Stories I Love Giveaway from Stacy Julian!

We all have photos that hold a special place in our hearts. They remind us of something or someone, and they often have detailed, personal stories that go with them. Stories I Love, the newest program from Story by Stacy™, gives you permission to bring your most treasured photos together in one album and teaches you how to write the unique stories that go along with them.

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Your favorite photos may not be the ones that are the most pretty. They may not have the best lighting. They could be candid or staged. They could be from a special occasion or from everyday life. What makes them important are the memories they represent and what you feel when you look at them. That’s what Stories I Love is all about. Each Stories I Love workshop kit comes with a 6″ x 8″ album, ten 6″ x 8″ Memory Protectors™, one title page, one closing page, story pages, base pages, and two sticker sheets. The workbook included in the kit walks you through the steps of exploring the story behind one photo, writing that story, and then creating a 6″ x 8″ layout with just that story and photo.

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Are you ready to make your own Stories I Love album? Watch the video below to hear directly from Stacy about this new program and to find out how you can win your very own Stories I Love workshop kit!

You have until 11 a.m. (MST) Thursday, January 17, to enter in the giveaway. Winners will be notified by email on Thursday.

The memories behind the photos you cherish are stories only YOU can tell. Recording your thoughts and feelings transforms every layout you make into a treasured keepsake. We can’t wait to see what you create with Stories I Love!

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191 thoughts on “Stories I Love Giveaway from Stacy Julian!

  1. I have one of our middle son’s 2nd tooth he “lost”…FUNNY STORY to tell and remember!!! Thanks for the opportunity to WIN!!!

  2. I can think of several pictures I want to put in my book. I just got it yesterday and can’t wait to get started. One picture is me with my siblings when I am about 3 years old. Another is one the 3 of us had taken when I was in Jr high.

  3. How fun!!! The picture I instantly thought of, was a photo of my dad, an artist, who passed away a few years ago, pictured with my granddaughter. He was helping her to paint a picture. I cherish the photo and the memory of him down on the floor, painting with her.

  4. I have one of my two boys when they were little and loving on each other. I actually want to make a whole book about the two of them. Sometimes they forgot that they loved each other.

  5. Hmm so many pics, first pic I think will be me holding my 4th grandaughter when she was @2months old. Sadly she went to heaven at 3.5 months due to SIDS
    we have been blessed with 2 more grandchildeen since them for a total of 7.

  6. Love this! My Dad and Brother are both no longer here so I want to do 2 Stories I Love – one for my Dad and one for my Brother. Not alot of photos of them so this story would be the perfect size. Thanks!

  7. I will share a photo of a group of us that went on an Alaskan Disney cruise and we’re all wearing Olaf hats! So much fun and new friends!

  8. Just shared! I love this idea and I have a pic of my grandpa at his 80th B-Day in a big sombrero hat that is perfect for this!

  9. Shared on FB!! I was thinking of the photos of my twin great-nieces and great-nephew that their grandpa took of them when they were just two. They have all three grown into such amazing teenagers, and just as beautiful to me as they were in those photos from 11 years ago. ❤️❤️❤️

  10. My first photo and story to share in my album would be related to a pic of my mom and her ten brothers together with their bikes, back in 1949. This beautiful photo brings up an emotional story about resilience, perseverance and love.

  11. I just shared to Facebook. I have two photos in mind. The first is the last photo taken of me with my mom and dad. The second photo I have in mind was taken at our 100th family reunion. We were lucky enough to have a newspaper photographer take photos for us and write about our reunion for the local paper.

  12. I love this idea, and the 6×8 size is my favorite. Even if I don’t win the Stories I Love Kit, I will be purchasing one.

  13. Great concept! I would use a photo of my first grandchild–she was born on Valentine’s day almost 13 years ago.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  14. There are several. But the one that comes to mind is when my siblings, our dog and I were standing on the front of a houseboat. We were on vacation in KY. That picture is 50 years old.

  15. I have a picture of my girls holding hands walking to school that I love. Can’t wait to pull the memories all together in this album!

  16. I’m going to use a picture of my grandson, just minutes after he was born. He has given me so much to look forward to, when life had beaten me down. After3 daughters, he is the gift I didn’t know I wanted!

  17. Sharing now! I have so many photos that come to mind but I think the first ones would be of my 3 year old grand daughter who was the cutest barefoot flower girl in my son’s wedding.

  18. I would definitely tell the story of my two children! Photos of them from little to present. I love all your little albums and this one I will order whether I win it or not!

  19. I have so many but it will probably be one of the pictures from our trip this past summer to Williams Port PE. We went to the Little league world series for 10 days. It has been on our bucket list for years and we finally got it checked of.

  20. I think it will be my favorite photos of my daughter through each year of primary school and high school. This is her last year at high school and I’d like to do a stories of love album for her.

  21. A picture of my brother and I with a favorite great Aunt and Uncle, who are now both deceased. We got to boost them several times in their little Maine village.

  22. Oh man! So many!
    The first one that comes to mind is a selfie my late Father-in Law took with my middle son. I had no idea they had taken it until a few years after he passed away. What a treasure it was to find it! There’s so much story behind it- the way he loved his grandchildren fiercely.

  23. Such a great way to tell the stories we love. My youngest son caught his first fish this summer. I love the picture I took as you can see how he felt & it makes me laugh as it was such a fun trip.

  24. First picture that comes to mind is one of me and my 2 nieces at the park and everyone has a genuine smile. Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. What a great way to show off my grandson’s first wrestling victory with the ref raising his hand! He’s 7 and his smile is priceless!

  26. I have a lot of adorable pictures of my daughter with her paternal grandparents, who are now both deceased. I’ve scrapped a lot of them, but I’ve been thinking that it would be nice for her to have one place for our very favorite Nana and Grandpa pictures and stories.

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