Documenting the Journey: Mini Albums for Messy Memories

If you’ve ever moved, then we don’t need to tell you that things can get crazy. The dismantled house, the endless stuff you’d forgotten you had, the list of chores that make cleaning seem like it’s the only life you’ve ever known, and, of course, the interminable boxes that pile up like dirty laundry.Unknown
Whether you’re moving because you want to or moving because you have to, we can all agree that it’s a glorious day indeed once the moving is over, and everyone and everything has finally begun to settle into the new place.Unknown-2
But even though it’s a ton of work, moving brings many good things that are worth documenting. It’s a special time because the process not only moves the stuff outside of us, but also the stuff inside of us.Unknown-3
It moves us into places filled with new neighbors, new grocery stores, and new dreams. We gradually become familiar with these new things in our lives as they fall into our hearts, filling the spaces the old things created when we left them behind.
Moving launches us into the interim, a beautiful place we like to call the “in-between.” This is a place you want to remember! Memories are formed along the way, not just at the destination. But the in-between will come and go pretty quickly, so if you want to capture it, you’ll have to prepare for it.Unknown-5
Moving day will undoubtedly be hectic, but if you decide beforehand to take the time to snap pictures and jot down notes on the seemingly mundane details that go into your move, you’ll be glad you did. Save the piece of scrap paper with your daunting to-do list scribbled on the surface. Let the last impressions of your old neighborhood soak in.Unknown-6
And, while you’re catching your breath after cramming boxes into the moving truck, snap a few photos of the move in action, making sure to include all of the kind helpers who are making it possible. To make things easier, you can leave your camera packed and use the camera on your phone.Unknown-7
All of these things might seem too ordinary to be worth the hassle of documenting, but you may be surprised to find that the “boring” stuff is often what ends up meaning the most.

So take a break between chores to do a little memory keeping. And then, once things slow down, you can gather and embellish your memories and photos into a mini album like this one!

Now that’s a project that sounds a lot more fun than packing tape and cardboard. 🙂

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