for a haunting shadow effect), two fences, one crow, three strips of grass, one tag, one circle (transformed into a moon with some watercolors), and the letters for the spooky poem—these letters were cut out of the Sangria ombre paper and then backed with Black cardstock. You’ll find the sizes our artist used in the recipe list at the end of this post.
  • Nevermore Complements are used all over the project. Some, like the witch and the spooky tree, are used exactly as they come; others, like the black cat and one of the jack-o-lanterns, are slightly altered, having been trimmed out of larger pieces from the Complements.
  • The stars in the sky were stamped on using the My Acrylix® Charming Cascades stamp set.
  • And finally, that creepy door is a piece of Desert Sand B&T Duos™ paper from the Sangria paper packet. Our artist colored it with the ShinHan™ Touch Twin™ Clay marker and hung a hand-lettered sign on it.

There—you now have several different décor ideas for all your spooky celebrations. Whether you choose just one or two to make or create them all, they are sure to make your party a smash! Happy crafting!


5 ½” x 4 ¼” Eat Drink and Be Scary Card
1386 Black Cardstock, 1385 White Daisy Cardstock, X5769 Thistle Cardstock, X5758 Sunset Cardstock, X5668 Honey Cardstock, Z3089 Grey Enamel Gems, Z3168 Cricut® Artfully Sent Collection

Cricut® Shape:
Artfully Sent
5″ Pocket Card <Env-8> (p. 44)

Stamped Witch Hat
D1669 My Acrylix® Tasty Terrors, B1460 My Acrylix® Trick or Treat Sweets B1488 My Acrylix® Pumpkin Chevron, 1385 White Daisy Cardstock, 1386 Black Cardstock, Z2640 Thistle Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad, Z2191 Sunset Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad, Z2123 Goldrush Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad, Z2173 Slate Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad, 44751 Archival Black Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad, Z3095 Whisper Thick Twine, Z3170 Cricut® Artiste Collection

Cricut® Shapes:
7″ Shift+3D object <Invited> (p. 68)
2 ” Shift+Card <G> (cut 2, p. 55)
3″ Card <i> (p. 48)

Candy Bowl Tag
B1488 My Acrylix® Pumpkin Chevron, B1460 My Acrylix® Trick or Treat Sweets, 1386 Black Cardstock, 1385 White Daisy Cardstock, X5758 Sunset Cardstock, 44751 Archival Black Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad, Z1799 Silver Shimmer Trim, Z726 Sponge Daubers, Z3132 Watercolor Paints, Cricut® Artiste Collection

Cricut® Shapes:
4″ Card <Hallween> (p. 77)
3 ½” Card <Hallween> (p. 77)
2 1/8″ Shift+Card <G> (p. 55)

Halloween Banner
1385 White Daisy Cardstock, 1386 Black Cardstock, X5758 Sunset Cardstock, X7201B La Vie En Rose Paper Packet, X7198B Nevermore Paper Packet, Z3095 Whisper Thick Twine, Z2013 Sequins Silver Assortment, Z3083 Nevermore Assortment, Z3170 Cricut® Artiste Collection, Z3169 Cricut® Artbooking Collection

Cricut® Shapes:
3 ½” Accent 4 <Eek> (p. 76)
1 ½” Card <Eek> (p. 76)

2″ Shift+Overlay <u> (p. 54)

12″ x 12″ Halloween Shadow Box
D1668 My Acrylix® Charming Cascades, X7199B Sangria Paper Packet, 1385 White Daisy Cardstock, 1386 Black Cardstock, X5929 Whisper Cardstock, 1282 New England Ivy Cardstock, 44751 Archival Black Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad, X7198C Nevermore Complements, Z3095 Whisper Thick Twine, Z1979 Marvy® Uchida® LePen™ Journaling Pen, Z3132 Watercolor Paints, Z2451 ShinHan™ Touch Twin™ Clay Marker, Z3169 Cricut® Artbooking Collection, Z3167 Cricut® Artistry Collection, Z3170 Cricut® Artiste Collection, Z3171 Cricut® Art Philosophy Collection

Cricut® Shapes:
1 ½” Border <v> (cut 2, p. 71)
7 ½” Shift+Border <V> (p. 71)
½” Icon <c> (p. 70)
2″ Shift+Border <TeamWork> (p. 83)

½” Shift <Font> “G, F, S, G, S, W, D, J, O, L, S, B, W H, N”
½” <font> “hosts, and, oblins , ooks, alore, cary, itches, at, your, oor, ack, anterns, miling, right, ishing, you, a, aunting, ight”

½” Shift+Accent 3 <Spring> (cut 2, p. 73)
¾” Shift+Accent 3 <Spring> (p. 73)

Art Philosophy
2″ <Circle1> (p. 21)

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Trick or TREATS!

October is such a fun time for kids: piles of leaves to jump in, costumes to pick out, pumpkin patches to explore, and TREATS to eat—lots of them! Today we’re going to show you three cute treat totes from our Designer Creations line that are sporting costumes of their own!

Create these adorable treat bags to give away! #ctmh

First up is this cute little bag. The “TRICK OR TREAT” tag from the My Acrylix® Pumpkin Chevron stamp set makes a perfect companion for this treat bag, though you’ll be sure to only find treats inside. 🙂 Halloween’s all about the theatrics, so using glitter paper adds a punch of pizazz to make this bag extra dramatic. And look at the great dimensional element added by the Eggplant Nevermore fringe!

Create these adorable treat bags to give away! #ctmh

Next we’ve got this takeout box dressed up as a jack-o-lantern. Again, glitter paper takes center stage on this getup as well. 3-D tape on the tag makes the stamped sentiment pop out, but not to spook anyone! Fern thick twine is the perfect way to finish off this look.

Create these adorable treat bags to give away! #ctmh

To wrap things up, we’ve got this spidery buttoned bag. A Cricut® -cut “Eek!” and glitter paper work hand in hand to create something frightful, and the spider web plays off of the white chevron pattern perfectly. See that little spider? Our artist used watercolor paints to give him that shading. Even though real spiders are scary, we think this watercolor one is cute!

These three treat containers would be great for giving a special treat to schoolteachers and elderly neighbors; they’d also be fabulous for party favors! And what delicious treats could you store inside? Check out these spooky goodies you can make with your children or grandchildren:

Crafting cute containers, making spooky goodies with family—that sounds like a perfect afternoon! The Nevermore paper packet and Designer Creations make it easy to create fun gifts to brighten anyone’s day.

For more Nevermore artwork inspiration, search #ctmhnevermore on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Also, stay tuned for another spooky post on the blog very soon!


Trick or Treat Bag
B1488 My Acrylix® Pumpkin Chevron, X7198B Nevermore Paper Packet, 1385 White Daisy Cardstock, Z1829 Black & Grey Glitter Paper, Z1847 Green Glitter Paper, Z2036 Designer Creations Slate Paper Bags, Z3170 Cricut® Artiste Collection

Cricut® Shapes:
2 ½” Accent 4 <2> p. 32

Have A Scary Halloween Take Out Box
D1669 My Acrylix® Tasty Terrors, X7198B Nevermore Paper Packet, 1385 White Daisy Cardstock, Z1829 Black & Grey Glitter Paper, Z2105 Black Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad, Z2050 Designer Creations Take Out Box, Z3093 Fern Thick Twine, Z3170 Cricut® Artiste Collection, Z3168 Cricut® Artfully Sent Collection

Cricut® Shapes:
3″ Accent 3 <Hallween> p. 77

Artfully Sent
1 ¾” Shift+Icon <&> p. 7

Eek! Bag
D1669 My Acrylix® Tasty Terrors, X7198B Nevermore Paper Packet, 1385 White Daisy Cardstock, X5758 Sunset Cardstock, Z1829 Black & Grey Glitter Paper, Z888 Black StazOn™ Ink Pad, Z2053 Designer Creations Buttoned Bag, Z1919 Purple Shimmer Trim, Z3132 Watercolor Paints, Z3170 Cricut® Artiste Collection

Cricut® Shapes:
3 ½” Accent 4 <Eek> p. 76
1 ½” <Eek> p. 76

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Stamping Technique—String & Block

It’s here—the last day of September! We’ve loved every second of National Stamping Month, and we’re excited to share one last stamping technique with you to commemorate September and usher in October. Using our Nevermore paper packet, our artist created an adorable scrapbook page to complement this precious little puppy dog:

Boo page CTMH

Just look at that face! Isn’t he sweet? Halloween is such a fun time for children, but it’s also fun for adults to dress up their kiddos—or puppies!—in cute costumes. Their personalities really come to life! Scrapbook pages like this remind us to celebrate childhood and enjoy time together with loved ones.

Now, did you spot today’s stamping technique? You can find it by taking a closer look at the Cricut®-cut haunted house. We’re going to tell you how to create that textured look you see on the shape. It’s really simple!

String & Block technique

Start with some twine. Wrap it around a My Acrylix® block a few times but not too many: You don’t want the block to look like a mummy! 🙂 Tie a knot at the top of the block to secure the twine, and there you have it! You’ve created your own unique texture stamp! Now ink the twine with our Black Exclusive Inks stamp pad, and stamp it down onto the haunted house shape. Feel free to alternate horizontal and vertical lines to add even more visual interest.

There is so much you can accomplish using this simple technique! As seen here, it is perfect for giving a rough texture to Cricut® shapes like houses and animals, but it can also be used to invent your own patterned paper. Try spacing out the twine when you wrap it around your block for different looks, and then get to work experimenting! There are SO many places you could take this technique! The sky’s the limit! (but you could probably create some fun sky effects, too!)

Thanks for joining us this month as we’ve shared some stamping ideas to spice up your crafting routine. For more Nevermore inspiration, be sure to search #ctmhnevermore on social media. Once you create your own masterpiece, share it with the world by using the same hashtag. We love seeing what you create!

12″ x 12″ Boo Page
Make It from Your Heart™ Vol. 1: Pattern 17
D1669 My Acrylix® Tasty Terrors, B1484 My Acrylix® Jennifer’s Hand, X7199B Sangria Paper Packet, 1386 Black Cardstock, X5929 Whisper Cardstock, X5930 Slate Cardstock, X5771 Flaxen Cardstock, Z2105 Black Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad, X7199C Sangria Complements, X7198C Nevermore Complements, Z2013 Sequins Silver Assortment, Z3095 Whisper Thick Twine (for wrapping), Z3169 Cricut® Artbooking Collection

Cricut® Shapes:
1 ½” Shift+Title <U> (p. 54)
5″ Shift+Border <V> (p. 71)
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Stamping Technique: Embossing

National Stamping Month’s been a real treat: From designing the My Acrylix® Hello, Life! stamp sets to looking at all the beautiful artwork you’ve shared on social media, we’ve enjoyed every moment of it! Ready for another great stamping technique to celebrate this special month? We’ve got a great one to share from this spooktacular layout!

Halloween layout CTMH

Did that “BOO” stamp on the right page pop out at you? Well it should have, not because it’s scary but because it’s embossed! For those who don’t know what we mean by embossing, we’ll quickly explain. Embossing means to create a raised design on a surface. This stamping technique gives the stamp a gritty texture that sits on top of the page for added dimension.

Now, how do you emboss? We’ll walk you through what our artist did for this stamp. First, she stamped the “BOO” image onto the page using a VersaMark ink pad. Then she sprinkled Ranger white super fine embossing powder onto the ink, and lightly shook off the extra (the powder will cling to the ink). To set the image, she heated it with a craft heater. Here’s a closer look at the finished product:

Boo embossing CTMH

What’s particularly cool about the embossing on this Halloween layout is that our artist surrounded it with an Eggplant fog to create a ghostly feel. This technique is really easy to do and adds extra charm to the embossing. Using our Eggplant Exclusive Inks™ stamp pad, she simply took a sponge dauber and lightly daubed on and around the embossing. The stamp doesn’t become obscured because the embossing resists the ink. It’s almost like magic!

On the prowl for more artwork featuring our Nevermore paper collection? You’ll find lots more by searching Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest using the hashtag #ctmhnevermore. Also, in case you missed it, check out the fun artwork in this video that came out earlier this month on the My Craft Channel website:


12″ x 12″ Halloween Layout
B1503 My Acrylix® Steampunk Scoundrels, B1488 My Acrylix® Pumpkin Chevron, X7198B Nevermore Paper Packet, X5769 Thistle Cardstock, 1386 Black Cardstock, 1385 White Daisy Cardstock, Z3126 Paper Fundamentals Enchantment, Z3128 Paper Fundamentals Basics, Z2648 Sapphire Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad, Z2647 Eggplant Exclusive InksStamp Pad 44751 Archival Black Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad, Z891 VersaMark Ink Pad, Z3083 Nevermore Assortment, Z3166 Fundamental Stickers Basics Pack, Z3104 Fundamental Assortment Black, Z2013 Sequins Silver Assortment, Z2068 Ranger White Super Fine Embossing Powder, Z2462 ShinHan Touch Twin Peony Purple Marker, Z1979 Marvy® Uchida® LePen Journaling Pen, Z3169 Cricut® Artbooking Collection

Cricut® Shape:
2 ½” Shift+Title <I> (p. 55)

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Extravaganza Is Back

Convention is coming! Convention is coming!

One of everyone’s favorite things about Convention is having the chance to see the newest products in an up-close and personal setting. Nowhere does this happen like it does at Extravaganza.

At this fast and furious (but super fun) session, everyone gets to see almost every new product used in artwork created by Consultants. These Consultant artists take 20 minutes to teach ideas and techniques they used to create their mini museums of amazing artwork, filling attendees’ heads with an incredible amount of ideas for what to do with all that is new in the annual idea book. It is one of the BEST parts of Convention!

At last year’s Extravaganza in Anaheim, some very talented artists showed off their work. Though the products featured here have been around for several months now, the ideas are so fresh, they’ll have you seeing things in a brand new light. Enjoy this little sampling of the awesomeness we saw then, and get excited for the awesomeness we’re going to see again in just a few weeks!

Tresa Black created these incredible projects with the pages from My Crush® books, both on and off the page.

Sara Batkin took the Base & Bling line by storm by introducing this array of beautiful goodies—some for wearing, others for sharing.

Michelle Snyder reminded us of the joy of not only keeping memories, but also of making them with her collection of clever party creations.

Exciting? Most definitely! Convention is an event just for Consultants, so sign up to be one yourself! Then YOU will be among the first to see this level of gorgeous artwork and gather inspiring ideas when you attend Convention this year.

Not quite sure what to expect at your first Convention? Here’s a look at the fun and creativity that takes place.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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